91 thoughts on “Gigi Hadid on Social Media Privacy and the Power of Women”

  1. I absolutely love her. She deals with everything in life so elegantly and gracefully. Be it an interview, a photoshoot on set or dealing with online trolls. She always uses the right words to describe things. So down to earth, authentic and genuine. Love her! ❤️

  2. no offense to her but what did she do to deserve this cover? She doesn’t do anything to empower women, which is what this cover is about right? She looks stunning and i’m happy for her but i think there are a lot of other women who deserved this cover more.

  3. I love how smart she uses her worlds and her view of situations she's talking about.they're perfect.

  4. Can we all take a moment and appreciate her well being? In my opinion, she’s the most down to earth model out there. She is so modest, intelligent, kind and conscientious woman supporting other women. Nothing is stronger and more beautiful than the power and support we share between us. I look up to her with all my heart, she’s my role model for a few years and it’s really upsetting that people still have to say something bad about her. The moment when they realize that she’s not just a pretty face, not just an instagram influencer, not only someone who cares about social media, makeup and irrelevant bs. She’s the most real out there. Gigi’s so humble and I can’t get enough of her. I believe in her intentions, I believe in herself. And I know she’ll do some awesome things that she’s not done in this industry. God bless her and her family for raising such an inspiring woman. Woman crush no. 1, always. Thank you?❤️

  5. i love GIGI but after breaking up with zayn n leaving him with full of sadness i started to hate her n her fucking voice

  6. i dont understand, there's so much girls on current life who better looking than her. she' cute, but like lot of girl what special about her ? HER SISTER BELLA at the opposit is a thing damn it. but gigi is not THAt awesome, just another beautifull girl

  7. She is actually my role model.She is so inspiring…like she’s beautiful,strong,independent,she made her money and she doesn’t need a man.I love her so much

  8. Just love Gigi n all the wonderful deeds she has done these past years. From building schools to meeting the refugees. You truly are an inspiration❤️

  9. Her and her sister are so adorableee! I adore their voices ?? and how encouraging they are about other models instead of seeing them as competition. They’re really well rounded and seem so REAL from what we can see ?

  10. It's like whenever there is a controversy involving her, she blocks all comments on instagram and posts about humanitarian stuff lol

  11. French spoken ?? Vous pouvez signer 1⃣ pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site 30 Millions d'Amis ?

  12. she doesn't always want to share her life??? – she appears on every single magz and programme and everywhere else, is she for real????

  13. Wow. Gigi is a great person. I hope I can be like her someday and help the people in need and share it with the world

  14. ქრისტიანულ ოჯახებში ცუდად ხდები ჯიჯი?მართლმადიდებელი ოჯახები შენთვის სულის შემაწუხებელია?შენი რადიკალი ისლამისტკას ბრალია,აჭარაში რო გიყვარს გამოხატვა.აბა შტატებში მოგიტყნავენ დედის როტერდამს იმ წამსვე.შენ შეგთხარე პროჭში ბეზ ვაზელინა ჯიჯი.ეს კონსერვატორი ალქაიდას პიზდა ვ პრიმანკუ იობანნაია.აჯვი პატრონს გიუნაიდენთან ერთად შე ყლის მწოველო ჯიჯი ჰადიდ.ბს ზარბო

  15. არააა?არც მე არ მინდა მუსულმანი ცოლადე.მე მართმადიდებელი ქრისტიანი ვარ.მითუმეტეს ვიცი ვინცას ჯიჯი.მაგის ადინ რას ნე პიდარასტ ონვარიე მოვტყან ტრაქში.როგორც ფუჩური მაგარია.აბა რა უქნა მუსულმან ბიჭებს გემზე და ხულოელი თავართქილაძის თამაში და სისხლი აქ ჩვენი დაა! კაროჩე. მაგათი დაკრუგული დედას შევეცი სააკაშვილებში ჩერეზ სანდრას როტერდამ.ბს ზარბო

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