100 thoughts on “Fmr. U.S. Amb.: G7 Leaders Treated President Donald Trump With “Kid Gloves” | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. After the P.O.S.OTUS DUMPSTER is DEAD and STINKING…
    It will probably still take 100 years to REPAIR the image of the U.S.A.

  2. Kim is a very dangerous man to our country as well as Putin, and this moron in office continues to put them high on his pedestal. What does this tell you about this unpatriotic, unconstitutional pos?

  3. Trump is the most unstable president ever. He rolls the dice and see what happens next. Maybe next time, Americans should think twice about voting for this moron.

  4. The GREAT AmeriKKKan Empire of Donald Trump & his good friends and allies, Russia's Papa Putin, North Korea's Little Rocket Man & The Bone-Saw Prince of Saudi Arabia.

  5. I wish everyone would take the (kid) gloves off and stop pandering to the petulant toddler in the white house. Let him melt down and let the world see what kind of beast he is. Then we can have Congress invoke the 25th amendment to put him in a padded cell where he belongs.

  6. I truly believe that the President of the RICHEST country in the world and the Commander in Chief of the most POWERFUL armed forces in the Universe Donald J Trump…is the only reason that makes the G7 summit
    …the G20 summit…the APEC summit a giant media event. These yearly SOIREE of world leaders had been going on for more than 30 years…but only when the multi billionaire playboy who had a very extravagant…
    ostentatious and enviable lifestyle that MILLIONS of men will be willing to DIE for TRADED his glamorous…luxurious and comfortable existence to become a mere PUBLIC SERVANT…that these yearly meeting of nincompoops attracts International Media attention like
    the yearly CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. Simply because TRUMP attracts attention everywhere he goes. He is a pure SUPERSTAR. Even the INDOCTRINATED…HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED human robot reporter SLAVES of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were attracted to TRUMP and these are human robots. TRUMP is probably the greatest SHOWMAN alive. Look at the overflowing capacity crowds on all the GYMNASIUMS and ARENAS where TRUMP made public appearances. I can understand why many people specially politicians hared TRUMP…
    because they were dying of ENVY for his sensational appeal to the PUBLIC. They were asking themselves…why is TRUMP so popular everywhere he go around the world? What I don't understand…is why former US AMBASSADORS who represented the United States in foreign countries…totally abandoned HUMAN DIGNITY by spreading LIES just to be a guest in some tv

  7. People who believe in MSNBC lies and propaganda deserve pity but are unhinged from reality and are extremely dangerous

  8. Give it up loser I wish all Trump haters would just vanish off the face of the Earth and take those ILLEGALS with you MAGA it would .

  9. This ain't going to mean a thing for the Orange minions until they are in major butt hurt with their wallets. Just saying.

  10. What idiots these people are. They live in an alternate universe. Did they even observe the interactions, and outcomes, of president Trump with the other leaders at the G7 summit? I swear all they do is look for things to pick at, seeing a problem where there is none, instead of taking things as they are.

    The Melania thing, in context…. it would seem that president Trump was meaning that his wife has gotten to know Kim Jong Un through his own associations and sharing with her.

  11. Trump doesn't fit to be with those REAL top leaders. He's a Trouble maker and embarrassment to all American people.

  12. Y are you letting him stay in the white house because black and brown people have the power like white people we would have been got rid off Trump stop crying about it do something about it

  13. someone once said: "2 thirds of Trump's wifes are foreigners .. which shows once again that the USA needs immigrants to do the jobs which Americans aren't willing to do"

  14. Looks like they cut trump the nutter at the end of his red tie.
    How embarrassing to have that slothful person representing any part of the Us just plain disgusting way to go GOP arnt you proud of your leader

  15. This president is clueless. I swear I never ever tought I'll see this day in 🇺🇸 America. Where the President is not smarter than a 5th grader. God help us all.

  16. President Trump is doing a great job dealing with other countries. Not bowling down to those who take advantage of the US. Keep them confused and off balance. He comes through in the end. Stop the doom and gloom just to disrespect him.

