100 thoughts on “Gowdy: This virus doesn’t care what your political ideation is”

  1. Don’t believe the Hype …especially when the Media are mainly lefties
    One thing worse then a virus ,’is the Democrats

  2. My God you gave this guy more Alchemist than he ever had in his whole entire life you're a bunch of liars he's a liar and a cheat just like y'all

  3. Lysol Spray KILLS Coronavirus! Hello NEWS MEDIA …. Read the label on the back of the Lysol can. If it was really "Coronavirus", would you suppose that Governments, from around the world, would know how to use "Google search engine"? Or even better, the News Media?

  4. Flu kills more every year? Globally according to medicinenet, "Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year". That sounds like a very big number to beat ant it is. The real problem with CoronaVirus is that we don't really know how reliable the data is, beyond saying, it's most likely not at all reliable. This makes calculating the case fatality rate extremely difficult. Suffice to say that WHO official data shows the CoronaVirus case fatality rate to be a mean average of 3.4% globally as at 1 March 2020. Obviously case fatality rates are likely to be higher in China and other countries with poor health standards and totalitarian style dictatorship governments, because they are notorious for covering up the truth. Common Flu has a typical case fatality rate of around 0.1%. Thus based on official WHO data makes CoronaVirus 34 times as deadly as common Flu. The problem with virus spread, is that the spread tends to be exponential, so although the numbers start low, over time they accelerate upward in increasing amounts. So even though for now the case fatality numbers are relatively low, due the the exponential nature of infection spread, in a months time those day on day new case numbers will be significantly greater as each day passes. Thus over a 12 month period, you would typically expect way more fatalities from CoronaVirus than for common Flu, as based on WHO official data it's 34 times as deadly. Of course many cases go unreported making the real case fatality rate lower. Countering that, is deaths covered up and not reported or simply reported with a different cause. By pure mathematics however, even if CoronaVirus was only twice as deadly as Common Flu and spread just as easily as Flu, then you would naturally expect more deaths over a year's comparison between the two viruses. Most medical experts are saying the spread is at least that of common Flu or even greater.

  5. Trump loved playing 'musical chairs' whenhe was a kid, – it's still the most popular game in the White House!

  6. Gowdy got a small head. Small head, small brain mass. Small relative brain mass, small brain power. Its nature

  7. But you will still hold political assemblies to prevent a virus epidemic.

    Trump, promoting Coronavirus for REELECTION!!!

  8. I love how the President is handling the virus threat. He and his team are wonderful and proactive. However, I would ask the President to consider firing the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams for tweeting that American citizens “STOP BUYING MASKS.” rediculously saying masks don’t prevent the general public from catching the virus but it can hurt healthcare providers. I understand ensuring the medical community has ample supplies, but don't blame citizens for doing what little they can to protect themselves. Especially when we have been hearing for years about how we are overdue for a pandemic and the CDC and FEMA have been preparing for it and stockpiling medical suppies for more than a decade. Now, before the virus even hits us, we are hearing from our Surgeopn General that our medical supply stockpiles are so thin that typical American families buying a few masks for their family from Amazon, eBay or their local Walgreens is concernng the Surgeon General? Rediculous. The Surgeon General should be doing the opposite by encouraging people to ensure they have the medical supplies and hand santizer they need to ensure they are prepared. If under his watch, he allowed the federal supplies to be so low…shame on him.

  9. Global warming in the Northeast. Heat waves, heavy downpours and sea level rise pose growing challenges to many aspects of life in the Northeast. Infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries and ecosystems will be increasingly compromised. Many states and cities are beginning to incorporate climate change into their planning.

  10. Your chart says 15 cases diagnosed and 66 U.S. cases which have obviously been diagnosed as well. Is the left number for Trump and the right one for reality? Just curious.

