North Korean state media outlets
continued to clean the regime is unaffected by the virus but some
watchers believe otherwise that it’s highly possible the reclusive state is
already facing the epidemic and the situation poses a challenge to Kim
jong-un’s drive towards self-sufficient economic growth we’ll join you shares
with us their analysis North Korea’s Health Minister has
appeared on state TV for four days in a row this week to confirm the north is
virus free according to the data we’ve gathered until now thankfully there’s no
patient infected with the new corona virus in our country using all of its
media outlets the North has been urging its people to do their best in their
current teen efforts the regime also has closed its borders with China and
suspended tours also in place a strict quarantine of up to 30 days on all
incoming travelers North Korea proudly states that it has seen no confirmed
cases in the world health organization says it’s not dealing with any
coronavirus cases in the north but the real situation on the ground is hard to
assess experts here in South Korea say it’s highly probable that there are
infections in the north we have intelligence that a citizen in Konya
who’s visited China has been infected and I’ve heard that there was an order
in the north to burn all the dead bodies so we can’t rule out the possibility of
deaths from the virus Cho points out that the virus could have been spread
within the regime by North Korean laborers who returned home from China
last December after the virus broke out the north started isolating travelers in
January smuggling were Civic exchanges between North Koreans and Chinese are
possible factors as well pundits also point to weak public health
infrastructure in the north a lack of test kits and medicine ordinary North
Koreans may not be aware they’re infected confusing symptoms of the
corona virus with other respiratory diseases common in the north
the kovin 19 epidemic rates a dilemma for Kim jong-un Pyongyang’s trade with
Beijing the main source of income for the regime
under the international sanctions framework is directly hit Kim jong-un
has seated at the start of the new year that his regime will confront the
international sanctions and achieve self-supported economic development for
the north to achieve its so-called self-reliance it should mobilize as many
people as possible but at the moment that’s difficult because the virus needs
to be controlled plus the north also has to close its
border with China at a time when it badly needs economic assistance Pyong
yang through its new doom Shimbun newspaper on Friday emphasized that it’s
clean from the virus in contrast to South Korea watchers say it’s part of
propaganda efforts the news that there are infections in North Korea could
greatly hurt public sentiments and leave a mark against Kim jong-un’s leadership
Oh jung-hee Arirang news

100 thoughts on “Highly likely there are COVID-19 cases in N. Korea: Expert”

  1. Sorry but I don't believe a thing North Korea says. The North Koreans are already undernourished so I will expect more deaths from there

  2. It isn't affecting the north Korean regime. 2 things a. The regime is the gov officials only. The people are totally diffrent. And b. It doesnt affect them because everyone is disposable.

  3. Strict 30 day quarantine instead of a loose 14 day like everyone else? Wow the first time North Korea is making more sense than the rest of the world. Even if they are lying about having no infected.

  4. This is the moment in which kim Jong un will be kick out of N korea, sad but at last they will be free, .. at what ultimate price tho

  5. I mean if N Korea has it in their country, now is not the time to uphold an image, they gotta get in there and get their hands dirty to fight it! They can beat it and bounce back

  6. How many people around the world will die from this by the time it dies out? There will be a lot of available jobs… This is a sad and really scary thing. A lot of widows and widowers, orphans…. Dang.

  7. If North Korea has no COVID-19, it argues for the spread of the disease in food markets. The North Koreans never have any food.

  8. Highly likely that fatass Kim Jong Un has too weak immune system to survive covid-19. He's already struggling from Gout due to all the cheese he eats.

  9. With their dire nutrition compromises, these folks are in a dire jeapordy. And I can not image be what will happen in the gulogs.

  10. Of course there are cases! China people going in and out almost Everyday. Great likelyhood of getting a share of the pancake of pandemic.

  11. What is this guy doing with his right hand? Nothing. He just keeps moving it back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.

  12. Oh? If they are declaring no Covid-19 in their country, why are they wearing masks? LOL…just sayin'… hmmm, maybe being an isolationist country has it's upside.

  13. Was in South Korea and i liked it…..very clean than Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark …they will fight the virus ….keep watching….love from Sweden

  14. If there is something, for how long can you hide it? 2 to 4 weeks? And then? Everyone infected 😊 will wait and see, it is now Netflix Drama Horror in real life

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  17. Wtf ?? If North Korea is virus free…why are the news anchor wearing a mask to read the news on air ???? Something is not adding up.

  18. There's no doubt there are already infected people in North Korea. It doesn't bode well due to the country's lack of strong medical services which are always reserved for the elite. The virus is being spread and no one knows it. Scary!

  19. Go and ask Bill Gates to release the medicine for covid-19, don't wait 6 months for him to release it. Sanofi probably have that medicine already! Bill Gates will make the richest man in the planet again, Congratulations!!!!

  20. Don’t give up hope!! Kim Jong Un is not bullet proof OR Covid-19 🦠☠️🦠☠️🦠 proof! Your prayers may be getting ready to happen!! 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👍👍👍

  21. Every time i see videos of N Korea I hardly see any people on the streets at all just so void and empty? It doesn't seem normal something is very wrong.

  22. Listen people, if you have an ounce of brain power. Then you should know that this SHIT! is already a ->PANDEMIC< so grab your teddy bear. Hold it tight and prepare for what will probably gone down in history as the "PLAGUE OF 2020". This is literally what happens when a video game like RE2 becomes reality.

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  24. If you believe N Korea doesn't have any Covid-19 then I have some swamp land that I would like to sell you to build a house on.

  25. At 0:24 you will notice the idiot with his nose sticking out of his mask. That is the kind of stupidity you see which spreads the virus. Other than that, these clowns look like a IHOP (international house of pancakes) chef strategic meeting. NK will clearly have cases.

  26. Russia banned ALL Chinese nationals effective yesterday. This NK is a close second in common sense. THIRTY DAYS quaranteen.

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