  17. More like with a capture stick used for rabid dogs. Does anyone find it amusing that a certifiable nutcase with launch codes thinks it"s a problem that "crazy people" have guns? Pot <>Kettle<>Black

  18. Nothing more to say on 45 about his actions and government policies I just hope the world knows that most of us in America aren't ignorant and selfish as he. We just got dealt a crooked hand but believe me when I say there is a God that sits high and looks low keep living 45 and family you will have to answer for all your injustices toward your fellow mankind whom you felt is beneath your kind of folks but in this life or your next, remember this if nothing else it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than a rich to gain access to heaven, what say you White House?

  19. The G-7 and the G-20 are just rehearsals for a one world government. These meetings are dominated by globalist like Macron and Merkel and others from the European Union. They oppose Trump and Johnson for the same reason they don't want Putin in the club, they're nationalists. They want to put their respective countries needs first. MSNBC is so full of s _ _ _. They only slam the President because they too are looking for a socialist one world government utopia. The river of fake news and propaganda coming from MSNBC sucks.

  20. The US Congress is sleeping on the job. Maybe, they have also sold their souls to the devil.

    This country is fast tracking on the way to disastrous moral and ethical suicide.

    No one, in the legislative branch has woken up to this murderous, 300 lb Orangutan. Trump is actually murdering all the values and laws that America enforces on itself and around the world.

    People are right when they say, everything trump touches, dies! Trump has killed America from within. Congratulations to the mentally deficient military, who just stood and watched. Did not lift a finget to protect the country they took an oath to serve!

  21. It is now our first duty to throw this 300 lb tub of lard, out of our house so that we can salvage whatever little self respect we have. It is now a clear and present danger.

  22. Anyone who watched live news coverage of the actual G7 event would understand that everything MSNBC is saying about Trump is a complete lie. Honestly, the left-wing's media tactics here are abhorrent. They are dirty. I encourage everyone who reads this comment to watch the actual video of everything that happened, not the left-wing filtered content that MSNBC lies about and takes out of context.

  23. Trump has no business there. He is no where near competent enough. Very embarrassing for tjis nation having this man child represent. I'm sure Melania loves it . She gets to see Trudaeu💖💖

  24. . . . . All this buttering up to Putin because Trump President’s final goal is to open a Moscow Trump Hotel???!!! I hope all his followers are willing to relocate to Russia so they can watch over his comfortable retirement in Moscow.

  25. Complete nonsense. The press lied about Trump saying that he had second thoughts. Watch his meeting with Boris Johnson for yourself. He didn't hear the question at first. He thought she was asking why not raise tariffs more. And that is clearly his inclination. Then when asked more clearly about whether he has any second thoughts, he said as a joke he has second thoughts about everything and Boris Johnson laughed loudly. This panel is the revenge of the failed Obama administration. Some of which will be going to jail soon. God willing.

  26. So they couldn’t have met through video calls? I’m just saying it’s not only in person how you could meet.

  27. Americans should see cheaper food prices since there will be a greater supply now that tariffs reduce Chinese consumption. More grain or a grain glut means lower prices for us. Lower feed prices means lower meat and milk prices as well .

  28. They think Trump isn't taken seriously? Lol what planet are these people on? I'm Canadian and I can assure you Trump is much more respected than Justine Trudeau. In October this sad excuse for a man will realize just how much our country hates him. Also Merkel and Macron are not doing so well either. Kind of like Elizabeth May. These globalist puppets are only respected on tv. Not in real life.

  29. Fk Y2K America's WORLD-WIDE REBOOT STARTS Tues. NOV 3rd 2020. TREAT IT LIKE A HOLIDAY! Have a weenie roast with neighbors ACT LIKE IT'S MANDATORY! bc it should be VOTE LIKE U WANT TO! grab your "I Voted" sticker MAKE THE U.S.A. STRONG WITH PRIDE, WE HAVE THE LUXURY OF AN AWESOME VOTING SYSTEM! Ripley's Believe It or Not pg 2020 VOTING PROTECTS THE POLICIES "MOST" OF U.S. WANT. See you there!

  30. Wake up Americans! I would be very embarassed if Donald Trump is my president. I would feel like I am a melting candle because of his stupidity, non-stop lying, made-up stories, being racist and pathological liar.

  31. Even the G 6 leaders know what most American's already know. Trump is unstable and unfit to be America's leader. Amendment 25 is seriously needed asap!

