nurse was arrtedor the sexualssault of mon in compison to the woman at hacienda heah care they t internd t here on news now asPhnix lice earlieroday — Givi a lengthy newsonference upda on this sto. knew they were wking. As har as t lve th crime itust i since so mas – e out and w knowhat the poli have been aiveery active in thei? However haciea health car self the board there decided do it own interl vestigion broad i Ric wrongly. He worki- om that stanoint as well that — need to behanged thet cienda healthce auming the ev survival of thi – make re that sometng lik is nev happe aga police weverhey’re thenes who a gog to respoible forhe criminal. And this a ma who now been arsted o a sexssault crge eldey.l as an abuse the resu more told oaositive DNA mch. Wi t little baby boy. Who is the — Who wh dwas producd assat mean the wletorye s Buit is ceainly aractedis? he inhe vley but I thinkol around d lineseallyeall — nce so good work b Phoix poce- You h a fling theere osin i oe ty were able testing thegot theatcheNA Now ey’reh lile b leroday we’ll a show y the full news conference with some then we like tdoere news now in Right in its entirety there so you get t yeah look at that for you will have that coming up . s I nd endg to is thnt. vernme shut down reay on y thirty ree he rightow. Now is s I – I justaid thas f what you’r Th’re prossiol they dohat ch aood jobnd you just hateo thke miingaychks. And you know the story I haven’t heard having — We’ve heard abo people that have been making — Donations neiborhood groups gettf things — But I haven’t heard y uess Of any — Mortgage companies that anunced a susnsion of people’s payments. They need to step up herehey ite do matter banks need to yeah — No tter who your lender is. And would psume if youere a feran being paid right now that you cae with them and say. You know right now I’m gna ask r what sixty dsopefly is over by then I just can’t imagine we uld go. Twice as long as anlrea yea aht ju seems like there’s gointok in it –ut the step up you guys er rd the neeo be really willing to wk wit tse. Wi these feder empyees n youust to our aienceight ne dr ofox t that weet these ssiona debatesnothchce tlf des oft. In the Unidll out thi morng tt sho t president isefinity being hty ts but y dide s s disapproval ratg ishe highestts 57 of peop disprove. sti amase. That you can have 3% who can’t make their money. But 57% say they dappre 40% say they do approved somehow they’re still 3%. Still haven’t had quite enough time to form. Always the people that are undecided with like a week to go of an election. Really right you waiting for yes absolutely. Now here’s what’s interesting so that’s a seventeen pnt defic. It’s working against the president but the whe you take a look at Julia is actuay to blame forhe stdow. The numbers are stronger for the president and the G. O. P. than they are for Ncy Posi and Ov theast few weeks the the presidents of the blame game aimed at the psident is up six points. But the blame game aimed at the Democrats unanswered policy is up for points. So the frustration I think is rising among the public in general. And you might have a little b of a tdenc down on whichever side of the aislyou are on politically. So there are a few more people – That are blaming the president than I mean in terms of the way the numbers are growing it’s still more blame on him defitely than on the Democrats. But the negatives for both of them are rising quickly enough. It would probably be who’ve them to sit down on an almost every day basis until I get this thing resolved. And it just seems like they’re they’re okay with just dragging their free both sides right then . Well – You know I it’s gonna as we hav saide to take. People beyond the base Nancy Pesi’s playing her basend frankly. She’ dealing with some of the very same problems now tthe left as she tries — To work — As new house speaker van what Paul Ryan did on his right to do you know where he had – are –retty lt leaning wto Sang to upo belosea dot you gen I themo comeogethe and It the ink — You ow it’ so ieresti Joh Thatou had to ve a reayCa ud ts. ortemory a you’rgonna the wld of litics cause somody w you dm to be o pitical emy or w – Believ ye poticalnemy youtill he to work ty xt issue. realntranc dramacallyl enenched on both sesut i ey wouust get tether and figureut mpromin thisomewhe in theiddle- I thk itould – It would ithe shu down right peopappy -s certainlyave of deal that wi pleas hnt g somt promehisumber oneampaigs come walway wi all locke yeah y a theyant — Andt seem like when hs lking aboutn Satury whe madeis — Spch a thehiteouse y didn’t seelikee was gngnabthirte the diru ys. A lotf what u wanto but u need to gi meell — the dio ttheyhe soming on mocrat wer sayg it waa non starter from the president. Because itas oy a three year offer on Donna — As opposed to aermanent Dhaka solution well you’re not gonna gu want is you want a pernent. Dha solution. You’re not going to get a should goal sit with the president and start to netiate is sure to hash it outhat’ true — So I mean yolook ovethe course of time- Roldeagaasritized for what people viewedt the time Where –nestyuring his tern That was kd of the decisi that he hadade many promised mo on the rderut i nev& much really happened — So- You know you can’t blame the w through on what he said he was going to do — And you can’t blame Democrats for holding up the very best deal they can but if they’re not talk and then it’s a pox oboth your houses as the same classroom matters your is a we will continue. To monitor what cr will have that for you a little bit later. Here as well on news now everybody all right Next door hed company in t count aund app’so Isn’that sethinghat cos I mn he’sarren bfet whs ihis thlate ehties no Iead somhing rlly terestg abo him t other daMike s he run Berkshire Hathay whi is nglometionfompanies yea se Berhire Hhaway isought upver th yearsur help. To funr uh menn theorld. the rhest Stl liv in t sameome from ahe wae sixts I thi inmaha. An is – Prettyumble guy for being lti mti bilonairehat I majotyf his day abo0% of his da. And is likeo readovelso much butd d eigh six is ne andll see allou sti wanto lear. Right to o s timepenteading — l of doubt fancial repor and ying to dermine whashe xt gat cpanyhat theye Anyw out oOmaha don’tgonna inv. thk it now. You go Cuperno you g attle. GoL. A and y got Seale againettlo that interting tir Stbucks surunding out the the toy firs centu fox