(moderate band bell music) – There are so many Americans out there that are seeing this. That they feel like this is an invasion. – A mass invasion. – It is an invasion of illegal immigrants. – This is an invasion. – It’s the illegal invasion
at our southern border. – And they’re flooding into lot of the, many cities in California. – This is a flood, this is an invasion, and no one’s acting. – Democrats know if they
keep up the flood of illegals into the country, they
can eventually turn it into a flood of voters for them. – That maybe these
illegal immigrants today might be future voters for them tomorrow. – Democrats who wanna replace
you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens. – Demographic replacement,
and they’ll do anything to make sure it happens. – Well they’re calling for open borders. They’re calling for free
healthcare, for free education, for free everything, for illegal aliens. – The first time babies
born to minority parents are now the majority. – A lot of this driven by
the Hispanic immigration and birth rates. – They just have to keep the pump flowing, and power will be theirs. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s happening. – Outlets like fake news
CNN, conspiracy TV, NBC, they have become nothing
more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic party. Gee, they sound like one another. It’s like they’re one mind,
one heart, one body, one soul. (upbeat music)

99 thoughts on “Fox News vs. El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto | The Daily Show”

  1. White americans make América look un attractive to European whites. You'd think they'd want more whites to migrate. It's sad how they can't understand that.

  2. That's not funny! There wasn't even an attempt to put this in a joke….

    -If the daily show gets THAT serious, I guess they are really pissed…

  3. So this is what being republican is? Anti statue of liberty? Glad I'm an independent… Especially since I'm white and according to Fox I'd need to be brown to be Democrat. That would have been racist on my part then I suppose..

  4. Deep down Fox News, it’s hosts, their guests and audience are glad these white suprematists are doing what they yearn to do but are afraid of the consequences of going to jail. It’s pretty like whispering in your little brother’s ear to take the cookies out of the jar so “we” can eat them even though we’re not allowed to and when little bro gets caught big bro us like “I don’t know where he was influenced to go steal cookies” so he gets in trouble while big bro’s stomach is digesting those delicious cookies

  5. Everyone who works in fox news works for Trump. It makes me sick to hear these people talk just like trump. We are all God's children, I've been to Mexico I've been to central America, I've seen the poor homeless children running the streets down there. WE, are supposed to take care of those children in need of help, who are hungry and homeless, WE, are suppose to be there to help just like Jesus did. We cant make . Miracles happen like he did but WE can feed and love those children just like there our own. WE have plenty of space and food to take care of all who come to our country, We are the land of the free, And the home of the brave, God's Country.
    I promise to do what I can do to help..

  6. Fox News really makes my blood boil. How haven't they been disbanded yet? Oh wait! It's funded by the NRA! Get rid of the NRA, nd you get rid of them

  7. When will these so-called whites realized that all of them are immigrants! They literally invaded North America! The only true 'americans' are the natives which were displaced from their homes. What ethnic replacement?

  8. So Trevor isn't gonna say anything about the Dayton shooting because it was done by someone who supported Elizabeth Warren and was a left winger. Media clearly picked sides in America long ago

  9. How has a channel like Fox "news" created with the sole purpose of spewing hard-right propaganda, beholden to no journalistic standards whatsoever, become the number one cable network in the USA? What went wrong, people?

  10. Are there any fair, unbiased news outlets any more? Seriously, opinion news with party affiliation is getting old. That goes for both sides, almost all major news outlets put their particular spin on every situation. We have become a nation of sheep that can be manipulated to believe whatever we are told to believe depending on our source of "information". Whatever happened to actual reporting of the news? Smh

  11. Both El Paso and Dayton shooters are Extreme Leftist Sanders, Warren, ANTIFA supporters. But sure, you morons blame republicans for it. What a bunch of delusional idiots.

  12. Fox does know that once American got the land that used to belong to Mexico they took the citizens also right? That's why America has Mexican-American citizens, just like their African American citizens. So no we're not flooding any where we were already here.

  13. Mexicans cannot invade someplace that used to be Mexico, white people invaded, Mexicans are taking it the fuck back.

  14. More like "White Supremacist vs Everybody else Specially Blacks and Brown!!" and they wonder why ppl feel like they have to act on it and they Do stupid shit just to try and get the public to act on it to trigger those Crazy ppl out there…its all on purpose!! Agenda21

  15. i use to watch fox news all the time then i got smart besides everytime you watch fox news it feels like there yelling at you lol

  16. Republicans have always exploited the poor and vulnerable, painting them as criminals. In part to distract from their much higher crimes.

