100 thoughts on “Henninger: The anti-Trump resistance will never stop”

  1. Donald Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York Attorney General civil lawsuit against Trump Foundation and his children

  2. President Trump has been right all along, CNN is fake news and Democrats spying on
    Republicans and trying to impeach President Trump with lies all along!

  3. I FEEL it in MY GUT!! People~~~> OUR President Only Takes $1.00 to do this JOB! His Children who work for the White House Also Only take $1.00… One Dollar!! WOULD ANY OF YOU ONLY TAKE A>> $ 1.00 >>1 dollar bill… to do Your Work or THIS Work????
    I Doubt it. OUR President T R U M P— Told US in the Beginning He would Only take a Dollar because he didn't need the money, So
    He GAVE His PAY Back to the WHITE HOUSE!! He GAVE it to Help Kick Start The Economy for the USA. The DEM's don't like Him because He talks about GOD!! He said he would "Drain the Swamp" ; Do you think the Alligators, Those IN the Swamp like this?? NOT AT ALL. ♥*RE

  4. How dare they use a constitutional process to hold the president accountable. Where are all the self-proclaimed consitutionalists. Hey, Cruz, Paul, Perry… you guys proudly show off the constitution you carry in your shirt pocket. You might want to take it out and read it. Just saying.

  5. Trump is a life long criminal. Today a judge just ordered that crook and his children pay back $2 mil he stole through his bogus Trump Foundation.



  8. mr. president! I love the way you have ridiculed the position that once upon on a time was considered as the most important in the world.

  9. legally or illegally Trump must go. If you can't get rid of Trump legally then he should be removed any way possible for the good of the country

  10. Sadly, this demonstrates how utterly the system is compromised, having reached, and gone(far?) beyond the "point of no return."

  11. Lots of trolls here lately. I don't think it's a normal "grass roots" movement as much as marching orders coming down from their Marxist overloads..

  12. Typical GOP drama BS! If you GOP Idiots spent half the time checking your facts as you do ordering pizza, ya might have half a clue!

  13. It's treason. It's not questionable. They must face their crimes and pay the legalities of it. When did Congress get the power over the President and everyone else? Something is wrong here. If the whistle blower can't testify plus it all being heresay; how is this even going to waste more of our money? It's the law. There is no excuse for ignorance of it and it is suppose to apply to everyone the same. Not ignore it for a selected few; because they don't agree with it or think they are above it. I realize that you don't have to have brains to be in office. Just money to buy it. As well as a disrespect for the law and criminal ideology. How can we expect any other country to respect us. When we can't control and have respect for our own country. The end won't be good for anyone. It's a sad time in the history of this country and Trump is not to blame.

  14. Such bold sexism against the President should be a strong conversation. Thia is now institutional sexism and racism.

  15. Lets hear fox news discuss the evidence thats out there: multiple witnesses, all credible, say trump committed a crime. No discussion on fox about any of the evidence tho: just 24 hours of crying about partisanship. U do know the EU ambassador, who donated a $1 million to trump, even said there was a political quid pro quo.

  16. We need for Nancy Pelosi and Schumer to both be Impeached and maybe a few others. Schiff desperately needs a conviction and serve time in prison. That should stop all of this whining and howling like wild Wolves & Dogs! Then our President would even get more good work done for us Americans.

  17. In the future, every Democrat will be remembered as treasonous. The things this President can accomplish if these Democrats were to cooperate with him.

  18. To Fox viewers. Fox won't tell you this, but Trump got fined 2 million dollars for his charity fraudulent behavior today and ordered to shut down. Get off this con mans train before it crash.

  19. The anti Trump fraction should be in jail for treason and the rest of the pathic liberals need to be ex pats in one of the European socialist countries

  20. If they impeach the president; wouldn’t it be fun if Mike Pence chose Don Jr. to be his VP? I would pay good money to watch a live feed of Adam Schiff watch that swearing in. I think his head would literally explode!

  21. Donald McDonald has been found GUILTY already in the public's mind. How could it be otherwise.? When all the allegations against him are put in a heap in the middle of the courtyard, it is plain to see that even if Trump manages to LIE his way out of one or two of them, the whole pile condemns him and PROVES the character of this crook and his inability to lead without breaking the law..

  22. If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour? Thomas Jefferson

  23. Why did China give Joe Biden son 1.5 billion dollars for what? Look the other way Joe, while we build the South China sea islands? Why did Obama let Hillary Clinton sell 20% of the US uranium to Russia?

  24. Bull Sht! After a few MF's get sent to prison and after a few scum buckets snitch each other off I got some money that says the anti-Trump bull sht will be outed for just that, bull sht and everyone in the country will realize this not just a bit over half the nation knowing it.

  25. Did you hear this interviewer just cut him off and then sum up what the guest was saying with a point that was not what the guest was saying — not at all (why the guest just sat there and allowed his comment to be so misinterpreted by the FOX dude is beyond me.

