100 thoughts on “Fmr. Ebola Czar: U.S ‘So Far Behind’ On Coronavirus Response | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC”

  1. Headneck is “the chosen one” and by a miracle of his own making, will save the American people from the coronavirus. 😳😳😳
    🙄God help us all! 🙄🙄 …wanker!

  2. Lies and magical thinking from everyone in the White House. This complete incompetence is already getting people killed and will get many, many more people killed.

  3. Our CDC has spent more time on trying to define gun violence as a medical problem so they can "treat it!!" They should have been preparing for this day in the way that Hong Kong and Shanghai have done post SARS!!

  4. MSNBC-

  5. It comes from China, a county the Left has never managed to critisize but somehow it's Trumps fault. I just waiting for you moron to blame the Crusades on Trump.

  6. Does anyone really believe that Trump thinks Pence will take the fall if the virus gets out of hand? This game is getting so old.

  7. Its amazing that people don't see what the media is doing. Its called propaganda. People should really study Edward Bernays. Anyways, people with common sense knew that it was just a matter of time before the Democrats and the media blamed Trump for Coronavirus. Its funny that nobody is blaming China for mishandling the virus? Huh. Want to blame somebody, Blame the Chinese government.

  8. Absolutely amazing interview. Klain is a been there and done that guy who was top of his class at Harvard Law, and spent years as chief of staff in two presidential administrations. He knows what he's doing.

  9. Klain is a lawyer. It's funny when he says that America "doesn't want to hear from politicians". "We need to hear from people who know what they are talking about, not people playing politics". He served on Clinton's campaign, the legal team of Al Gore' election fiasco, the team of folks working to ensure the placement on the Supreme Court of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and has had various roles for the dimwit liar Joe Biden. "We need to hear from people who know what they are talking about, not people playing politics", Ron, so shut the heck up, servant of Anything Party.

  10. No one can predict the future. We are as prepared as we can be. This videos purpose is to politisize this virus to Benifit the Dem. Party. A real shame in times of crisis.

  11. I wonder why MSNBC didn't give us the math on thier so called ebola czar. How many deaths in USA during week 1 and total under the czar watch. Thousands is the answer. How many deaths in USA from corona virus so far. None. If this guy was the ebola czar he did real well spreading the virus.

  12. Trump says "don't panic, we have this under control." The left, say, "panic, we're not prepared." I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. I am critical of Trump, but how can any logical person support people like Klain, and the left politicians and media, when EVERYTHING Trump does or says is flipped. Klain and MSNBC, you want to talk about COVID-19, talk about how america can prepare, so panic won't ensue, and we will be prepared. "like a miracle" is an expression of hope. We have pharmaceutical working tirelessly to find a cure. Gilead is undergoing trials for a covid treatment. If this works, the coronavirus could be eradicated through sience, "like a miracle." This is truly pathetic. This constant "orange man bad" mentality, has destroyed a lot of the left's credibility, and have paved the way for another Trump victory. If you pull this crap again after 2020, you'll pave another republican victory in 2024. U.S. politics needs a pendulum, or else the other party gains too much control. But whatever, keep acting ridiculous, and trying to create discord.

  13. Pence knows the facts. He must always defer to Trump and Mother. When not deferring, he must continuously praise Trump. What else is there to know?

  14. Trump's new plan is for his MAGA scum supporters to begin to use their MAGA hats as breathing masks and fried KFC Grease as disinfectant.

  15. The whistleblower complaint is being unfair. At this stage, there are only a couple of cases worldwide of Covid 19 infection without history of travel to an infected area or exposure to someone who has. Therefore, history is a vital risk factor for the virus & anyone presenting with the symptoms without that history, would reasonably be considered to just have the flu or another viral illness until testing said otherwise. Therefore, only basic precautions would be taken until the testing said it was Covid 19. As more cases of community acquired C19 occur, that will have to change & all people presenting with those symptoms will have to be treated as if they have it until proven otherwise. And you have no idea how much strain that is on health professionals. Working entire shifts in that PPE is horrendous. It’s stifling, hot & sweaty. You come out of it literally drenched in sweat, as it’s designed to be non-porous. That’s exhausting in & of itself, not to mention the increased workload from people panicking that they have the virus & going straight to the hospital or calling an ambulance instead of seeing their GP in the first instance.

  16. klain and jackson are playing politics; the trump, pence responce to corona virus is far more scientfic and reasoned than the fake democraps who plugged the senate and congress with fake treasonous anti trump actions for months and years

  17. Let's not play politics. — Politically attacks Trump.
    When I was Ebola tsar I spent my time preparing, not politicking. — Calls for our top expert to spend his time on morning shows instead of working.
    President isn't taking this seriously. — But nobody should panic. Then encourages everyone to panic.
    There's no evidence to link a virus case with a whistleblower complaint. — Links it anyway.

    This guy is an irrational political hack. He clearly thinks the death of millions is his time to shine and score political points. Thanks to MSNBC, he's right.

  18. Pelosi press CONFERENCE PLEASE tour my BEAUTIFUL Chinatown this is where we make Chinese Cookies not China. Then TRUMP only wants 2.5 billion he needs NINE THEY are a disgrace????.

