Hello I’m from the Australien Government As you may have noticed, we’re in the process
of transitioning to Authoritarianism Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything In fact, doing and saying nothing will greatly assist us in this process For guidance, just look to the Labor Party Sadly, not everyone knows how to be a Quiet Australian That’s why, to ensure a smooth transition
to Authoritarianism, we’re launching a new initiative Introducing: The Quiet Australia Policy Under the Quiet Australia Policy, Australia
will be home only to Quiet People Such as, Quiet Whistleblowers Coz we’re prosecuting all the loud ones
who expose our shitfuckery like how we abuse the tax system, and defraud our neighbours, commit war crimes, and spy on all of you We’ll also have Quiet Journalists Coz the ones who do their job by publishing
those leaks will get their arses raided Or thrown in jail, to please our masters Coz “journalists aren’t above the law” Except when they publish what *we* leak to them
for our political interests In which case, they are! A Quiet FOI agency
Where if you lodge a request, you get “Hello darkness my old friend” Quiet Charities: coz if they dare to endorse a political party, we’ll strip them of their tax-deductible status And Quiet Corporations… [snort]
just kidding They can spend millions to buy politicians,
and we’ll let ‘em claim it as a tax deduction Because we believe in the Free Market Unless you use that freedom to boycott companies with ties to coal mines and climate-denying lobby groups in which case we’ll make boycotts illegal How good are Quiet Shoppers & Quiet Shareholders We also love Quiet Protestors coz nothing says Free Speech like some Pepper Spray in the fucking face Quiet School Kids coz the little shits should be seen and not heard And now that everything’s on fire thanks
to our total paralysis on the climate crisis we especially like Quiet Scientists Quiet Conservationists And Quiet Firechiefs Coz fuck experts But hey, if you’re a QAnon conspiracy nutjob,
our PM will not only listen to your bullshit, he’ll also put it in his speeches Cool and normal The Quietest Australians are of course those we drove to suicide with our illegal debt-recovery schemes The First Nations people murdered in our custody The elderly who die from negligence in our underfunded aged care homes And all the species about to go extinct under our watch When you put all that together you start to see the Neoliberal Shitshow on a Quietly Dead-Arse Planet we’re preparing for you and your kids Which is why, above all the Quiet Australia
Policy relies on a Quiet You Because the idea of loud firechiefs Conservationists Scientists School kids Protestors Charities Unions Broadcasters Whistleblowers Journalists Women First Nations people and YOU All joining forces to say fuck Authoritarianism,
scares the shit out of us And here at the Australien Government the last thing we want is a Prime Minister
who loses his shit Authorised by the Department of Quiet Supremacy

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  1. Juice media, betoota advocate, and friendlyjordies. Our 3 shining pillars of independent journalism in the country and they're all satirists. God damn it murdoch.

  2. I State as Fact as a British Subject and Member with (1) one share in Company of The Commonwealth of Australia, that all Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Police, Governor-Generals, Attorney-Generals and Politicians, have at Law a Requirement To Take Oath of Office for Allegiance to Crown of King David. NOT an Oath of Office for Allegiance to Crown of British Accreditation Registry (BAR), where they are unaccountable for their actions and have changed your Legal Status to Resident Alien (A-Lien) Subject Slave due to our unlawful , unconstitutional foreclosure. see cirnow.com.au and learn how you are being screwed and remedies

    Subject Slave

  3. Legit sounds exactly the same as the message they play you on arriving to Australia about filling out that arrival form.

  4. "The latest government approved studies show we'll die in 12 years if you don't let us borrow your rights for a while."

    Take my property and send me to the chamber.

  5. The people at juicemedia and all of it's followers should be endlessly praising the Government! They have reduced your costs dramatically by subsidizing all the Prescription Medication you deranged, self loathing, loonies are on…. Imagine being soooo at odds with yourself and the last rationale capacity your brain possesses that you mentally and physically project and act in a destructive, delusional, depersonalized way, making your reality further opposed to your irrationality forcing you to further interact with that last sliver of commonsense you have, endlessly compounding your destructive behavior and loathing of self LOL…. The beautiful irony!! History books will be written on you guys.

  6. Yup! Global Orwellian digital panopticon dystopian shitfuckery = sheer unbridled terror. Just starting to warm up for the white fellas and middle class now. Late stage cannibalistic capitalism has chewed through the periphery and is headed for the centre of power and privilege. Even Clive and Twiggy will be fucked when Gina clears her pipes and fires up for the crescendo

  7. Not that I doubt they'll try, but how the fuck do you enforce a law against boycotting something? Are they going to have police officers escorting shoppers and tazing them every time they walk past a brand? Or is it (more practically) a law against attempting to organise/advocate a boycott? If so, couldn't you perfectly innocently publish some facts about a brand that's up to shitfuckery* and conveniently mention similar brands which aren't?
    *Thank you for this word, sincerely.

  8. It would be great if you guys could do an honest add about the creep Israel Folau, the upcoming bill for religious freedom and the tie in statement "freedom of speech"; how you can not have a person who tells people they are going to hell while not being allowed to criticize them for saying so.

  9. Well if the left wasn't constantly demonising white straight Christian males all the time we might have a labour government by now….

  10. damn you used to be funny but now you lack self awareness, if the climate change scam is the hill you choose to die on so be it. see ya later

  11. The irony that these leftists complain about an authoritarian government but want Australia to become a communist country. Get ready to lose the freedoms you have now.