  32. personally I don't believe tdump is to blame… ITS YOUR FAULT AMERICA for voting this narcissistic con man into your most eminent position….. you claim patriotism… do you really value the president ship so low ???

  33. The G7 leaders treat Trump with Kid gloves because he makes them wet their panties and they fear him. Simple. Don't expect Larry to tell you that.

  34. Maybe it’s time we stop obsessing about trump and talk about the big baby boomers who are attending this meeting. You know the spoiled brats who decided let’s tear down religion and the communities that go with it. No need to worry about the seven deadly sins. We can all be greedy, slothful and sexually promiscuous. We worship a new god called big government who will take care of you. No need to be responsible the government will do that for you. So the warfare welfare state was born but it bankrupted the state. So to keep their dream alive we stopped using real money and started using Monopoly money. Didn’t take long for the big bank to realize you make more money by creating money out of thin air and finding debt slaves than it is to invest in real things. So all the smart people moved to Wall Street to get rich. Everyone else got poor and their was no need to raise wages because their was plenty of demand. Big government could base it big programs of false economic growth provided by cheap credit. Everyone gets something for nothing. No need for real money no need for trade to balance. Capitalism was erased and cretinism took over. But in 2008 it all went bankrupt. There is no left to tax to hold up big government since they let all industry move off shore because trade no longer relies on sound money. So how are the boomers going to keep the charade alive long enough to get their big benefits. Environmentalism the new government god who can tax you all they want even though all the programs have been shown not to really change the outcomes much. All that tax revenue may just keep the boomers programs alive until they die. If we just fix co2 in the air the economy can continue to grow we can all counting to consume and the world will be fine. If you want to save the environment maybe go back to capitalism and get rid of creditism. Only then the neo fuedalism would fall down and all the elite at that big meeting might not be so rich and powerful anymore. So we will continue to worry about trumps sanity when I have never seen a more insane person than hillary Clinton who this news outlet lived. All you had to do was not notice the cackling, shaking, falling down ravings. It’s all time we go back to a better life like when obama was in charge. When we bombed seven more countries, bailed out institutions, no elites were thrown in jail, continued to off shore all buisness, set up camps at the border, threw tons of money at infrastructure jobs that never appeared, forced more people to buy health insurance in a broken system that didnothing but raise cost to the roof and through money at a whole new generation of debt slaves looking for an education. At least obama talked pretty danced with celebrities. He got a Nobel piece prize for bombing peoples and causing a refugee crisis. Yet he acted like he cared about the little people. The democrats know they sold out the working class ages ago their only hope is to hold on to racism with all they have. Their party was started to push Indians off their lands and keep African Americans enslaved I’m sure it won’t be hard. You see the master was doing a favor for the slaves by civilizing them. Just like the New Democratic masters are doing there slaves a favor by making them feel victimized and in need of someone to fight for them. It is all a charade to gain power keep you in mental chains why they rob you blind.

  35. Kim jong un is busy perfecting his missiles and Trump STILL doesn't think it's a big deal. Meanwhile you Trump followers are STILL chanting Trump 2020 and you don't even know why.

  36. Yes you must let Russia participate in G7, with out the USA, all the problems and crissis the world is facing, come from the USA .

  37. I'm disappointed the world leaders have yet to clown him on the international stage. Giggling at him at the UN was a start, but I want to see open and direct contempt. The intelligent kind. Face to face. Not ex post facto on Twitter.

  38. It must be great having, 'President of United States', as something to do that's on your bucket list. Also, 'the free world', that's an Americanism, we don't describe ourselves as that so don't include us in it if you never hear us say it to describe who we are. As it turns out, American definitions of words are not always the same as they originally were meant or how they are in actual use, so how you mean it it could mean anything or be as changeable as the wind.

  39. Lawrence O'Donald and MSNBC in big trouble for their coverage of Trump. O'Donald stated Trump had co signers from Russian oligarchs from Deutsche Bank? Not True! Big Law Suit Coming! O'Donald in big trouble.

  40. What’s the difference of a tariff than a consumption tax. How are you going to balance trade it cannot continue to go on unbalanced. Until China rebalances it economy their will be problems.

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