Okay so here’s the thing. Newspapers were once produced to the backdrop of cluttering typewriters, ringing phones,
the presses started rolling close to midnight and deadlines are once a day.
The modern newsroom hums with quite efficiency throughout a 24-hour news
cycle with never-ending, rolling deadlines, and yet the conditions digital
journalists are working under are still stuck in the analog age. Under the
current print media award, if you work for a digital only outlet, you don’t get
penalty rates for early morning or late night shifts or for weekends. You don’t
get paid overtime and you miss out on a lot of other conditions that print
journalists take as their right. It’s pretty unfair. It essentially means there
are two classes of workers and surely if you’re doing the same work you should be
entitled to the same conditions. Makes sense right? So here at the Media
Entertainment and Arts Alliance we want to change that. We’re going to the Fair
Work Commission to argue that no matter what outlet you work for, be that print
or digital or a combination of both you should be entitled to the same basic
conditions. The bosses are opposing it of course, they don’t want to pay you an
extra cent. (Laughs capitalistically) It took decades of United action by previous generations of union
members to win the conditions that are now available to print journos and
we’re not going to wait that long to do the same for digital journos but we
need you here with us. Sign up to the campaign by adding your name to the Charter for good jobs in digital media

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