  12. 1:53 I see you're parroting FriendlyJordies dismissal of ritual abuse as a conspiracy theory.
    How about you stop spreading misinformation. You'd think that after the Epstein fiasco people like you would be more weary about the ongoing sexual abuse of children.
    Read the following from the Blue Knot organization, and rectify your comments if you have the integrity to, which I highly doubt:

  13. if 51% of Australians knew even 2% of general Australian politics, we wouldn't be in this situation.

    Instead, we have Darryl and Cherryl sitting down with their six kids watching ACA thinking they know everything.

  14. The phrase 'the quiet Australians' hasn't been understood correctly by thejuicemedia. Morrison was referring to those who have opinions/views but don't screech loudly and frequently about them on social media. He was criticising the left and their tendency to dominate social media sites.

  15. "…women…" – that example was from a government broadcaster where folks actively promoted authoritarianism.
    Just saying, some of the examples of "free speech" are examples of folks promoting authoritarianism which the government didn't quiet.
    A bit lazy and not honest.

  16. liberals have screwed Australia for years. they say labor is all that's wrong but when they were in leadership; they didn't have Australia in debt and the gfc had close to no effect on Australians. liberals keep the wealthy rich and promises bread to for the poor who only have water.

  17. Yeah a true reflection of Australia today alright. Doesn’t matter which side of politics you’re on our governments federal, state and local are totally full of greedy and useless fuckwits and to make matters worse we’ve got every commie arsehole who thinks they have the right to do as they please and I’ll include all the school kids who wagged school when they should have been in school getting an education and protesting outside school hours. It doesn’t help their cause any when you see them with the latest electric devices or you see them going to places like MacDonalds after their protests. You can definitely see why our numeracy and literacy levels have got so bad in this country. I love this country but really it’s time to wake up. The idiot and commie fringe has to much power nowadays and needs to be shut down.

  18. We might still be able to fix this… Next election vote for anybody but the LNP.
    Even if you're right leaning, understand that this autocracy needs a kick in the pants.

  19. If you're left vote Pirate Party. If you're right vote LDP.

    If you want your vote to count to stop this shit that's how you do it.

  20. Shared on Facebook with this post:

     It's SOOOOO refreshing.. SOOO.. SO.SO SO .. {{{SOOOO}}} refreshing.. a breath of fresh air.. like … I don't even have the words.. to see that there are SOME.. {{SOME}} intelligent people in this country that can say it how it is. It's very depressing living in a world where 98% of people are complete and utter F – WITS! ..*excuse my language* (but its true) .. iyt makes me sad.. but it's truly stressful.. really it is.. the whole world is going down in flames and most people are morons.. will argie BLUE IN THE FACE that you're an idiot, if you try to point out plain and blatant facts .. which is {{{"why"}}} IT IS GOING DOWN IN FLAMES..


  21. What about the silence from the Australian government in regards to Japanese child abduction children's rights violation and human rights violations.

    Japan is abducting children and refusing access to the second parent. 200,000 children every year as per 2012 stats direct from the Japanese government.

    My 3 Australian children were abducted Australia did not give 1 fuck. in fact they did their best to ignore me and the hundreds of other Australian parents.

    Please help raise awareness about this massive issue.

    In japan who abducts first is not a crime and protected (if you are Japanese). After that the second parent NEVER sees their child again. more than 3 million children right now that cannot see their father and sometimes mother.

    please watch this video. Just 5 days ago an Australian father desperate to see his child knocked on the door begging to see his child. He is now being held by Japanese authorities with the possibility of going to jail for more than 6 month for trying to see his daughter.

  22. Why is this funny… Just cause these girls are pretty doesn't make it any good. And oh yes we have to fight for women… They are already 60pct of aps workers.

  23. Actually the quiet Australians are the ones that vote against idiotic progressive ideas that the loud ones shout about.

  24. Australian version of "O Christmas Tree"

    O Australia, o Australia
    How lovely are thy fires
    O Australia, o Australia
    How lovely are thy fires
    Your boughs so red in summertime
    Stay bravely burnt in wintertime
    O Australia, o Australia
    How lovely are thy fires
    Let us all remember
    In our gift giving and our merriment
    With our family and friends and loved ones
    The real and true meaning of Australia
    The birth of our government, Scott Morrison
    O Australia, o Australia
    How lovely are, are thy fires
    O Australia, o Australia
    How lovely are, how lovely are thy fires
    The policies don't all please faithfully
    Our trust in Scomo unchangedly
    O Australia, o Australia
    How love, lovely are thy fires
    On Scomo, on Ley, on MacCormack and Albanese
    Ha ha ha ha

  25. It is amazing the incremental changes the government is making that is creeping evermore into the sinister realm but either people don’t know, don’t care, don’t think they can do anything about it, or think it’s justified to keep their version of the peace

  26. It's no longer 2019…. Not because it's almost 2020, but because the government and corporations all just declared it's 1984..

  27. this country needs a good dose of Socialism,as a Gen Xer it's time for us to step aside,young minds, fresh idea's etc,frankly the the best thing i never did was not having kids,At 53 i just don't fucking care anymore,close to 40 years of fighting for what ? I don't even vote anymore,I just pay the fine…George Carlin was right,my pensions worth nothing,I can't get decent healthcare every election i get this strange urge to jump off something really high,except I'm afraid of heights, so i try to sleep through the bullshit,scratch a cynic and you'll find a disappointed idealist

    I'm tired

  28. No, I want you to do it again, only less transparency and more smoke n mirrors! …and can you look a little more pious while being inhumane?!

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