  17. Why are Americans so stupid ?
    There is a clear line between illegal immigrants and legal ones. I’ve never heard a republican, trump or Fox News try to insult or say a bad word against hard working immigrants who came to the country legally and are contributing to the economy. They only have a problem with illegal ones who try to bypass all the steps necessary to obtain legal residency.
    So many hard working Mexicans are against this flooding of the country because they feel like they had to go through a long process to get where they are, and they did is successfully. Why can’t these people do it also ? Hell, there is even footage of high profile democrats that are against illegal immigrants and are for the building of a wall (Obama, Biden, Schumer, pelosi). The left sometimes can come off as hypocrites just to diminish trump.

  18. Fox has been fake news since before Trump made the word popular. I feel sorry for anyone who takes Fox News seriously.

  19. LMFAO
    They even have Katrina Pearson talking about "they want everything for FREE!!" and I can see is her face snatching merchandise shoplifting!

  20. The Latino guy who got shot protecting his 2 year old baby? Was a trump supporter and his brother is still holding out that Trump is just misunderstood even after his brother death. It is so ironic.

  21. Fox "news" absolutely disgusts me. They are just as much to blame for the tension in this country as the pres. himself is. I have taken journalism and ethics courses and what they are doing is so completely biased and overall factually incorrect that it shouldn't be considered news. Mimicking the pres rhetoric and continuously fueling his hate speech has literally killed people.

  22. Fox News: Domestic terrorists use the same language that we use but it has to be video games because… I said so. That’s why!

  23. Well, if you really insist on painting people with the same "everyone who sounds similar is similar" brush, Fox News: be afraid. Turnabout is fair play, and you sound like terrorists.

  24. Invasion of what dumb ass people this is not even your fucken country this land belongs to the native Americans y’all white people came from England to this country so y’all immigrants too fucken dumb asses

  25. People in America don’t realize the news is used as propaganda for one politician or president. The problem are not immigrants it’s the racists. Look at some countries in Europe with open border, and their doing fine. And were here kicking out kids and trump wants to pass a law where they take free education from them. Their just kids. And immigrants take what jobs???? Are people that stupid to realize the jobs they get are really mediocre jobs? Working in a factory, working picking crops, and low paying jobs. Jobs that any one can get but don’t because they suck. So when I hear this “their taking our jobs” it’s so stupid. None of us Americans who have our citizenship are gonna work those jobs because we know they suck. And we can get better. The immigrants have no choice. And it’s sad how much fox is attacking those poor immigrants, many are really in bad conditions or running away from violence. Trump administration is trash. No human dignity

  26. For me as a German it looks like the American version of the AfD, a German right-hand party with lots of nazis, opened up a news channel.

  27. They're right. All of them. Shooting is not the answer, though. Tough immigration rules are. US needs to change its legislation if it wants to stay an english-speaking country.

  28. Not a fan of Fox or Trump. But none of those words say 'shoot or kill'
    If the WORDS they did show can cause someone to kill. Then the video game excuse is viable.

  29. Yea Fox news happily scares the crap out of republicans with fake news on a daily basis. Now republicans don't know what to believe thanks to Trump's Fake News strategy. Anytime a fact contradicts him, it's just fake news. He knows most of his voters won't go an actually fact check what he says because he's got them so consumed by fear of the democrats that they just assume they are lying no matter what.

  30. They're all drunk on covfefe? Kool-Aid you're liable to say anything unfortunately many people are gullible.✌????

  31. Damn this sheds some light, to say the least about the depth of influence a national news media network has.

  32. Nice try and most of those are facts. actually read the manifesto. he did his homework on actual facts and stats. besides being a dumba$$ for mass murder he's still smarter than the idiots at fox and your snowflake collective of writers. Oh and brah stop ripping off Olivers sets from Sunday.

  33. Is this where I can say that the topic of 'replacement' has been discussed since the 90's and before? I'm not surprised that some people may feign shock (they weren't alive in the 90's) but those who are older should know better… That being said, I've equated the 'replacement' the same way that scientists regard genetics. Diversity in a gene pool is a good thing in many cases. Ffs, to keep it 'pure,' people used to marry relatives… which lead to a lot of genetic disorders because of doubling up on bad genes. People looking for that ethnic purity may very well become those inbred stock who go back to marrying cousins… Hatred will be their own destruction.

  34. I'm sorry but wasn't the whole point of America to welcome immigrants?? Might as well change the name United States?

  35. Funny thing about this is if you do the same thing for the liberal media they do the same exact thing. Why call out when the conservatives take a note from the liberal's playbook? Interesting.

    The left must be desperate if they are resorting to calling out their own tactics on the other side.

    In all fairness this video is the same thing conservative individuals have been doing for years.

    On the news, read everything, believe nothing, eventually patterns will emerge. Think for yourself. May God bless us all.

  36. Is it confirmed from FBI that Patrick Crusius wrote the manifesto? I want a source and facts, please. Not opinions or what you believe.

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