As higher temperatures
warm our atmosphere, they could have an unexpected consequence: more snow in some areas. And that’s because warming in the Arctic, might actually mean colder
winters for some of us. That’s right. Even though it may be very
cold and snowing in one area, the rest of the world,
particularly the Arctic, is warming at a steady rate. Global warming creates hotter air, which holds more moisture than cold air, meaning heavier precipitation in the form of intense rain or snow. Snow cover is the area
of land that is covered by accumulated snow at any given time. These giant white blankets reflect heat back into the atmosphere, regulating the Earth’s
surface temperature. And because sea ice is white,
it also serves this purpose. But when huge areas of sea
ice melt in the Arctic, darker patches of water are revealed. These dark patches absorb more sunlight and can cause further warming. This process is called
“Arctic amplification,” and the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth. Changes in the climate also
affect how much snow falls and influence the timing
of the winter snow season. Producing greenhouse gas
emissions is the main action we can do to limit global
warming to acceptable levels and reduce the occurrence
of extreme events and abrupt changes.

100 thoughts on “Global Warming: rising temperatures could bring more snow | Just The FAQs”

  1. Sorry to make another comment on the SAME video…but, holy #$%!……practically NONe of this is based on facts or science!!! Craziness! I mean, where are they getting this stuff from?! Snow and ice reflects the sun and makes the Earth cooler, but dark patches of ocean make world hot….this makes more snow…..becuassseee… duuuhh…ummm… we play more ominous music and talk about how we need to cut greenhouse gasssssss….uuuughggh… My goodness….really?!! I made a flowchart based on this video to try and make some sense of their logic…….and it looked like my youngest eating her 1st bowl of spaghetti…and made about as much sense.

  2. Temperatures are normal today and CO2 levels are historically LOW even with our emissions. Remember that hole in the ozone layer? Hmm they must've forgotten about that once it started shrinking back.

  3. Ok, so you just re-explained global warming but didn't explain why other areas will be getting colder. Click bait af

  4. bullshit and fear…this is the perfect example of these shitbags trying to explain away the reality that "global warming" is a big fat lie. Nothing more than a money-grab by governments. It is a never-ending scam and they all see it as a way to tax and redistribute. Massive scam.

  5. Surface temp of all planets has gone up on same scale as earth. Your seperated recycled plastic is a mountain in Malaysia. Stop falling for it

  6. Thankfully, we aren't going into another Ice Age. Many good Scientist do not agree with the gloablist Scientist, and can't get their side of persuasion heard. Others follow the money trail. 💕🇺🇸🎈🎈


  8. Only fools that can’t think their way out of a shoelace knot believes that the earth is warming up. We’ve had more snow in more states in the first week of October here in the USA. Fools.

  9. Even if the world does end due to global warming, most of us will probably have been dead by then. Rip my grandson lol

  10. Looking at the comments, it appears America's education system has failed for the vast majority. It's ok though, the reactions when their house is consumed by sea if they live by the coast, or burned down by a forest fire as the forest die-offs will be priceless. I just hope I can get myself into some vault or the remaining land, so I don't have to become a climate refugee.

  11. Lololol the sign saying, the end is near. The end is near!!! Repent check your carbon, the end is near! Pffft been hearing this for over 60 years. Begone!

  12. This propaganda is crap, they are getting lazy. Your going to have to do better than that to trick dumb people into accepting a carbon tax.

  13. Maybe while the artic gets warmer people can move there and get away from climate change activists.see there’s a bright side to everything

  14. Cast your minds back in time to a place where you actually read books and one of them was Geology 101.
    Remember ?? Billions of years. Ice- Thaw- Temperate, Hot, Hotter, Start over. One time it rained for 200 (?)thousand years . Sometimes the ice was a thousand feet thick.
    Not opinion, but scientific facts. Sure as heck not the crap we are all arguing about now.
    Want to help cool the planet ? Stop blowing smoke up our A'" !

  15. The humans in this posting section are very ignorant.
    They prove they have no ability to think. They only parrot what has ben told to them. This proves how trump got elected.