thoug yeah ow I kw hopelly were thist somhere. I ow we ke worng here. thatist and aostvery net on itas o ntroveies i recenimes- yeah evething ty’ve bn knowhat ds theutureoldt y Amazbvious w not. You ow theity ol practically bass them to scoot out into town. By passing a head tax — Not just on them they could just say well this is only going to be attacks on Amazon. For every- It basically every boss was going to have to pay for every company was going to have to pay a tax for the number of employees you is the most anti job — Tax that’s probably ever been created they took it off a by the way — So far there been three members. So far they’ve been three membs e city council of already announced they’re not going to run for reelection taking trying to read the tea leaves it really seem to be a boneheaded move. So — Anyway Amazon’s dealt with their own controversy now you’ve got — Jeff Bezos yeah you know see locked in loving embrace his. I had an affair apparently on his life and there’s a big big. I mean Berkshireathaway they seet can come to skate through with no negative. I mean Starbucks it’s a controversy every time they seem to come out with a new club yeah the cops. Because it doesn’t have something or older well. Yeah yeah all right let’s bring this year right now this just came into our feedsight now is called.otest happening this Occupy hard building on the Senate building there in DC right now so we have some testers. Right there obviously having to do with the government — Shut down here interesting okay so it’s clearly be an organized bomb some model here we got we got an update this is from the national federation of federal employees the American federation so we got — The AFL and CIO there on being. Sure stay so the unions right there yeah well you know the pressure press the Friday this will be the next paycheck that’s true in another one message that they will be missing. Yeah in. You know and and those type of stories like. interesting to see like from lin increase in people nting me drivers. To getomething goi jo. Where you do it on your terms yep so you c stop whenever is gets going again yeah absolute I wonr I wonder Mike — I woul be at all surprised I know we did havthe oryarlierptoday. Of this is from The Washington Growing numbersf vir employees a being — Given permissio to not come intoo wh there cings understandableinanalargi- You know and so yet but as far as I understand there are certain rules the federal employees have to follow. You know in terms of possible conflict of interest to the outsg so it’s really a difficult. Situation for them to be in. But so the you’ve got that this is startingo acallyin impact our ability to do our job is to protect the public and you know so when when. You know they’re not the FBI is not subject to hyperbole. You know that youmostas you know any FBIgents you kno they’re st pt. Prty cut and dried you have th same cloth and so you get a feel for them as well like I say my the pressure’s going to rise every single day till they get something done. There was a proposal we haven’t really talked about this much. Of it was fating around Capitol Hill to nied pay. every congressman congresswoman orenator until we get this issue resolved. I thought that was a brilliant idea and I guess they’ve got some rules where ty he to get paid or whatever degree rul. Shea yeah it’s always fascinating. Had they come up with these rules of the road. I know I know but that actually would be brilliant — To just say look no more recesses matter of fact we’re all going to work they’re gonna be active negotiations. Until we get this thindone. Just doesn’t seem like it’s going there’s any end. Right now this point. Before we got we got one more break I mean we’ve got one more a store here before we always have a radius. Yes we do so if you ever think about. If you want to start of may a new company you’r like we I ju don have a great idea maybe. You don’t have to think too far outf the box. Th oneay company is seing t this eigy doll used tiues ahey clmt’s goingo helpou r fl seasondichael what in e heck. What’she backstory here . Well first of allhen you and I re talng about it earlier goin to lp y behe flo.dly But theiry t teachers arereatedith organic inn escriponnd theompany clms they helpour body’s immu system prere for t flu sson. We bievesing a tsue tha you’re suppod to ildp yourhow Comerom.eednto.ody el is sold out oy here is the icing here’s got tbe the dea incredible and naturally now it’s going to go viral thehole e wle you essay is going to yowanto be ty origillyah what do lyame o with like four box just to say. This is wayslrea wsold our Iean tsnything of the gag ah rht. Yeah it would be — Pre blown — Tissue. I can’t think of any play co th come all East No. th eveone ll I hadowe d’t want learn it Easter. Ready for Easter g the pasl still a ways that we should we still got tget through the green holiday St Patrick’s asterisk yes remember we’re just getting a little started here that. All right around tnks so ch hereg nex evebody take a ok at thhow th mket isoingt Now wld stepn ther I wilrtedff . be bk more news now comg up ne one is having a great day so far we always my case thank you so much for joining us here today always bring in the top stories in headlines I’m gonna keep it right here in the Arizona here for your we’re gonna give you the full. Phoenix police news conference a came out earlier this morning saying that they had a major break in that hacienda healthcare investigation and it turns out that they have arrested. A nurse practitioner there accused of sexual assault against a woman there so we’re going to bring that to your coerencere on news now fl news ghtere mThomps othe Phoenixoliceeparent puic affair bureau. marilla WiiamsWiths tay ahoenix oenixity cncilman Micel Nowakokie Phnix cit couil publi fety scommitend als strict. eighwher thisnciden distct curred sistan citmanageMilton thhony. In addion we have Penix chie myurtainack aistant Assiant chief merry Robts syem chi Sandeenteri. Justin chin . e commder Cistinaonzale fromhe famo Whic has en in arge othis instigatn. In addioneave ms Jod the oenix policdepartnt crime bo. Welso he command Grady Crosso cml . Indditio wre fortute t ve the theergeanlieutent. As well as thewo invtigato o bn the ld on the investation to – Firs we wi hear om. Our mayoraricel the Wilams om theity oPhoeni and thenhe wila GerrWillia [indibl Goodorning eryone ank