Welcome to Himalaya! I mean… Welcome to Hamburger Confessions. -But this would be a sequel.
-This is the sequel, it’s number 2. This part is called The Carrot’s Revenge. Today I have something
very special prepared. We’re going to take a ride, a journey.
We’re not going nearby, we’re going far. We’re going to journey to India. I love to travel. But I forgot my passport. No worries… -Who’s going to travel?
-Who? Our friends. What are our friends called? -What are they called?
-Taste buds. No! Our taste buds are going
to travel to India, and in first class. Look! Do you know what this is called? How did you do that?! Right? There’s magic in this kitchen. This… ooh! Does it “occur” to you what it could be? I can’t think. This is curry. Curry, yes! Yes, I’ve heard of it.
But I’ve never tried it. Curry is a mixture of various spices,
used for stews and hotpots with sauce. This is curry powder… This is curry sauce…
This is the powder. And this is the sauce. But… can I use this with anything? So I could make a chocolate ice cream
with curry. With ice cream… You said with anything. It’s true.
There are no rules about taste. No, there’s nothing. So are you ready to make the curry? -I’m ready!
-Very good! We’re going to start with coriander seeds. Put in a spoonful,
or half a spoonful, of each one. Now let’s go with the cumin…
black pepper… Perfect. Black mustard seeds. Turmeric powder. Turrrrmeric! Turrrrrmeric! Ground ginger. -Half a spoonful here.
-Half a spoonful. Chili powder. With chili powder,
you have to be careful. Because it’s a bit spicy, so it’s one of the spices
you have to be more subtle with. -Just a little.
-Sure, just a little. -A pinch.
-There we go. A bowl of onions.
Which gives all the flavor to the curry. I’d put in… How much? -We’re going to put in half a bowl.
-Half a bowl. We’re going to add a splash of oil…
to our mixture. -Splash!
-Perfect! -And now, my dear student Chiara…
-Yes! …the time has come to mix! Yes! But first I want to say something
that I learned from my super teacher, chef Pietro. Great gentleman. Great gentleman. Is that if you make a salsa… with salsa. What do you mean? OK, I love your technique, Chiara,
but please be very careful, don’t even think about… Getting it all over me… I’m sorry. I… This is one of my favorite aprons. No! I’ll look for ways to get the stain out. I’m sorry. No, it’s fine. You even find it funny. No! It’s just that… Look. What really happened… I’m sorry. But you said you could mix it
with anything. And it occurred to me that
I could mix it with Pietro! Now we have Pietro curry, how tasty! On top of it, you make a joke! -It’s delicious!
-Pietro curry! A new recipe. Do you know what’s better, even better,
even better than Pietro curry? -Even better than Pietro curry?
-Chiara curry! You can see that now I’m very tasty. It’s time for the most fun part
of this video. Cleaning up all this mess. Oh! Do you hear that? What is it? My phone… it’s on vibrate. -What do you mean on vibrate?
-Hello? Chiara, we have to clean all this up.
What happened? Don’t scare me. Seriously? No, I’m on my way. I’m sorry, it’s an emergency. -But we have to clean up all this!
-Let’s finish the video because… I’m coming. But it’s…

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  1. Estuvo súper buena ? jjajajaja me encantó me divertí demasiado ??? quiero más videos de estos ??? los amo son súper divertidos

  2. Me hacen reir son tan divertidos jajaj? que lindos que son❤❤
    Chiara rre mentirosa se fue para no limpiar jajaj?? los amooo❤❤

  3. Me encanto cuando veo mas de esto????? Por favor ???????☺?????????????me alegro,venia triste y me puso contenta gracias por hacerme reir tanto con este video,cuando veo mas de ellos o de algunos de ellos asi????? Por favor lo pido…..☺☺???????????????????????❤❤❤???????☺☺??…..

  4. Me encanta la pereja que hacer chiara y pietro pero quiero que pietro este con daysi xq pietro en verdad la ama a hon solo le gusta no la ama xq si fuese por hon estaria con celeste

  5. Me encanta esta pareja ? pero sabemos todos q Pietro se quedara con Daisy del último porq siempre es así en las series

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