  16. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: the obvious evidence that the global warmin… err… climate change agenda is trying to trick us (i.e. "warming" is actually "cooling") is just your imagination!

  17. Time to revisit scifi and deploy solar shields to block the sun light and heat in the arctic refreeze the ice caps. Then rebuild the surrounding cap with picreate

  18. Wow. Reading these comments makes me glad I live in Japan where people aren't stupid. Glad to be out of the US, for fuck's sake you people are idiots. Good thing I can still vote in US elections from here! P.S. the rest of the world hates the US. Have fun ignoring science and sucking Trump's tiny mushroom dick.

  19. Bullshite y’all stay changing the rules of Mother Earth. She tells you what she wanna do. You can’t predict it. Live and let live.

  20. I remember when CO2 reflected the sun's rays and we were headed for a mini ice age. Then it was global warming. Now it's whatever.

  21. Another climate armageddon that wont happen. Almost 30 and lived through nearly 50 mainstream end of the world weather predictions.

  22. What they don't tell you is that Antarctica is making new ice faster then the ice is melting in the North. If you don't believe it. Google "NASA has no idea why ice is forming at a record pace in Antarctica". This something to do about nothing for idiots like those who support the Green New Deal.

  23. So basically what are you are saying is…

    If it's cold it's caused by Global Warming
    If it's hot it's caused by Global Warming

    Yeah, I don't buy your cow farts and neither do the majority of people from the comments.
    People have been predicting this nonsense since the 70s and people are final realizing this BS.

  24. Global warming is the religion where the evidence is always
    too far away for the average citizen to go check their facts.
    It is the chango-whamo that has Al Gore claim that snow would
    be a thing of the past by now, then it is more snow because
    it is easier to lie about something than it is to tell the truth.
    It is the Keeling curve (not mentioned here) that requires you to
    1) go to Hawaii, 2) climb up on a high mountain, 3) check for
    carbon dioxide levels, all in order for you to verify their findings.
    If Global warming were real, you could cut down a tree in your
    mother's back yard, take a beating from her for cutting her tree down,
    measure the carbon change in the wood year on year for the last
    50 years, and then come to your own conclusions.
    The Global warming proponents never offer data like that.
    In fact, they offer questionable models, fear mongering and Greta Thunberg.

  25. The arrogance of the belief that humans are causing climate change and we can change the course of Mother Nature. We are less than a nat on an elephants ass. Our time has been brief and it will not be long when earth and the rest of the universe decides.

  26. I found a super cool graph on this page:

  27. No one actually believes this crap. It’s just another power grab by the left. I wonder if Bernie Sanders and the rest of the climate change crew who fly all over the nation privately care about their carbon footprint…lol

  28. What a load of crap. If you believe in man made global warming you'll believe that removing 100 American troops from harms way in Syria will lead to disaster

  29. I look forward to you people accidentally ushering in an ice age. Also, what you are looking for is the interaction of albedo, chaos, the conservation of energy, and entropy…..but you can just keep taking your crazy pills and talking like everything fits together like a puzzle and you have it all explained.

  30. FYI: the Ozone is STILL there, and the CFCs are all gone….
    Maybe Science discovered that CFCs DIDN'T cause the Ozone hole…..but are natural artifacts of the Van Allen Belts……
    Psst: DDT didn't thin out bird shells either, yet DDT bans KILL ~500,000 African kids every year…

    The Eco-Dogma hierarchy excretes a Toxic Meme every 5-10 years, and never admits it was totally false to fact, ever. Leaving thousands of regulations and laws based on false claims and magical thinking, polluting our laws for decades till there are expunged.

    Tree huggers are catching up to Stalin and Hitler for mass deaths of innocents. Not since Mao's "Great Leap backward" have so many suffered so much that was caused by Maniacal actions founded on falsehoods.

    ALL Green claims need to be verified by uninterested 3rd Parties.

    Shrinking Oversized Governments Should be JOB one of anyone or group that wants to reduce waste in our World, or wants to keep the Earth "healthy" for our future heirs.

