I remember when I was actually in middle
school. I was 12 or 13 and the cafeteria was like over here, like on the
left, and our classroom is like far over on the right, like at the end of the
hallway. And you’d have to like walk through this dark area that didn’t have
any lighting, it didn’t have any windows. It was just like this block, it was like
a padded cell – that’s what I felt like whenever you walk past there you felt
like you had to wear like a straitjacket. But one day me my friend we’re going to
the cafeteria and we’re all walking like from my class that we just had which
totally sucked – it was like English – and like, nobody likes English cause it sucks.
We’re walking down the hall and we were like how was your English lesson and
like yeah it was cool like did you get the questions right and we were like
probably not but you know what we tried our best. We were just walking in the
hall and like we got to like the dark padded cell – you know we were just
walking down – everything was fine you know flippin’ my hair ,you know, like the scene
from Mean Girls when you’re all walking down with your friends and you’re really
really cool and, I feel myself slip back and I hit my head on the ground in this
dark padded cell. And my friends carry on walking, and I’m like
wait you gotta wait for me I’m gonna get like possessed. I’m gonna get dragged off,
but they didn’t realize that I slipped and they carried on walking and I was
like oh my gosh. I slipped on some like chip wrapper like it was just like right
there and something like girl came over it was like ‘oh my gosh are you okay’
and I was like yeah I’m fine but like my friends have left me in the padded cell
and I’m gonna get possessed. So it got up brushed myself off, trying to make myself
look cool, like yeah I’m fine that was nothing, like who cares, like everyone was
like laughing. My friends didn’t even know and they carried on walking again
till they turn around and they’re like ‘oh my gosh are you okay?’ and I’m like
yeah don’t sweat it I’m okay like don’t even worry about it like I’m fine like
flicking my pigtails like pushing up my like pink diamond top because I’m bougie
and I was like yeah I’m fine and carried on walking, and it wasn’t till
I turn around and there are like some guys were like laughing. It was all like a setup
because like you can’t see in that room and someone had
put it there in hopes of someone falling over. They filmed it! They actually pulled
their phone out and they filmed me falling over, and it was all over Facebook. I was
like Facebook famous – like hello – you’re in the presence of someone famous right now, but
it was totally embarrassing at the time because like people dubbed over it, made
a meme out of it, like I was like an icon you know what I was Facebook famous for
a while so I think I am a famous Facebook star.

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