you. depament.roudf our lice Dayelp spe endss hours investatie annoce t arresis beemade. I knowe I kn our oicers ok thi ime. Toeart is iof a filityhat y And seone once it. An I reallwanto thankhem thei dedicatio to king ts. Case . Chf Willms wouldou lik. thanks f relatedatterwre goomornin to eryonend ankou to yor Wliamss wellso those e stand her today to nounce to thr by tembers ofhis Phoix the rsonhome beliere ofoliceepa. coitted is unsakable a. ofur mos vulneble membee o cmunity? As younowhis matr cao x when we reived ninone oneh ll of babyn distss most ofou havlisten to th ne onene tap. Weespond to thscenend beganhe prt n an womenf thisepartmt do ea a every d. That we swor to pr. e awe of is crime a sual notop.w have rked vtually a wee tryg to lve andays Thenvesgation was a sll is t highe priory for r departnt rough combition ofood ol fashiedolice rkoming peop flowing up onng to informion. mbined with the marls of A tenolo. develop proble cse to rest And thitime’mnnouncg th arres of e suspect w Suthland six ar oldasonbelievwhr therlas a licend practil nursehos sponsie f proving car to theictim durg ts time thsexualssaultccurre Suerland is being booke as we spk intthe Macopa cnty withne count of sexual assau. vulnabledult ase i I wa tpersonly pposely recogne aa The mily iestigaonsureau asell as a invesgation Witht yourirelesork and efrt. Th would n bpossib and This agas a ttamento the dre andompassn at themploye ofhe Phoeni pole dee r our commuty owe tthis aest tohe victim innont baby.comnity thatwest a fe queionsnd I’lturn it overo certain Tommy Thompson. concsion tt it w Mter su sets o some againld fashionedo – And st litally comin rough details of informion is h we re ae to form prable cse for ts rest- Park wh . Or was it. ne seval mons ago thal a swer that t wdo kw that southenet cienda. Th’d be oking t for e I wi need thave staed Thomsotalk a. Other — Facilities likthis. Soe will have target te to lk abo that toooork we’reust he o horrle cri happed- thathis Waseyond rroal concned abo and we kne ity was gng to beur topriorit ny invesgative detai on a ave tto star on Thomps – Bu I am oud othe wk to thmen andomen othis pole department do each and ery day dy essed to havthe folks at we hav. This is question h many membsf law enforcement wk on thi ce and in ur time i lo crse anhave you er seen athing we’ n in my thirtyears depament -he piceeoplehat we tked aittle bit abo we ha the fily investations bure n tailatrol admintrativ aff yamet we’ve al been al in ts. And to e cred of thefr e may and cy couil – constantlkept tm ope f do wt we do st andhat’s I h runut R would do an internal iestigati of their n hpening inse clasoom wh a lo of pele we a ltle bit skepticf they wou – rd- How how heful words at all was hacien inveigator but sufce to say we made arrest? been talked about in the miaf we taed abo in the plic my folks ay tru to the instigativrocess and me So ithat I a turn it overo Tommyo answore qutions we ca ceptinaudibl Thk you . Thk yous y knowhere’s we have a e funerals tay at ten’clock a lotfv Lete justay tt you are beca aware of is investation. Wh he a pssonferee. Abt. Ten dierourteen da ago day g. And me tl y let mgive you anpdate on ere we end I’ll g baci timee case me of u a miliar with at actuay transped. Twen eighteen poli offics facity in t area fourtn hundreea. distss. baby at w in At thapoint foundut tha e moth was iCup. Whh was a fght tus we realize thi positi to gionsent. And we begano t respded to e scenend the I am.f tt inveigatio — Heo tellou that wking work prett much nstopince this ir the weekago. inveigatio detecvesofheir thored and serveearch rrants tobtainecords to idtify iividuals who. vict in ts case. the In aition dettives authored urt orders to obtain D evidencerom numeus individual. Phoex poli deparentrimes sento e la And thosendividls word tirelely. Leie tcompare thoNA mples with DNA obtaid fro e baby. Thatne of the mples oain. Thugh aourt oer wasrom thty sixear o nest fan you’ll Sutheandutherlands a lensn LPN. Whoas resnsible for f ovidin durin the te this seal asslt occred? Onuesday Janrd thatas yesrday. This scientist ix Therime lorator dermine Obtained from Sutrland matched e baby. Shortly aft that termina. custod by ficersrom the inveigatio dail.artment And taken to Phe hequarte for pcessin. Based uport s n than Sherlan a vuerabledult ase.unt ofof Thatet me jussay that thi cas stilongoin. We’re still gatherin formatn. encouraging aone who m have info. Abou this cide to coact the Phoit ey canualifynd cris bea th02-262-6141r of course ou parer silt wness which four eigha witns for Spanisit’s fr eight arst Now m sureou have estioneagle. [iudible] Ho? so jto wh the DNA sample a obvios ke thisuy he isn’t isn’t f And D samplesveryon all t mails that proce pres conferee this is — A long processo obtain inrmatio. Workg outward and that invoed invving- Pele whoere ployedilly. that ce to ou attention w ster Sherlan. So. we we throu that ocess. He was s deined yesteay a broht in t Phoenix pice partme – And based upo a court ord We we able tobtain D mples DNA edence from h whic was cparedo that o crime laboraty sentist Happs.peoeithout mbe?ct Througthe throughhe coue on . n whpossibad — cess to e vict in th se. Wh the aidentccurrede waesponsible for cef that vict a lking intohether yoneed tsolvehe disict Agai ts inveigation isto mulpler ongog. Of thawoulde one oour o ncernss whetr othe ctims e how. How ma timeshisccurd ? – that Iike ats impoant as this w e ther tn stranr who me his way to the facilit. is indidual hadccess and actuly wasmployed there. It’s m underanding that wa notorking at time th contaed — d obtainhat evence — But and I r rtainf he ill at that s I thk he still empyed the are wa. We have ndicatns that the werether pple iolved buagainhis isn ongog investation ere? To sple same. specic nber don’tnow obta sampl from m. To y facities like thither e I dot kno his wk history and againe’re reaing ouo the mmunit for to have anyo tha h infortion to contac us so wcan flowp again ryg n know y have tgo thrgh the prer cl th but wn y get examps fr othereople wase not hi on thlist y did it ta so lg w wer ntinui tough therocess anagaint’s a is a signifant amote reired? Todentif peoe w were emoyedy the fility to en coacthose ppleo brin them a tobts om them so it’quite ocess. I mean he’s he would willingly o. h Wherhe wasefusin knong that hwoua ge the the sampl after i s told after he fod o that compling and prode tha evence own Mister