  31. Climate Alarmist will succeed if you accept that it is cold in Death Valley with the temp is 125 degrees and hot when buried under two feet of snow. This is how they are brainwashing you cooking your brain not to think as an individual anymore but believe what they say….it's called "controlling the masses". If you are a Christian, you already know that God is in control, always and AOC know diddley squat when the Earth will end, she's not a god, but lying to you like satan does.

  32. Cyclical cycle ppl ! Happens every 20,000 years or so ! Dont like the weather , turn off HAARP !
    Michio openly addmitted we created harvey n irma on live tv ! Quit scarin our kids with this NWO garbage !

  33. We need to redo this in Chinese so the Chinese people start reducing their greenhouse gases you ignoramuses. We are a small portion of the problem preach to the problem.

  34. These guys have had studies made to cover every scenario. The fact is we are heading for a cold era. All the scientist know it. That's why the big government take over push lately. The last 12 months have been the third coldest year in this century. DESPITE the rising co2. The political scientist on CNN will just "adjust" the data like they did for the 30's and the medieval period. The facts are clear no appreciable warming this entire century. Watch them bc they will switch and declare something else. We may very well be heading toward another ice age, which would be much worse than warming BTW.

  35. "Global warming" is another conspiracy theory of the globalists. Never forget the conspiracy theory of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and how that turned out.

  36. More mißinformation, 1970 ice age on the way, wait no, acid rain is the issue, oh wait no it's global warming, wait no it's climate change, At last they have got it right, the climate is changing, but not because of man or carbon dioxide, it's because that's what happens. Hopefully it will keep getting warmer, warm climate is good, cold is bad. Keep pushing back against the political globalists.

  37. I am a retired from NOAA and did meteorology research, forecasting and even broadcasting for decades. At a news conference in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism. "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history."

  38. we're beyond repair at this point, I'm probably gonna spend the last day on earth watching Netflix with my friends (that's if Netflix is still available). it's a bit shit I couldn't go to college but eh the government didn't introduce the ban to fossil fuels :/

  39. So they present climate change…. then suddenly they add carbon emission at the very end.

    Where the hell is your evidence?

  40. This is a load of shit the government are controlling the fkn Arctic watch some more things on what there putting into our air and why we are going through this 2020 guys is a minor cold storm there just melting it and have been for the last couple of years to go hey guys this is real look we don't believe unless we see it now we can as they see it I'm gen Y yea that right the ones saying stop all this… It's helping our planet those electric cars won't save us they use 10x more resources then what we are using to build them alone its a load of crap and gen y is cos yea Y it's population control once these new taxes all that in place we can't have more then 2 kids well maybe none depending how your financial are please wake up people this is a load of crap…

  41. Dear friend, attention, the enemy is coming! SEATTLE ATTACK ! ! ! Fire is everywhere and death… But… GOD WITH YOU! So jump to the sky repent of your sins. Repent before it is too late… GOD IS LOVE! Always ❤ The Lord keeps from the satanic temptations in the last days, and leads as the Good Shepherd. Shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life ! 🙏

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  43. You can't say things like this without data and numbers and comparisons. Science isn't prediction it is observation. My Ouija Board says it's going to be calm and warmer this summer and mostly dry in the north and wetter in the South. Coincidentally the Farmers Almanac agrees with my Ouija Board so it must be good science.

  44. #EndClimateChange

    🌲🌎Everyone, we have to take a stand now. There still time left. We’re the generation that could end or save all future generations. The future people could either look back at us proud because we changed or look back at us wondering why we did nothing. If we don’t do anything now our future families won’t have a safe home to live in. Our families our counting on us. The future is depending on us. The effects of climate change are already happening, we can reduce it. Plant trees. Try to use little to no styrofoam or plastic, recycle everything you can, spread awareness, drive as little as you can. This might sound crazy but lower your AC in the winter and warm it up more in the summer. This could prevent tons of carbon into going into the air. The reason why the cold is so late is because of climate change. We love the Earth, it is our planet. We love the Earth, it is our home. If you care about your family and the environment, then you will do something about it. Even a small change can make a big difference. Let’s put an end to climate change.

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