  26. Well it won’t stop because he hasn’t stopped being a corrupt orange prick. He is a criminal and people will fight to get him out of office.

  27. This slimeball toddler did nothing wrong just like he didn`t steal money from his New York charity for which he was fined 2,000000.00 today lol.

  28. Trump and his supporters are in a corner now. Trying to use all defenses possible at once??
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!


  30. How about Mark Zaid’s creepy YouTube channel where he “liked” a bunch of videos of prepubescent Disney girls?

  31. I get happy feelings when I think of Donald trump spending time with stormy Daniels that's how good of a president he is!!! The best ever!

  32. Resistance cannot stop the SUN the GREAT MORNING STAR from shining.
    Resistance only creates heat and the resistance is the obstruction of flow. So the more the resistance the asses Democrat's make the more obstruction they are doing.

  33. Democrat's wanted to stop President from Justice and draining the swamp.
    So did Joe Biden wanted to fire the prosecutor.

    Isn't that all open and clear?

  34. "The anti-Trump resistance will never stop" The regular, normal American people see how psychotic and unhinged leftist liberals and Democrats are. They demonstrate it every day. You only have to look at their comments in Fox News vids every day.

  35. With any luck the republican cesspool will be drained of the excrement within by Christmas. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to the American people? God bless America and impeach Trump and his cronies. It sticks to high heaven.

  36. Oh yes it! God will step in and set things right!!!!! God says there will be no LIARS and people who plan evil against others in Heaven! They will burn in fire and brimstone! These hatefilled Dems think all is fine if they go to church on Sunday ……but they forget, God sees in their hearts and writes it down!!!!!!!!

  37. Zaid said "45 years from now we'll be reading about President Trump's impeachment" he said "he'll be old, but it will be worth the wait" I have a question for Mark "the shark" Zaid. How do you know God will allow you to live that long? In fact, how do you know God will allow you to live until the next Presidential election?

  38. I love how all these wimps on the Democratic Left like Zaid, want to take down President Trump for all the things that the Dems did themselves and then try to put the blame on our President!! Zaid says in 45 years he will be old but he'll be able to look back on all this ? I don't think Zaid is going to live that long,or Schiff,or any of those old bastards! Lmao!! The way they're going they'll all be dead by next year from the heart attacks they will suffer after President Trump gets voted back into office for another 4 years!! Trump 2020!!!!

  39. Barr and Duram must probe this fake lawyer and charge him with treason together with his fake whistleblower including Schiff.Sad

  40. trump is pure evil. trump is a draft dodging piece of slime who made fun of POWs.  trump was fined 2 million dollars   for stealing from his foundation after it was closed down. trump abandoned the Kurds, the US strongest friend in the Middle East, to protect his property in Turkey.  Now a  Russian flag flys over US compounds.  At the same time he is sending young Americans to defend Saudi Arabia, a major supporter of terrorists. The Saudis own a floor in trump tower and regurly rent and dont use rooms in trump hotels. trump is lifting sanctions on Russian oligarchs. Building trump's fence is destroying Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument . It will take 150 years to for them to grow back. The fence can be cut with a  cordless saw. Billionaires are paying taxes at an effective  23% rate thanks to trump's tax policies. The National Debt is growing faster than at any time in history, because trump trump's tax policies.  The trade deficit is higher than at any time in history, because trump withdrew from NAFTA and TPP. Farmers are going bankrupt faster than at any time in history, people are living paycheck to paycheck. Millions can't pay their car payments. Corporations are still sending jobs overseas. Amazon and almost 100 other billion dollar corporations paid no federal taxes. While all this is happening, trump plays golf at his clubs. That has cost the government over 150 million, most of which went to trump businesses.

  41. Amazing / reporter from The Wall Street that actually tells the truth ! How much you want to bet this guy loses his job !

  42. Forget the Whistleblower….Roger Stone just killed Trump's presidency in Federal Court! Trump's criminal !!
    News Update! FRIDAY 11/8/2019 Roger Stone has proven Trump was fully aware and directly connected to the Russian's that hacked the DNC!
    Trump is a criminal Russian facilitator who conspired to rig 2016 Presidential Election against all Americans and American Law!!!
    Trump is not a legitimate president!
    He is fully impeachable for his high crimes!

  43. Good God. A U.S. president is convicted of using charity funds to help finance his campaign. Yet the hijacked GOP is silent. America has lost its way and become corrupt and immoral to its core.
    Not Great.

  44. If only 60% of Congress was rational…. we wouldn’t be putting on this clown show. We might even get real important work done.

  45. Russian interference…. it’s a fact that Russia was attempting to sew divisive seeds into our country’s politics. Our country is now destroying itself from within. Russian mission accomplished.

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