Video-games Who doesn’t love them? From children to adults, everyone loves playing them. They are the source of our dreams and inspiration. Well, here at FunPlus we are living the dream. We actually get to make and play videogames! Sounds too cool to be true right?! Nope, you could be here with us! I think it’s time we show you FUNPLUS! Based in Beijing, one of the biggest, most
vibrant cosmopolitan cities in the world and capital of Asia’s biggest economic superpower Thanks to its exponential rapid growth over
the years FunPlus is one of the top 10 game developers
on Facebook and an official top developer on Google Play. We are an entertainment company. Not only do we make games we also make great social apps to help people
connect Thanks to our products we operate globally and connect players and users all over the
world! Are you thinking that FunPlus is just another
entertainment company? FunPlus is much more than that! FunPlus is a family, made up of all the great
people who work here. We share values, and strive together to be
the top international entertainment producer Every department is a part of the FunPlus
family. And who knows? Maybe you could become a part of the family
too one day! Wondering how to join our great family? Well, Operations Team is always looking for
new talent. The Operations Team is the backbone of FunPlus. First, we are the main point of contact between
the company and our players. We localize all our games to our native languages, and we manage all our social platforms! We have 26 different nationalities! People from all over the world who came to
join us in the past 6 years! We have people from: France Nihon Polska Sverige Colombia And many more! The Operations Team is the team with the most
diverse job description. After learning customer service, localization, and
community management an Operator can also learn how to monetize
games, design fanpage activities marketing campaigns and also edit or produce pictures and videos and much more. Learning is a core concept at FunPlus! We want to train people to be the best in
the gaming industry. That’s why Operators have several career
paths available from becoming team managers, to marketing
experts as well as product or project managers. Our Operations Department is truly exceptional! We co-work with all the other departments
to bring our knowledge and culture to the products. Since Brazil is a key market I travelled around the country to give presentations about FunPlus to major
universities and events where I even met famous Brazilian celebrities! It was one of the coolest experiences of my
life! FunPlus is obviously not only about work. We have a lot of fun together too! The Operations Team organizes activities once
a month Including outings around Beijing. Past outings were things like ice skating,
snowboarding, eating, my favourite, excursions, and much more! There are hundreds of bars clubs parks museums sports and events. Beijing never stops! Here everyone can find something that suits
their tastes! And don’t worry if you can’t speak Chinese English is used everywhere! Now you’ve had a sneak peek of what
it’s like here at FunPlus. Interested? Then JOIN US!!!

3 thoughts on “FunPlus Operations Recruitment – JOIN US!”

  1. Are you looking for more scam artists to join your pathetic attempt at coming off as real game developers?

  2. This company's existence relies on lying to people into playing games they ripped off from from better games. True bullshit.

  3. Hi funplus! I hope you see this comment. Nothing but I just want you release a game call Z-Day heart of Heroes for iOS , when I saw they played I want it so much!! ???. Z-day is best game I want to play, now I owned GOG & KOA?! But I want this game release on IOS also please ???? I hope you bring this game to iOS user it would be great and famous !! Trust me! I hope you let this happens soon, bring it fast !!!! Thanks a lot ???

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