Sutrland — Becae he wa aroun he works that.e patient around the time Shay have goit rig whe s th. Well w thinkhis baas — Fu term. Or very clo to s if yo justacktrack Camon backwar ne mons from – will occur ding that tim he meanfter he s arreede I makingtatem. Mr saw t theutherlandn invoked ht rits a did not parcipate in an inrview. I ll havhat many int ou ll I’ll t out aress adsorynd jus waiting f e theooking numbeo that yocan g him o booki pho Buthey hisirstame is i — Speld make then ia T. H.. N.. Suerlands aed to yo T H. E. R. LA a the Sherlan than Sherlan. Plea hold the I’m sryutx H.. areou iny othethingsinaudie] We ifhat infortion com toauble] ou attenon and we ll we wi pursu that- So of ththings you a y as awe’veone thugh tsrting ocesse’vead aumber of thatave co to our of eas ornizati. e of tngs to ke in mi wee’re leavi at to thindivialshe familyhe care inveigatio wherer it gowre d lete poin o that- agencys the one to ovsee. Ca facility suc as th and I thatas been asd meeveral Is.. brout in tassist us -geies Le m shat oufedera rtners. From. Th startave offered thr But agai as said fm frosystem wt e star. If we velop a oth the oenix poleepartmt t llow those leads tgo tto llow tse invtigatis d follo this invesgation wherer it timately takess. I don’t have hisnformaon keep in mindas an N censed pctical nse Regutions and and ls onn- crimal actity facities hmay or mayot work tt dh formatn I am not awaref any where cord tha hhas- I will te you thi thaour inrmation is tt he w emoyed. And did wk athe facily I don’t kl thate wked athatacility nce abt o thound elen he to her indiviale up to yo attenon are tse indiviad reonsibl if th kne that maybe h. t queson we’ askin peopl who ha any infortion to me forwar ifw e falies memrs of of tients. Th dad this individl may or may i like’veot infmation we wod Toet tha infmationo that wean fin out how it tha rtainso our vestigionr if it per. Working popping facilies f ecificly hired by hacida toork. Athe end oyourchool rsing tir I Sr there afct. Whever tir intmediate re facilitl at’s crect. To rap wt you ju sads a whernurses often. and I cannswerhat qution I and don’t have this gentleman’s- Employnt hisry. At. yeah I’mlad you ought th up. The ba I am ld. Is doing g- Ths a a by thas Iould choo how wcome io this fe. a commity a lovehis child. Andhat’s wh we have t oprtunity to do- And I’m pleas to say tt the ba I am ld is ing quite At Ied to beeve that e that t bae spital. I’m d to beeve th so In th but ow anyre abo [indible] Ma kids. I n’t he a lo of th woul’t puthat o anyy. We know at- No baby would lea the by was fu . Any coole ihe pas twenty ree dar whaver h n I dot know.nwas prty. As fars thenvestitiom ou persptive Ihink tt’s a heal officials becau I am I Certn that’s a queion ty will a l ] We d’t putut theate o six yearof age. trty Abt histo of Misr big them leintertions with the e Korea ong with her [inaudible] beatg or or don’tnow the specif u that he was in. Any as an L liced s e A what that care consted of n’t ha that inrmation. Yeah. I n’t I d’tave tha inrmatio but I c tellou that dure lieve thi iident occred e sexu assau occred w lieve thahe washe LPN — lea par othe ti sponsiblfor hecare sexualssault. An vnerable adult abuse o unt each on’t have middl name. That’she iw ven. I’sorry wha any oer her cilityeing at we wer lookin at tl assaul that was thextent of some othe state agencsoto Are ty lookg intony oths witns.oe to cl silentd wee don ] sileitnesse can’from knowlee thate came? I’m no sayinm anonity whi has bnhate protecd inhe . So. m just gonna sayhat. Wee gratul for iormation that whave reived ande’re askingy morenformaon provi that foe [audibl My uerstanng is he was sll ployed athat fility. Go over eimeine of e last cple d. s so. So let me st real qck it occued onhe twentninth e Decemb – Twty eigeen we beg worki searc search wrants to make se e emplees tt it. Had bn worng therl who psibly had ctactith As thewere going tough tha vict. proces [inauble] Yestery. Mr Sutrland s brout in Undethe oer of a cou a court oer. e Aretnd I wiltell y this th that cause wwere gng throug t- thate went back and r ntacteim took hiinto stody [audibl A n. He’d bn gointhroug the detective and tn toda. As w g . The yamplesestedee. was the onend onl to hand No other tre ithere ha en others ain ts is a that fairo say s.t I ink Itas onlmales t naudib] Well. Camero in ts case ys onlyales areested a sexualssaul. I n’t kw speficall where was aestedut I’m td it was noat- People a theeetinghe How doou hav? What again tt this instigatn is going – We’r paseeere ab to identify a sd earlier wreleas to nd t that was n as a strger. Whhad aesshere – dndhat’sgain an ongog investigiot termin — Weant toe abl to a With m t questn but that.e’s wajust auick mch. Th youuys we able to th it ali yesteay and lik it seemsike a coup hours lar you he be ae to nger aed tit to quite a quite a ption o the y. Anitas cheed three ccked trle che quauplehecked any justt wrote — Toadam saker thereancy losi ss there madam saker. On Juary thirdwenty neteen se to meongfter the utdown beg invitg me t adess t natio on Januar twty nin at ashe state of the union h you kw. I aeady acced intationowever den reived anoer letr fro you Januy steenth. youxpressoncern regarngn serity durg the state ofhe unionh utdown en prior to king Ias ntacdy the deparent o homelaecurd Stes secret svice to exain that e l gardinecurit with respect thet b. Th hav since confied thi blicly. Accordgly tre areo stat of t uon aressing the erefore I wl be honing yournvitag delive importi i for Coress.on to e pele in regarding t statef our uni Iook forwao seei you o e eveng on Janry twent nth ithe chamberf the hoe of presentaves. It wou be s r cotryf the ste o the unionereot deleredn tim on schede and vy imptantly ocatiosincerely fromhere so tha g publly shared ghtherey present wl go aheith therra Sana ste of th uon on Janua. Twenty ninth all right folks we’re going to continue on here with more news now always very interesting what happens in the world politics you just never know what’s going to happen next and that’s why. Here on news now we like to bring it to you as it comes into our news rounding so much for joining us here today but we’ll go out to the U. S. Senate floor right now or we have senator Tim ine. Talkg abouthe shdown. Pay copsr s . canclation but obvioly n r peop’s heah a not gd fothe sml busess in th Thate do ve a sution t is tha t Senatwill te I tnk we should vote to en vernmeal