  11. I am trying to imagine how depressed and impotent someone of Trey Gowdy's caliber and ethical standards would feel when a fellow congressman (or woman) rose in congress to tell what they believed and what they wanted and what people should do – or make a hollow, fumbling attempt to. No wonder he had to get the hell out of there. How does one handle it when someone blatantly lies in your face, or talks drivel – and you know it, and they know it?

  12. As a Canadian who loves America and her great people I have to say Trey Gowdy is one of my favorite Americans. He is brilliant and composed and is always a perfect southern gentleman.

  13. 66 cases in the US with a population of 331 Million people. 85,688 cases world wide with a population of 8 Billion people. Doesn't look so scary now does it? Corona Virus is nothing new, it's been around making people sick for quite a while. Been a nurse 30 years and have seen many people positive with Corona Virus (one of the common cold viruses) over the years. Search Respiratory Panel and look on the back of a Lysol can. Why are they hyping this up so much and who benefits from doing this? Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  14. No sars no bird flu no swine flu no ebeola No Corona virus fear tactic to bring down econmy because they couldnt impeach our President Federal reserve going down along with IRS FBI CIA Pedophias are scared along with there child trafficating and child sacficial Political terriost traitors

  15. These deep state mouthpieces NC included justify their spineless sellout as journalistic loyalty to a populous who sees through their flimsy position and will revel in their demise.

  16. I hope this virus wipes out most of humanity because the only world worth fighting for anymore is a world without people and good riddens 😉👍🍀

  17. We can always count on Elmer Bubba to give us the Good Ol Boy view! I hear he just graduated grade 6! Congratulations Elmer Bubba and the whole Gowdy family!

  18. Seems Trey does not understand the deference between 0.1% and 2.5 % mortality rates. It is the same as 1 in 1000 vs. 25 in 1000..
    Extended to, conservatively, 60% of the population, total deaths exceed 5 million in the US…. In the first pass……. That's are rather imposing number.

  19. Radcliff for the intelligence agency absolutely get a little more cleaning out to do sure would make me feel secure and intelligence agency not having the ability to overthrow another president

  20. "It's just a nothing burger guys! It's all good! It's just the sniffles! Relax!"
    While the CDC, WHO, and Surgeon General can't even get their numbers right.

  21. I like Gowdy but he's horribly wrong when he says this is like the flu in terms of mortality and critical complications. The mortality rate of NCOVID19 is around 2%, 20x higher than the flu.
    The critical complications rate for NCOV is 16% or so, also many times higher than the flu.
    To top it off the R0 of the flu is 1.3 or so.
    The R0 of NCOV19 is at least 3 and in many places seems higher.
    Stop bloody comparing this to the flu 😑

  22. That is the first word of truth that has come out of your mouth! Yes this virus is serious and it's no joke. Thank you for speaking truth.

  23. Trey… It was ALWAYS a pleasure to hear you speak the truth from the halls of Congress…
    HOWEVER… Being able to hear your truth uninhibited as a news contributor… Is comforting!!!

  24. I'm confused about this virus. Some say it's just like the flu , but it's spreading faster then the flu. Is that what makes it worse than the flu? I have never had the flu, but I'm afraid of getting this virus. Im washing my hands , and taking precautions. There's no way of keeping this virus out of the country. Our government has problems keeping drugs out.

  25. trey gowdy. always a gentleman. calls everyone sir. i hope he runs for president in 2024 when trumps term comes to an end.

  26. Well you can be a Reality TV personality and Real Estate salesman and you can be President of the United States so how can Ratcliffe not be qualified even if he has no qualifications at all for the job?

  27. Well, It could be a political move to go against the current political party and cause a panic.
    True, we have had many viruses and have overcome them.

  28. Trump brought this Virus to America…He never prepared for it and cut funding for CDC…..itd now the TRUMPVIRUS

  29. I want to know how did it get into Iran so much and so fast?? How did the Prime Minister of Iran get it immediately?? What’s going on with the Pope?? I think these guys are going to die and they’re going to reclone them and then say they ‘got well ‘.

