Thank you, thank you very much
everybody for coming. Today we have a very,
very special stream because we have two amazing artists,
they are Calle and Poché, let’s have a big applause for them too. Hello. Hello. Welcome to the Fundom.
How are you? Tell me. Thanks you so much for inviting us, we’re very happy to be here
doing this stream. I’ve got lots and lots of questions sent
in by the people watching right now. So I want to know if you’re
ready and prepared to answer absolutely everything. -Totally prepared.
-So ready. Perfect. The first question is: are Calle and Poché
really called Calle and Poché? Actually, Poché’s name is María José. And Calle’s name is Daniela. Perfect, here’s another one: it says
“one word that identifies you both.” I think the word “Freedom”
defines us very well. -Freedom.
-Yes. OK. Freedom is like our surname. I love it, I love it! OK, here’s another one: what did you dream of being
when you were young? I dreamed of being a painter or,
curiously, I wanted to be a vet. A vet! Similar to what you do now,
more or less. Yes, exactly the same. And I wanted to be a singer… …and I wanted to be a golfer. -A golfer?
-A golfer. -She was very good.
-She was good? I’d like to see that! Let me see… here: How did you get to be content creators? It all started when we met at a musical
and acting academy a long, long time ago. And that’s where we discovered this
whole world of singing and dancing and all the art we love so much. And then we recorded, we posted it,
and we became Calle and Poché. Obviously with a lot of work,
but that’s how it happened. And I want to ask: what is it you like the most
about your channel and your work? I feel like there are lots of great things
and we love everything we do. But if I had to choose just one thing it would be that we have
the opportunity to be ourselves. And if you don’t like it,
well, don’t watch it. Don’t watch it! I love it! Let me see, here we have another one,
more controversial: what do you like the least
about your work? I would say the haters and their comments. I wish there was a way to eliminate
cyberbullying from the web. And what did you do
to deal with that cyberbullying? We responded with our best weapon: -Our…
-Our… -Our sense of humor!
-Humor! We took all the haters’ criticisms
to do a challenge, and we turned it into a song. A song that it’s not like we haven’t heard
it 1,500,000 times or anything! We’re big fans of your “Roast Yourself”! -Thank you.
-Thanks a lot. An applause…

100 thoughts on “Fundom Channel | Calle y Poché responden ¡TODO!”

  1. Like se te gustaría que disney haga una colaboración como esta en Bia pero con Los Polinesios y que hagan un episodio como este pero con los Polinesios. Autolike porque a mi me encantaría muchísimo

  2. Yo nunca he visto ningún capítulo de Bia pero si aparece Calle y Poché tendré que ponerme al tanto ?❤️?????
    Las amo ?

  3. ósea no entiendo porque no hubo un beso CACHÉ? lo quede esperando están hablando del cyber bullying y quede las diferencias no existen y no hubo beso??

  4. Yo pensando que hablarian de su hermosa relacion y actuarian como en la vida real pero nah recuerdo que esto es disney :")

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