“Play Foo Fighters.” “To get help with that,
you’ll need to give me some more information. You can do that in the
Google Home app.” Now if you’re one of the people who are getting that message,
don’t worry I have a solution here for you. Stick with me for just a couple of
minutes. Believe me when I say this can be fixed
extremely quickly here, I’m going to turn on one setting, and I’m going
have to give you a little bit of an explanation but now that I’ve turned on
that setting here. “Play Foo Fighters.” “Playing Foo Fighters on Google Play
Music.” So there you have it now it is actually that easy, but you have to know
what you’re doing before you go into the settings. There’s one setting you have to
enable and you’re all good to go. so now inside of the Google Home
application, that’s where I’m going to show you, but you can also do this at my
account.Google.com and then find the activity controls. And you will find the
exact same setting there for you, but I’m going to go in through the Google Home
application, and show you how to do it there, because you should be able to
navigate this application. Now bottom right what I want you to do is tap on
that account button. So that’s that’s the whole page here for all the different
account settings, and up top left you want to make sure that’s your account
right there. Now why that’s important? Well you’re the one who’s struggling, you
could have multiple people in your home and one person able to do it, and another
not able to do it, so you know if you’re getting this problem and someone else
isn’t, make sure it is that person’s account that is up here in the top left.
Now go back to the home screen, so tapping in the bottom left now of the
application and go into settings and then you’re going to go into account
preferences. From there it is search and watch history, and now you’re into all of
the history that Google has basically on that account. So
you want to go ahead now and we’re going to go into the settings that I was
telling you about called Activity Controls. So in order to do that up in
the top right there’s three dots, so go ahead hit those three dots and then look
for our activity controls. Tap on activity controls and go ahead into
there and it is this first Web & App Activity setting. If you’re looking at
that right now and it’s not turned on go ahead turn that on and you should be
able to within seconds play your music. So let me show you I’m going to actually
hit pause, and now that setting is off so let’s go ahead and try. “Play Foo Fighters.”
“To get help with that you’ll need to give me some more information you can do that in the Google….” So we don’t need to hear that again but let’s make sure that
we’re having the same problem over here. “Play Foo Fighters.” “To get help with that
you’ll need to give me some.” So there you go, so both devices now completely
disabled from playing music and a lot of other services, and what I’ll tell you is
this whole set of different account settings here for allowing different
activity to be logged, is critical to lots of these services working, and I
don’t want to get into the reasons behind all of that, but I just want to
get this fixed for you. So again turn on Web & App Activity. You’re going to have to tap turn on a few times and once that is turned back on again, you need to give it
a couple of seconds, but now your music should be working just fine so…”play Foo
Fighters.” “Playing Foo Fighters on Google Play Music.” So there you go guys now if you still
have a problem if you’re still sitting here talking to me then you know what,
what you probably want to do is go through a couple of things. Number one I
would just reboot this thing and give it a minute and from there what I would do is unlink from the account that’s struggling after
that, so un-link go to your home page and basically unlink that device from your
Google home application, and then relink that device back up to your application.
After that I would go through a full factory reset after I waited a day to
see if it cleared up for me. So you know what guys that those would be my steps that I would give you as advice here, other than
that this should be solved for you. So thanks for watching everyone
here come the links to go ahead and join us on Automate Your Life.
Obviously we give a lot of tips and tricks like this that are going to save
you time with your Google Home, your Echo series of products, and all of your smart
home products as well, so thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

43 thoughts on “Google Home You’ll Need To Give Me More Information Error – Fixed!”

  1. So… What are the reasons you didn't want to mention in the video, that make Google Assistant not to want to play your music with this setting turned off?

  2. A number of folks have pointed out that their app is a little different! Head through Accounts (bottom right) -> Under General Settings, find your Account Preferences there.

  3. How can i get it to play music from Samsung music? I want to play my playlist using home! You'd think Sammy would have included their app in the contract?

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  6. That's a big fail for Google. They force everyone to approve sharing their activity with Google which is a privacy concern for some people.

  7. I have a google home mini that’s has been working very well but recently, it started telling me hang on let me connect to WiFi or it tells me to check my router and thats the router I have been using since I got it. Please what should I do? Thanks

  8. That really is messed up, either let us track you, or the hardware you purchased will not work as advertised. I mean… i'm really not a big proponent of the "fear tech monopoly" crowd, but this is super dodgy.

  9. Thank you Google does not even help to solve this problem -those bastards make me swear, Thanks for exposing them and solving the problem

  10. Fucking Google. This is ridiculous. Unless you allow them to collect your data they will not allow me to play music that I pay them for.

  11. Thanks for this video tutorial. I was having that exact problem with my Google Home Mini. It was fine one day and the next day I was getting that very same error message. All is well now. Thanks!

  12. If anyone's still having this issue, it may be because of G Suite settings! I found this fix and it also helped me store data like setting a "home" on Google Maps etc. that I haven't been able to do for years since my IT guy set up a new G Suite account for my business.


  13. If this didn't work for you, I had to click on my phone settings then go to Google and then go to these privacy settings. I had turned them all off because I was worried that Google had too much info on me

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  15. After changing my home broadband, my daughter google home mini was not connecting. Well we manage to sort that one out and then we could not play anything on the google home mini when we instruct google home mini to do so. My daughter was so upset and was even crying thinking het google home mini is faulty cos anytime she say "ok google play capital radio" then google will reply need more information🙄😡. After watching your video on Youtube we manage to fix the problem😳 Phew!! Now my lil daughter can enjoy her google mini home again💃🏼👌😁👍

  16. I turned this off as I didn't want that information saved by Google. I guess they really want to have as much information on people as possible…. Stop services working if you don't comply. Oh well.

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