  19. Just so you know….I have stopped watching MSNBC in general…..I never watch Joy Reid or what's his name who had to apologize because he's an hysterical jerk….I only watch on YouTube so I can turn off the sound on the ads. MSNBC should be worried that they're losing more audience every day. But so is CBS, ABC, NBC….

  20. personally anything that hurts king kong is a win to me BUT let us be honest: We are all gloating it might affect the next elections.

  21. Lol the president of the United States is kinda dumb huh🤣 I'm just saying I've never heard him say anything intelligent, he just reminds me of the dumb guy in the room.

  22. The sheer incompetence is staggering. You are lucky this is a viral pandemic and not a military attack or you would be finished.
    The world is now getting sick of the garbage coming out of the USA, are you having a mass mental breakdown over there??

  23. China banned doctors from talking to the public about the coronavirus and even jailed a doctor tried to warn the world about the severely of the disease. Unfortunately the doctor died of coronavirus a few weeks ago at age 34. Trump hasn't jailed anyone (yet) for talking to the public/media but he did gag everyone. Out if sight, out of mind will not make it go away. Trumps slow response and denial of the coronavirus will bring down his administration.

  24. Let's all hope the tRump family is the next victims, oh and all the repub Demoncrats…you know the ones that want to cheat hard working, non corporate delegates?

  25. What a joke, this guy and the Obama administration refused to stop flights from the west African countries hit by the Ebola virus in 2014, a virus far, far more lethal than Corona virus… F off

  26. God moves in a mysterious way, …this is what happen when have corruption in government and and idiots supporters of corruption an so call genius in office …Stay blessed 🙇🏽‍♀️and safe people🙏🏽…

  27. Pence in Charge, Maybe he can do better than he did when he was Governor of Indiana? It was a Disaster and now we are going to trust him with the Coronavirus?? Trump's Yes Man.

  28. He said more than that that a piece of it he said we're doing wat we can the staff is working month ago he stopped any traveling from China to America but don't matter wat he do noone treat him fairly I hate unfair people .he so going Sue all these people for false news just like cnn for half truths


  30. We should have The Medical Task Force that was set UP in Washington in the first place; but wait! It was completely dismantled. Why? Because POTUS says it was a waste of money, that he wasn’t going to pay people TO set around doing nothing. That he was a Businessman? Well it’s THE PEOPLES MONEY, OUR TAXES, ETC. SOMETHING he rarely deals with, TAXES. SO THERES A MEDICAL VOID, DUE TO POLITICAL IGNORANCE AND BAD BUSINESS.

  31. Stephen Miller's new wife Katie has been put in charge of "Corona" messaging. This is insane propaganda.

  32. All t'Rump has done is:
    1) SHUT DOWN the agency that was set up to handle pandemics, and
    2) Use government workers to SPREAD the virus.

  33. It's up to us we have to message MIT and Harvard and ask them to come up with a vaccine and sue any antivaxxers that get in the way.

  34. We Are All Doomed If Americans Think Traitor trump Will Come To Our Rescue . N IF THE DNC "STEAL" THE NOMINATION AGAIN FROM Bernie Sanders, AGAIN We Will VOTE FOR Traitor trump ! N Let YOU The DNC Handel Him ! ! !

  35. we need to stop playing catch-up we are two weeks behind this virus by the time you to detect the virus you have a serious problem.

  36. There are safe guards already triggered and functioning with BILLIONS more already given for funding for a possible pandemic. Dems and these folks are LUNATICS… using this bad Flu like virus as a Political weapon… it's Fricken Disgusting….. They are LYING about Corona Virus… LYING LYING LYING….. Remember that in November…

  37. Trump/Lucy can hide in his bed bug hotels. Trump and Putin have the antidote because they engineered this virus because of Stone. Trump is an vinductive and revengeful A-hole.

  38. Kremlin Agent #0045 is an "ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!" Putin hacked 51 States in America in 2016 to get his Asset in Office. Trump gave a public code announcement and Rusdia redponded.

  39. This guy should talk. His medical expertise came from working as a Democrat political hack lawyer.Chief of staff for Biden and Gore that was his qualification? Go back to the swamp.

  40. President Trump has got it under control.

    Go peddle your BS fake news somewhere else.

    We the people are not falling for your false narrative anymore.

    From Wikipedia – commonly referred to as "swine flu", that began in the spring of 2009. The virus had spread to the US from an outbreak in Mexico.[116]

    As of mid-March 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that about 59 million Americans contracted the H1N1 virus, 265,000 were hospitalized as a result, and 12,000 died.[117]
    Also from Wikipedia – President Barack Obama stated that "We are closely monitoring the emerging cases of swine flu". He also noted, "This is obviously a cause for concern … but it is not a cause for alarm".[160]

  42. But … a little birdie tweeted today that this 🦠 would just disappear one day “like a miracle” ? 😦😧😐🤐😶

  43. Exactly what did Ron do as "Ebola Czar"? Given the high rate of survival and all. Other than help stupid people feel like Obama was doing something, of course. So, if Trump would have appointed a Corona Czar this would all be good? It wouldn't matter what he did, it would be the wrong response. We've been watching this for over three years. We know what the Left reaction is going to be.

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