Februar eigh a Thene shod enges.torrow immediely in eff nsider tme a man and ve on the p. y Lead yesteay. I steno the comnts of the Marityeader fore a sken as I saw Rublicaor exampenateeat distct the deal.homa On Sundaduringne of e televion st inspi constructive dialoe. dialg theour elents.tcted Of theresida Of t ten bak ptected stus progrs the ctor ogram. Asylum proce seaso basor rr For which belie we ca fi a biptisan mpromi. We wil he a ve onhat prosal tomorw but it will no be a pposal that’ about coromiset le u or down teou accthe predent’s To hea whouthe opptunity. stificion witho the oprtunit to oframmoth ke it leavet underhose circumano a alogue howeve havehe opportity t. I beeve vot to op vernment throuheight t bruaryifteenays In ts hble sators view e Senateh mmitteeext wk. The shod be. An admintratioxplation of th piecefhe bil witthe yoropo to store S for four of th t affecd wh is tha is is there.ntrs butox Ishere seeason for ttr n we ploringhink tse qutions nee to be aed a the neeoe ma be reas there. Mabe a bter approach tir then thb le to ve i ain imy inion I’mot o eitr of e revant committee propriions oudicia but what w Res s moveto a mkup othe bud. A few days two days afterhe exanatordiscuson t week befot Febrry eig we c oppounit. Ttry tmake bil as strg. b o passg in t houseof prosal on eablendomew a discsion I have me ide abou. Th ways to ke it tter Iet virtuar Repuican and Democt the chber woulhave ias asell. But wrt seously let take the time to ta it seously. An wou urg myolleags to ve yn ons reop goverent. F fifteld days whily That if we undtake kinof cus staff thouteing pled ay constuents affecd by ese of e nf for u’ll rs thill sayadam me s well y don you in pce. wle on e shutwns Ifhere ia hurrinen chamr wld undstandhat In beachvs would arn Viinia bch in th pple or sit her. When i affeche livihood ofo many Virgians? Whare huing dply — I’m o everyae whare hurtnd andnd no one hurrice fromeing i nody backour evence.u’ not this a then sothing. Ford thelk I will say it’s e te to priory tt I ha every da is trying to ut with oplehore hurng a try assunce that we n moveme foard wean getovernmt ope r fiftn dayse cane around the cld a lutiono this’m condent canyon d I wld ask my colleues t join min tha whewe have that vote tomrow wi that thank you dam president you thee budinghere tre’srogrs for llegend gernmen assist assistance. An right n that is the oy detailt this moment once we get some more information of course we will bring that. To you and if we have to we will interrupt — Other – oriehat we arndust t ing the U. se uptes that is the latest that we know active shooter situation hoping. Fothe ver best for everybody out tre in Salem county New Jersey you can see police activity here in this area. Right now I everyone might page you’re welcome back to news now will continue to keep a shot on that story here for you and once we get some more information of course will bring that to you right here. News now busy busy of morning right here a usually is for young news now on fox ten extra we have one more hour here for you. So thank you so much for joining us here to day all right in the meantime we’re going to give me some more government shutdown updates senator Mitch McConnell talking For anythg else. agrees tmove fward.oneo keep t n d theipreferd mann. Wi no coession. And nothg. Or bde. Prespublictance r frids acros the ais sa repeadly thathey he the le myhe speerf theno inttiof hoe jobhathould low one dolr for ysical bearers That whilehey we turne away fm ms In rent wes.t Whiteouse. So a frien across te a jumng qui the tstuff. He rst the docratiater peated saianyone intereed anyalks poin put rward aroposa to mo usorward. Wellhereside Aricane was a pele areicking up o the stngenes of e democtic aders stregy ofefusin. Here’s oneell o aot fro e newspar edirial echoes th gir — Anationasentimt. re’s wt is trumpater ofr it’s timeor Demrats t Anthis fm The shington The shinon Pt. To resePost. ev ttalkntilhe governnt reons doo fars. Tsideli feder meer oongres nows therker. ability tot Andhrug offhe ivitable atcksinaudie] Whicn theiride uer mocrat membe ofoth the me conusio. co to artingo reje tir leader rusalTo e Here’s what othe of r democric ci e Senate havsaidn the st is. bordall is in an awkwak a self immoral. re’s anoerverybos for a wall maksounds. pces An he’s aewf our decratic colleues or the hous if we n’t comprise t Americ peoe wanto get rt. Anher said if I d the oprtunit tgover so sort ofeal I uld. We dhave tfigure o howTo secure s en speak piciesll house jorityeaderroke cpletely with h tevision intview jt yestery. openhe walunding?psonall be Ihank psical barers alook. part othe n on saker? anor press him The stement on a ll is Majoty Leader horror replied. It dends owh a walas you is mal or moral. mora thas not e issu. thateopleho come into ere Unitedtat soe’re f bordeecurit. And Ihink. . So me and meemocra same concsion as t rest of Gonnmake aeal [audibl A deal on e tabl he dea f everye w And sure meertain for. dacaecipies. Th sacriced all that r the sa of ts radil new sition. That physical barers lik Showhe predentas reduced to faio. With iigratiolicyfding. ioriti fm Moss other of polical ough other ow boating. r the resistan. talk and tn comaining your coultant. lot tter tn the can’tlerce and e beeve. The boof our demratic coeagueseally ty. Opposi the psie o thr conituent and resring full gn ey areeder eloyees securi the bd. And mor ctainty f the dk populaon. Whe voten the esidens plan tomorrow [inaudible] ‘ll se. Decis to ior tos wadam presint allne final a totat tter. I’be to sa a fewords abo methin that tk ple this Slash wean talk and of all peeful assble.n rightsoour And titionhe govnmen. Unrtunely f the studes of Cingtoh scho eir parcipati h resuld and tough. l theilives rlow bk divion membe o e natial a stateedia. olated aery touck up — Video foo coacts. An manyecid iwas te to tack and the youngeople. partan oerversme hhly Theyaw in few sends confung vid [audibl ese good. Theirchool d theifamili wermet wh a delu. viiol.l deluge of partan met th and hado ide. peopl who r What itaken ace? Someromine figue pollo und prose disagr.s wh whomhey How quick someame to rget what tn plac?roteions in the rst studts wertriedohours the Doesot exiTo the credi.e. commtary un learng mor. But by th e Becausof thetartling naudib] His na causef a staling dea threat agaid n n c s clos yesteay. Th sool’s ministtions workin clow enfoement. Bu it’s