Wherever the voice of truth has not reached,
thereto we will go and recite the Qur’an I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.
In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Respected viewers, we are
present in your service with the programme Hiqayat-e-Sidqo
Wafa from MTA Germany. Respected viewers, in
the last few programmes we have been discussing the true story
of those honoured prisoners of Sahiwal, who by the Grace of Allah Almighty, including a murabbi of Jama’at Ahmadiyya
Respected Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Munir Sahib, who by the Grace of Allah Almighty
received this great blessing of having to bear the
hardships of imprisonment. Maulana is present here
in with us in the Studio. We are very thankful to
you on behalf of MTA team. Before proceeding with the
discussion, dear viewers, here are some glimpses
from the last programme.The goal was that if the case
will be presented in civil court
then they won’t be able to do whatever they want,
as they would be able to in the military court.
It is obvious that they were taught what to say
because they were not witnesses of the incident.
The witness brought the corpses outside,
but he forgot to bring them back inside.
Dear viewers, you were watching a
few glimpses of the last programme. Now here in studio, we
will continue the story. Respected Maulana, during the
case the opponents tried their best, the machinery of Government was also with
them, and as a result you were given punishment. Once you were given the decision of punishment,
if it is still stored in your memories, please tell us what you remember of
the journey from the court to jail?May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
As you have mentioned the journey from
court to jail after hearing the decision,
it was not a journey because
we were given this order in jail.
Because the court which had announced
our punishment was not in existence
as Martial law was over,
courts were being dissolved,
and those members who heard
the case were not authorized.
So, a Magistrate came and called us one by
one to the office of the Deputy Superintendent
and announced this punishment.One by one.
One by one.
I remember that there was a newspaper called
Frontier Post which was published from Peshawar.
It had headlines about how funny it isthat the decision of a court that has
been dissolved is being acted upon.
This is one side of the injustice.Anyways, that journey which is imagined that
we were taken out of court and brought to jail –
it was not like that.We were read the
court’s decision in jail.
A separate book can be written
about the story of injustice. Maulana, we cannot complete this tale if we do not
mention Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV’s (rh) love, and prayers, and kindness which were bestowed
upon all of those imprisoned in the way of Allah. We have heard an incident which
was already broadcasted on MTA, because it is related to those
of you who were imprisoned, so I want you to tell the
second part of that. As you know, Huzoor (rh) was invited
someplace in London and presented fish and Huzoor (rh) was very emotional
in the remembrance of the prisoners and the arrangement of transporting that fish
to you prisoners – what was this incident?This incident which happened with Huzoor
(rh), we came to know about it afterwards.
But what happened with us is that one day,
early in the morning, around 9 o’clock,
while the prisoners on death row were
not allowed to meet with relatives.
Suddenly, we were told to get ready,
someone is here to meet you.
We were in our rooms, that is where
the meeting would take place.
After a while, a local from Sahiwal
came with Aslam Mangla Sahib,
who was the private secretary,
passed away a few years ago.
He came and he had two bags in his hands, and you
could see there was oil or ghee seeping through.
When we sat down after salutations,then he gave us the details that last night
Huzoor (rh) instructed over the phone
that the prisoners should be given fresh and
hot fish, and there was stress on hot fish.
So, they arranged that before
entering for the meeting,
they bought the fried fish and
brought it for us while still hot.
Similarly, early in the morning
they arranged the meeting
and later we found out that Huzoor (rh)
was invited in some dinner in London.
At that time, Huzoor (rh) was presented with hot
fish and Huzoor (rh) loved the hot fish very much.
I have this experience
later on at one point.
So, when Huzoor (rh) saw that and thought
about us and he got very emotional,
and I heard that Huzoor (rh) did
not partake of that fish there.
He came back and he called
Rabwah to arrange this.
This is one of the examples of
Huzoor’s (rh) kind heartedness.
Huzoor (rh) had countless kindnesses.Huzoor (rh) was thinking
about us every moment,
just as he had written a poem for the prisoners,
in which he has expressed his sentiments.
He wrote, you used to come and meet
me day and night in my imagination.
The letters Huzoor (rh) wrote seemed like they
were not written with the ink, but with his tears.
No doubt.I don’t know how Huzoor (rh) would
formulate the subject matter of the letters.
After reading those words, imagining
the condition of Huzoor’s (rh) feelings.
That is indescribable.
No doubt.
