Welcome once again to Future Challenges by gannaca global think tank group. Today we gonna talk about traditional media. I just bought paper, dead trees, a newspaper. The World. And my bet is that within maybe 5 years it´s gonna be really difficult to even get our hands on one of these things because they are dying. We´ve got people in the background talking about data privacy and they have a point because obviously, this is a huge issue. Facial recognition and profiles, metadata and the huge value of that which is something that these guys still haven´t really gotten the heads around. We serve several different media companies. We advise them on going through the digital transformation and we are recording this video today because still we hear sentences like: This is never going to go away. People want paper. And this is simply not true. The subscriptions for paper, newspapers are declining. And they are doing so for a decade already. And the point in time is close, when the cost of producing this will be way too high to hold up these structures and to still pay the wages for the journalists, for the printers, for the curriers that bring this to your doorstep. And while that happens other people in play have understood this and they came up with alternatives, digital offerings that are much more successful. And these guys, they don´t have this overhead, they don´t have all that contracts, all these burden that is so costly. And this is actually sad because journalism, the fourth power in the state, is something that is super important to keep up ideas like democracy as a functioning process. There is one piece of advice that is a great deal of help when you run a media company that still has products like this, which is simply act as if paper did not exist. You can still produce it, you can still publish it and maybe find people buying this, but you will create entirely different content and most important, you will completely change the way it´s produced. And then you are on the road to success again. And you can create a new media company.

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