uncle wn any sense This time is sen M. in m me state or payin a pri for And dly this nd of ctory. Is boming.nt. Anll. o ofte a couge this weeke.earnnythinfrom Here’s what ll buts. Onhe roabrush r headnes. Tasrecedee overhe box. Mistak ar. An ourights as Amecans a t at rk. This tnds partularly Whenoung pple [audible] Are involved. Alightolks a what we ar nitori array herretty so a any momen right now the hack to thato was — Just arrested iused rapin a woman in a vegetive state is appeanceight here well haenor you. Rightere on ne nowon’t go anhere we’re gna bri it to ye en tha doebecomevailable justn ct k a And wle we do wt f this — r the spect to ma the fit court pearan everye lice deptment blicfairs buau. Withs tay a Phoen ricellWillia oenixity cncilman Michael Nowakoe safe subcoittee and aoc distct. Sea th man tsere fro distrt eit wher this cident Assistanity mager Mion the hony additn we have Penix her ecutiv staffssistath chiefs mca ief Jnollins sistan chief mryoberts syem chiefander Renria stin cef Jim Bke at an asstant ief Los to we have thcommande Chrisna Gzales fr t family investations reau. Beenn char of th vestigion dditioe he mis Jody crimlaboraryle depament alsoave commaer Grady Casen comnder theactical As wells the two iestigars. who he o ta about – First wwill hr from Cityf Phoex ahen sham. ll be llowed by chief — for ming.gveryonthank you We are veryroud oour poce depart. s . annoce t arresis beemade. I knhat a lotf people wer volved. I ow ourfficertook ts crime. To t iss of aacilithat you shoulde seo i d I rlly wa tthankhem foall t hours theard work thr dedicatio to mang this. Ca be ldnd keep us saf. Chf Willmsould y like. To givthee at I saichief ves of Everne this for aelated maer sood moing to evyone a thank y to mayo and next tme-etandinwith me I sta hereodayo ane by t memrs of this Phoenix poli deparent. Ha resuld in e arrest o e pers whom we believe coitted is unsakablect meers oourommunity. As y know tht placapartmt onundayh Satuay Decber twentninth when wee caf a baby in dtressost ofou havlisten to th ne onene tap. Weespond to th scene and I connually s tha theen and wom of ts dartmen do ea and eveay. Th were swn to prect. From theine awe ofhis crime a sexua nonsp.wave word virally a weryingo solv andev days depament.e priory foour Throug combition o good olfashiod polic work comin throughvidenc talng to upn Combin wh the rvels oA deloprobabl cause to arst the sp. And at is time’m annouing the arrest of theuspect we belier hi trty siyear o Mas therla. Suthernd as a lensed respsibleor prodingare the vtim durin this me e sexu assau occurd. Suthernds be ja whe he’e charg wity one cot of. n n coectionith this cme wan tpersonly pursely regnizend thankhe men and won of tholice cri lab we as augitivppreheion instigatncreechtreet cres dail. Withou your tiless wkd stanng hertodayuldt be is ain is testame to e drivend . That the eloyees of t for rommuni.epartntave Wewe to is arrto the viim Wewe tishe rest of th Soith th iI canntertay a fewuestit fashned pice wkalkingodTmpson. throhetails of inrmatioeoplen D- Parkith her hring for thi Oras it. Nineeveral mths o that. Ao I wil needo haveertain knowhat sthernining was emoyed ahacien at’d blookinout fome. I will edo havetarted Facities le we’r justere agn t rkto Andust tt the ft tt this hoible cme hpened – Was bend repe e exemelyoncern aboutnd w ew it s goi to beur top detasn a lee thatoave rgeanthompso — But I am proud ot e m and wen of is pole partme doachnd eve day day iand y blsed toave the lks th have ur qstion how my membs of law ens g n anhing. So we’ve n in my thirtyears alg poron ofot seeg that we’ve t hundreds opeople depament –e pice it we ve theamily about instigatnsureauhe cri lab the fin e stf youame it ‘ve al bee all i o. And the cdit o them r the mor an- d on wt’s gog on andhey reallyeft . I haun out ofo do a get lot opeopleere ayou lileit skeptal ithey would wanto- all was hienda with thi inveigatio so will leave suffe to y wmade aest.t Soegardls of what m hav been tkea talkboutn t publi my fostay trueo the instigaterocess a mad arres. Soith that I’m a turn it over to Tommy Thompson is going to answer more questions so we can accept [inaudible] Thank you . we hava faln fir figer a theuners todayten o’cloc a lot o. To do to be tt t me ju say that you are became s When?gatn. We he a pre cference Ten nnerourteen da agoay give yo. an uaten whe we ar andyou I’ go back a ltle bit in famiar with wt actllyre transped. On Decemrhe twenty ninth. Twenty. a healtare facity in th area foh ma Avenu. Referee a by was inists hat pot we fnd outhat the moth wp ichas a a flighto use reize tt tha sheas notn a posion. And beganmmediateo conduca sexut instigation mbers of e respded tthe sce and tfamily iei art ofhat instigatn- I am. Here ti th t invesgators thehave worked e r the weekago w toughhe coue of tir investigatio. Dectives authod a serve sech warnts to obin rerdso idenfy iividua o mayavead accs to e Inddition detecves ahoredmn thi. court A indiduals.numeus Th evideeas seno the lab.x lice dartmen crime And thendividls word tirelese the D sples with DNA obtain fro t bab. Th onef the mplesbtaine you’ll Sherlanutherld w a liceedn LPN o w respoible foror Duri theime thisexualovidg care? asult ocr Tuesday Juary twenty s. Th sciensts in thPhoeni poce crime. theampleaboraty detmine the by.froSutherla mched Shtlyfter thadeterminion. Suthero custyy office frothe oenixolice deparent gitive apprension Andaken to Phnix polic adquarrs for pcessin. sedpon proble cau that theyeveloped throu this investation. Nathanutherld bei booke into th Macopa countyail tay as we speakf sexu assault a one cnt o vulnerle at leteust say that thi cas still oning. infoation.gathing encoaging aone who m have theyan cal oviolencrimes be with. 6-262-61 or cose ourartner silt tnesshich i fr eigha eighartistagle.t’sour Now m sureou havquestis naudible w? Sayso wh t DNA sples a obously sous likehisuy sn’t i’t for y and you guysent. mailthat pcessA sple everyone ae Aong prosso obtain this — inrmation wtarted wking in rd. invoed invving –t People w weremploye. At thafacili o of th indivuals tt that cam to our atttion was So.t Sutherlan. Ase wenthrough tt process. into the Penixoliceought dertment — Head headquaers r procsing d basedpon aourt ord. Weere aeo obta D samples DNA evidence fro him whio e baby a that’ crime laborary scd that in fac tt he wathe suspect e Haens Thugh thathroughhe coue of thenvn indidual atas intifie as a pern