Maulana, the poem you
have just mentioned, we have recorded some verses of that poem in none other than Huzoor’s
(rh) own voice for our viewers. Our respected viewers, we have that
historical poem in Huzoor’s (rh) own voice which we are going to present for you. Let us watch and listen. The pain, which is moulded into sobbing letters perhaps is grown in the embrace of separation. The pain, which is moulded into sobbing letters Which giver of the pain has the worry
of the patient’s calamity of the night. Who is the one diluting
essence in this pain. Who has given my pain the desire to live. For whom is the heart
asking the everlasting life. Every day there is a new
worry, every night a new pain. O God! Is this my heart or a guesthouse. Who has their bodies restrained
with shackles in the homeland. In this foreign land, a soul
is imprisoned in infliction. Do you know, O Captives in Allah’s way! I have with you a relation unparalleled. Respected viewers, we have listened this poem
several times before with the blessings of Allah but listening to the words of
this poem show that it is true that one can not imagine the way Huzoor (rh)
wrote and recited it with such pain. And the fruit of this is that with Allah’s
blessing Maulana is sitting here in front of us. And all except one captive, who died of
natural causes during the imprisonment, all the rest were released with
the Grace of Allah Almighty.Let me tell you one thing
regarding Huzoor (rh)
that I was told by Private Secretary Sahib later,that Huzoor (rh) locked his room from insideand instructed that no one should
be let inside or he be disturbed.
During those moments, Huzoor
(rh) recorded this poem himself
and sent it to all captives
with the instruction
that arrangements should be
made to have it listened to.
Please share how did you listen it?Pakistan’s jail is at least a place
where anything can happen.
So, we received a tape recorder and
we listened to the poem through it,
and Huzoor’s (rh) raw emotions
reached us through his voice.
Though we were not unaware
of Huzoor’s (rh) emotions.
Even if nothing, none of the letters or
messages, had been sent by Huzoor (rh),
we all knew Huzoor’s (rh) condition.We sensed it and we are not able to
describe what that condition used to be.
Maulana, you all were inside the jail. And respected viewers, while the
Jama’at was yearning along with them and our Imam (rh) was engaged in
praying with pain and sincerity, their family members were also
going through a difficult condition. We had a conversation with
Maulana’s wife recently, described when she used to
go for a meeting with children and how this sacrifice came her
way through Allah’s blessings; and the words she used to
describe it [the situation]. We would like to present
it to you, let us watch.I was alone with my children there,
and this was a huge situation for me.
The same day, my father-in-law whom I call Abba
Jan came and took care of me and the children.
We stayed in Sahiwal for three,
four days, after the incident.
Abba Jan said that there
is no use staying here,
so you should come with me
back to our home in Rabwah.
Then, we went home.We anticipated that it would
take two or three weeks.
Then we came to know that
they have imprisoned them.
At that time, we never
imagined ten years.
Of course, a human being has some hope, we hoped
that whenever there was a hearing in High Court,
maybe the verdict would be given then.With this hope, the period
of ten years passed.
Almost after three months, I went for the first
time with my children as they were quite young.
The elder son was almost one and a half years old
and the younger one was not even three months.
The journey from Rabwah
to Sahiwal was a long one.
We used to depart from home around 3 am.The Jama’at’s car used to take us
as per Huzoor’s (rh) instructions.
Naeem Uddin Sahib’s family and
our family used to go together.
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV’s (rh) letters
used to come since the beginning.
Ever since the hardship started,
Huzoor (rh) wrote letters to us
and the first one he wrote to
me began with this sentence,
“May Allah Almighty grant you
patience and steadfastness,
and may He safely pass you through this painful
hardship with His mercy without any mishap.”
And I used to pray in front of Allah
keeping this sentence in mind that,
‘O Allah, give me enough patience that I do not
shed tears in front of anyone and no matter what,
my tears only come forward before Allah’.All of the letters of Huzoor (rh) were full of
love and affection that upon reading them,
we felt that this isn’t
a hardship for us.
The magnitude of pain which
we have due to their captivity,
isn’t as much as the one which
is inflicting our Huzoor (rh).
Respected viewers, with this the
time for our programme ends today. We are very thankful to Muhammad
Ilyas Munir Sahib for coming here. Respected viewers, we’ll be back with the
next part of this programme, InshAllah ta’ala. From the Germany Studios, we
seek your permission to leave. May the peace and blessings
of Allah be upon you. Wherever the voice of truth hasn’t reached,
thereto we will go and recite the Qur’an.

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