Welcome to The Hamburger Confessions. A show that is educational
as well as entertaining. For example, did you know that
five out of ten tomatoes are exactly half? I’m Chef Pietro and I’m joined by
my assistant Chiara. Hello everyone, here we are,
ready to begin with out chef. Today we’re going to answer a question that has been worrying
philosophers for centuries: Who would win a fight to the death?
A lettuce, or an apple? We will also be showing you
a potato’s new unrecognizable look. We’ll also show you
how to make a red fruit pie. Here my assistant Chiara is going
to help me blend the fruit. Let’s start with the blueberries. Good. The strawberries… Or “fresas”,
depending on where you’re watching this. And the raspberries. Very good. We’re all set… No! Sorry! That was the blender’s fault. Yes, it was the blender. I was going to ask you
to turn the oven on, but it’s best if you do
something less dangerous, like rolling the pastry. Pay attention. Cooking can become
a very extreme activity. It’s important to check that everything’s
working before you take the next step. No? Yes. When I’m preparing the pastry,
I like to add a little salsa to it. -Salsa?
-Sure. Everything’s better with a little salsa. I like it! For special occasions
we can add something more.

100 thoughts on “Fundom Channel | LOL: La verdad de la hamburguesa”

  1. La personalidad de Pietro va exactamente con la de Chiara ambos alegres y optimistas me encantan las escenas de ellos #Chiatro #Piara ❤❤❤ ojalá y se den una oportunidad ????

  2. Frutilla o fresa depende d donde nos esten viendo? Osea que al decir eso sabía qur lo iban a subir.. después se hace el ofendido

  3. Alguien más se dio cuenta de que en el capítulo 49, Celeste shippeó a PIETRO Y a CHIARA?! :O

    Son lindos juntos….

  4. Estuve esperando este vídeo ya que no sale en la serie y se ven tan bien juntos pietro y Chiara Ojalá se reconcilien pronto

  5. jajajajajajajajajaja pietrooooo siiiiii queeee esss muyyy chistosooooooo #fundom #salsa #LOL y#chietro (chiara y pietro)

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