Acce to e victimn thiswho poibl- ca en thecciden occurd he was rponsa ctim? distri in ltiple times or another tientshe Phiy. Agn this vestigion is concns is ethertherur ouring- victimare h i cur — We manot know. How my time ts occued a I ll tel you sething tt at is an inveigator is – a memr oourommuni th I likat is portanas Rath than a sanger who mad hiway in the fility actuly wasmployethereand [iudible that heas notorking at the ti that we ctacted tm- Anobtain tt evidce tnd I and I don’t know for rtainf he sll at ato I thk he ill emplod there We have n indations tt there re d t again ts is aongoin vestigion. samplthe-musical. u kw I don’t ow the spific numbe d’t know th yesteay was t firay we obtn sm u knoit isorked at otr facilies s e I dot kw his work histornd aing e o contact uso we can flow up ain ve still an ongoing inveigatio. I know you had to tough t oper court oersnd all of from othereople w he notthat b e Whyid it take so long we were continui throughhe proce signicantmount time requir? To ideify peopl who wer ployed by the facity to then cong em ando obta DN sampl from em so ‘s ite a press. He w reall was tre hands – disssionn his Wher he was rusing knong that hw? Thinformion I he is tt. He gav tt wa tol after he fod outhat weid hav aourtrder coellingnd prode tha eviden syou. – withhe patie arounhe tim at e m have t itight wn was th. We we tnk thibaby w- Full tm vy close to so i you ju bktrack Ceronackwar nine mths from — Deceer the twee believeccurd ding th Thiss all ofhe coorative d after hwas arsted ming stements abo. saw the Sutrland innvoked hiFifth Andment rigs and inteiew partipate ia an I’ll I’ll t out a pssnt o advisond jr ththe boong numr so they ca g him – Bookin photof himut hs first name iss — Spelle make th. N.. Suerland is ask you T. H E. R.. A. N. ‘s [inaudible] e I sorry butre you vestinwhetheany otr thingsinaubl] Weheck. If that infortionomeso our atntionnd we wi we wl pursue tha- me of e this ysk you knt and it’s bn intereing ass wee thugh this press we’ h a nuer ofpinionrrant number ofdeas that ve com to ou keepn minde we’ leavigs to that tthe iividua the mily t careters to termin wha oth testing but ‘re ppared to ke ts investigionh. – Wow we hane t cminal vestigion the are oer thgs tt thehetate encies are dling wh tha theegulaty ancies oneo or s. Care facityuch athis a I win timeas beeasked me sevel . We there athergencie Let me yhat oufederabroughin to- From.s. Thtart hav offed their asstancehoulde nd it a is poi we hen’teeded it — But am the art we delop a other The oenixoliceepartmt t llowhoseeads to to Andollow this invtigati erevert ultitely takes u. Ion’taveis infortion Andeon’some faly strt — crimal aivity andws o on mataininthat cerficati. If at all ssibleealthcare don I don’t kw belie tha the dettives wer le tobtain t informaon an they neede aga we use sech warnts wve court orders cause at. Asou ase go down tough t osecutial sysm as we go rough e educion proce Those-arc warras. Cot ords become imptant so use tse andhathat ally is lotf the sponsility from t facility Tot bause thehave thave a of judge.r t order of a of We hav an arst but imagi it not or. Hoand why? Again we’reealing wit- It we ld y itas yesteayn- that we e tohis invidual. Tgo througthe tes [inaible] An investigation manyours of wting reporny So againe sll haveviden We if we sp we wt to ma at ts pnt again wve we’e that why Mter Suerlandasevelod d arrest Thughout thi pross t most Not en that’rong let m ow they mostfhe par of thvictim in a thi. Fr whawe kno wn’t ae t mmunice at least too ch. have low recentl tt sas ab to ke se commucation I dot knowo whatxtenthat she’seea ere archalleng in a instigatn. Ar certaly tha was a chalnge jushe she size the scopeh vestigion was in and of Is i for t howany patnts yo care for theacilit tha you’re. I don’t I don kw that questi was asked — Ouof worthat don have th infortion am n are of y where rerd that he has — I will tell u thishat our inrmatios thahe was And did wort the facily I don’t y u at heorked at tt fility nce abt individus bught his nep to yr atttion are tse dividus to beeld he h do thataybe Yeah tt’s ithat’s a gt estion wre asking peopl who ha any iormation to co rward those are fellow emoyeesf tre the filies That dad thisndividl may o theye got iormati we wod li. Toet tha infmation so at can fd out h it that peains to our vestigatn o it peains tinvestation. Prtice o t worki popping ciliti morspecifally hired b haso r e . a cilityinaudie] That’sorrect. To a yojust sd don’t know who is actln . d don’ have this ntlemas- Employnt. t thatp. The by I acold. Thiss a a by that’s I would– ju say thawean’t alws choose h we come in this Buthat wean chooso do a And tt’s whate havehehd. oprtunit to – And Ileased tsay tt t baby a am t ll. hoital babs outf the-he d not a 100% re on at but I’m do believthat sI know amore ] Maryids. I n’t he a lo of th formatn we picall We kw at al –ut anyy. Now w don’t baby e e baby was full te. Is it beconyolor in th past twey thredaysr whatever howa ourerspective think that’a queson better ask by the health I am. but can’taste trty sihal ars ofge. Abt. Thr of Miste victim like.eracons witthe The chars Cathol meeti.alo with. don’t know epecifi tas can teou tha he wa in. respsible forrovidi ceAny a anPd whathatare consted of I Yeah.avehat inrmatio. informationhat durinhethat periodhens incidentccurreheexual asult ourrede belie that heashe LPN- At leastart of e time reonsiblfor her care. A sexualss. couneach.abl alt abusene I n’t ha a mide. Informion I wasn still aiting –w we are The suspect to maheir first cour- Th thirtsix ye old Nhan that as soon as thatappens ‘ll bring it tyour rig re on ns now eryone wl be back tk g that to you right here on news now but thank you so much for joining us here today — We’re always trying to always bring you top stories here of the y all right now. some makg comeback herse’s how t down abo seventyoints now it’sp g ints there a little whe roller c. y rig n willontinu t as well let see if we could g ayreen forhe res of the y allight shutwn connuesenator Chuck humer speing onhe Sene floor. Plusisasteassistce. Let be ver r ese t votes areot one nd on e othe handvant vot ie e present’s propol dands for eninup theovernmt.e Th seconvote demands nhing inxchang for openg uphe and less you do it mway. I’m keing thgovernnt shutdo. Fos we e le rht he suectaking fst cou hearg them thugh thproceso at thi. Whatould n appoi an attoey? Misten oncoun sect e fall