  30. Lise lies lies there is no vriues. In the USA u can't tell there lies I don't need the President or any one to tell me. Any thing I can c right thro all this pillel of crip just get deeper … I hope they drown in it

  31. When you want to open your mouth about something important it's better to know something about what you're talking about you make yourself less of an idiot…. trey

  32. Neil
    wake up
    the economic worldwide are totally in depression
    do not blame the virus
    for the fed
    IMF qe 2
    etc etc
    are you asleep or ???
    the depression was on the way three years ago!
    even longer ..

  33. None of this would be a surprise to anyone if they knew the Bible, the Bible clearly tells us in the last days before the rapture of the church and then the reign of the Antichrist for a seven year period that plague's, pestilences, earthquakes, signs in the sun, moon, stars, oceans, earth and beasts will come. However the world has become evil and worship the creation not the creator they have harden themselves against God calling evil good and good evil. Warning it's going to get much worst. Repent and turn away from sin time is short.

  34. I think the Democrats jumped on this immediately this is another one of their little schemes they're going to turn this thing into something that's not.

  35. The Flu kills more people SO FAR, but beware because this virus to humanity is like Smallpox to Native Americans.

  36. Why did Gowdy get out of politics again? He's only in his 50s, kind of young to retire from being a congressperson.

  37. In this created Leftist section of Culture created by them, maintained by them nurtured by them. Yes, everything other than singing their own praises and targeting every issue to turn it into a Catastrophe of unknown, out of control proportions with their anthem, "LET NO CATASTROPHE GO TO WASTE, BUT USE IT FOR OUR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE." It is the Leftist Dem Party. No one is panicking. Except the Blaze keeping me confused concerning the Corona virus.

    Kind of dumb question to ask Tray Gowdy Neal? Slow night?


  39. Flu mask sales are soaring, nobody is reporting on the good news for that sector? Tray Gowdy is right the Flu kills more people every year but its not selling newspapers/TV time so its ignored in the snowflake mainstream media attempt to sow fear and stir panic.

  40. Last year the flu killed 80,000 people, by this time it had killed 20 thousand.. isn't this just a strain of the flu?

  41. How is Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff qualified hell how are all the politicians qualified !?!?
    You people act like we owe you everything

  42. Wow is Gowdy a foul little creature.What I would not pay to have him alone for 60 seconds…no weapons..I would beat him like a red headed step child with open handed slaps.

  43. That’s why the Chinese drive around wearing 😷 especially in LA ! They’re cooking the corona virus in Korea town we should keep a close eye 👁 on China !!

  44. This disease does not care whether you're Republican or Democrat. the CDC is our military against diseases they are the military that fight a invading invisible army

  45. Don't worry Pray….and Trust God!!!!He is our help and our shield…Panic and worry …..what does it help ……NOTHING…..ONE DAY AT A TIME THATS ALL WE HAVE…WE ARE NOT PROMISED A TOMORROW…..

  46. Um, other government dude just livestreamed that this virus doesn't attack kids so basically this is b.s., propaganda. Working the bull dance, selling it, selling it!

  47. It's quite amazing how the GOP suddenly forgot all the politically charged and nasty comments by Trump during the Ebola virus spread in the previous administration…

  48. I just love how Gowdy says Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am and thank you to everyone❣️ He’s so polite and he means it too. ☺️

  49. Agree it will finish you all as much you tried to rip all of her .. Matter fact he look dead for quite some time

  50. As the coronavirus outbreak in the USA continues to grow, it's also becoming clearer and clearer that the Trump administration's response to the public health crisis has been a huge clusterf*ck. For starters, Trump's 2018 decision to fire the chain of command for pandemic preparedness sure didn't help! And now that we have an epidemic on our hands (which we should wash vigorously for 20 seconds), the government has suffered operational f*ckups like the Centers for Disease Control's rollout of a coronavirus test kit that didn't work, a screwup made worse by internal power struggles in the healthcare bureaucracy. And it's all made worse by everyone's fear of angering the toddler-in-chief, who doesn't like bad news.


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