the avaibledult ase alasschild two felonyhe courts no appoinng . Yo next cotateill be Feuary I’m sorryanuary irtiet at eht thiy in t downwn.the Superi Court Doave atrneys here that sh thstate. I’monna srt with Anearch crges in thicase a ry serus t defenda xual assaulted. A vyulneble alts w had noapacit to resi. apacitto cryut- No cacity tdonythinther than thet – This is arime tt requis maatoryrison d this a caswherehe That not rolving it fore ll be – anythingess th mandato ison. Are thstateouldlso reest thV . t at this ste counl rk. Makinghat – . Thanyou jue — Ga Sherlan jge is gonnaesiden Anlive iArizonince neteeninety ree yes withou anyrir be mdemean or feny s fami here cludin. Youngeones – The’s noirect edence that Misterd – Inow athis pot thes Misterutherld wl have a righ and havits owDNA exrt -s well we n’t know t specic ould. Thevidence isinimum his wiout pririminal recor suffientlyongeriod oime.’s eloyr Whwould a you tsaid eight unsecud bd or inhe alrnativ a reanable blo? Of teno fiftthousa dolla reviednd what ve hea Iavehankoue is morngheourts Ors going to oer ratr nitoring i was ts fundraer will r e om jl he wl be house resthat meanshat y may hoursave youhome ding the additionally if y post t onsor you n to return tthe electi of the crime doot initia l ntactithin the alleged victim. the any allegedomplainth tness arresng offer do not possess any drugs without about description doot psess or conme anylcohol. Don’t drive a vehicle without you provide proof oyour local adg elseromhe statehey ar inkingeryuchouncil. No tha your . Mr sevenifty rht so at you cafind t condions. stan in recentil t PM.lconcleshn Alights of the spect a Woul haveo be a five ndred ca back on their suspect anything Sutherland making their fit court appearance hacienda health care investigation as oeniolicearlier today nounci atrresteore new now cong up xt everye t gentlen exps vernmehutown ere’so ancy tt ca reburse em forhat mone e card compaes are gng to bend tha the phese a Whato theyo?s t bears. todashis ishere w are d thtrageds real.aad in e papethe It tked abt. Gornment worrs who sd e was oking for aob ooses’murrent furughed e to t goverent shut down and I r bysittinuring e wk day. I ve pley of chi ce Two my childn age teeerice rai. iso be to nd ltinuted it weday chd here. ternaty. I’d be ppy to providecie turing f any hh schoolr college studen. e agey cular d molecar medice Biologicaliologyeneticthat c he. miobiolo. messeist cl b resrch Plea messa me iinterest d be hpyo prove you wit dition iormationhanks. Who eds money to y yrt to Who silng to a babitter? e scienfic traing w tice suld y be goled u the pvate storor a l As aovernmt empleekin. We’re nna le . with this lgeran I p up theritica misons she’s peormingn beha Wi be compmise. And lt. teorist.s at skere Havingone io al the diffk . Bein close to be to Aoans foard.being pcess you can go Wi your wi your osing t affordab- e housingor o senrs. don’ have eir full mplent ople wt to finance that’ ing toe delay. The lt goe on d on a on presidt t trump st down. Many of on bot ses of th aieemocrats andepubcans undersndy didheir wk.our apppriators I kw the disnction stinguhed ranng membe rememberenter like he’s on t flo. senar Shel and wked on ery singlappropationsill. We dide Uned Stas Sene. Sevenf the aroprt yeteenomplet tough n ult. Thwork o our aropriars fothoseassed theenatey te ofinety o to sixhy don’t wjus. . . present Ali conder th to voteand thirtone vos.n NOne of e homend secity for boer. 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Sois gamt. To t aet Fail.twn offis bk. Becae the shuown is soly his. He sd twentfive tes befe heid thahe wand tdo it. Evernenowshe shuown as hesururepublin frids can squile outf that but as saidisisappralme ting reaed theighest lev of hisrS poll [indible] Wh here yeah it’s been a very by morning and going to continue into the afternoon a one of the first things I do want to let viewers know coming up on the screen. I’m going to introduce our newest reporter Justin long you just join the fox ten Phoenix current today’s topic cited to do that and we all know it shut down day thirty three speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is going to be speaking at the US conference of mayors winter. Meeting that’s at the capital Hilton will have that live as well as US senator mark Warner we’ve been hearing about the shutdown the impacts on like breweries. And so he then actually sit down with a reworking owner of a burglary and some federal employees just talk about the impact and then we’ve got some top stories to write. A Massachusetts teen is being credited for saving his mother’s life also was choking all wow yeah then nice and then we’re gonna take a look today’s Wednesday the mass singer the judges are speaking everybody’s talking about the show I can’t wait to show it. All right there we are looking for that pull are much more and folks don fget txom celebre tays t . 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  1. If federal employees are not working, it makes no sense to continue childcare expenses when you can take care of them at home, so cut the childcare expenses, cancel your Cable TV, buy at the dollar store instead of at The Mall, Target, Walt-Mart, etc.., don't eat out in restaurants and cook and eat at home, save gas and don't go out unless you need to, talk to your bank and make payment arrangement for mortgage, credit cards, car, boats, and other property payments, do garage sales and get rid off all your garbage and make some money selling what you don't need, cut down internet speed for lower rate $. You can't continue living a glamorous life style when you don't have a job. That's what people in the private sector went through during the Obama administration. When I was laid off three times, and SPENT 5 YEARS UNEMPLOYED, no one came to me and gave me any type of relief, government food stamp were denied, having 2 little babies and one being disabled, no medical insurance. So I did everything I said in this message. It was the awfullest time of my life. That's why I've been keeping my cars for 18 years….no car payments. I'm not chanting, nor I'm happy for the situation, but federal employees need to learn how to survive in this situation, learn how to be more considered and more compassionate for those who have no jobs or have been unemployed for years to the point that they became homeless.

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