– What’s up, Tim Sykes here. Been watching videos here with Amir we’re working on a little project here for Save the Reef and he’s watching, no pause this for a second,
’cause you gotta listen to this. So he’s watching these videos
where he’s looking for, video techniques to make this
Save the Reef video amazing, I get that, but we’re
watching these videos and it pisses me off because
these people are saying. “Oh social media is so
bad”, “oh, people online, “you shouldn’t look to be perfect.” And I’m like yo, forget this. I disagree with every
single ounce of my being, with what’s being said on Amir’s laptop. And I like the little visual cues, I like the little text, that’s cute, but there’s no feeling
and he’s just tapping into this collective brainwashing bullstuff that technology is bad. Technology is gonna save us. In case you didn’t realize,
before the internet got here, before social media got
here, we’re all hopeless. The entire world is losing itself, social media is its only
hope, so use your screens, don’t look up, look down,
look at your screens, look at your laptops, try to find places that you want to go, use
Instagram to inspire you to show you the beautiful world. You don’t need to leave your
home or town or anything. You can go see the entire
world using social media, social media is good. Forget those naysayers
who say that it’s bad, forget those people who
say that technology is bad. In case you didn’t realize,
our world is going to end in the next few years or decades, unless we utilize social media. Do you see this? – [Amir] Of course. – Do you not realize, does that video not make you angry? – [Amir] No. – This “look up, live in the present.” How about live in the future? How about let’s try to live in the future instead of freaking dying. If we live in the present
we’re dead in the future, think about that. They have all these cute little things. This is another thing, I’ve been making Amir watch movies and also leave some comments
underneath this video, I could be wrong, okay, I’m not perfect. But I’ve been making him watch
videos with solid stories like Rudy. (Amir wooing) And Somewhere in Time. – [Amir] Yeah. – And these are beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful movies with very little digital effects, very
little cute little wording like these videos that
he’s watching like rhymes like you know “oh it’s
society is not about I’s “it’s about we and it’s not
about S-M-H or abbreviations “and it’s not about Skype.” And I just, I literally wanted to punch
the guy in the freaking face. I’ve never been in a physical fight, but I grabbed my phone,
this is what I do to fight. Because I try to spread
the gospel of technology, it’s changed my life,
it’s changed the lives of so many of my students, it’s changed your freaking life. It’s changed your life
too, if you utilize it. Obviously there’s dangers
if you utilize it wrong, if you just let it put you down
and you’re all superficial, I get it, there is a bad side. But if you’re positive about it, and you use it to learn stuff, this guy is a freaking
wedding photographer, okay? Was a wedding photographer, now, thanks to technology he is
traveling all over the world making groundbreaking videos, where actually have a
chance to save this reef and without technology the
reef is going to be dead, okay? – [Amir] Talk about it. – The reef is already dead,
our world is already dead without technology, so to those of you who look down on technology, again, you’re welcome to disagree, just remember, our earth is freaking
dead without technology. This is our only hope of spreading good and right messages fast
enough to actually save it. If you look at a lot of
the health statistics and environmental statistics
and death statistics and educational statistics,
technology is our only hope. So you better actually learn to love it. ‘Cause otherwise, you’re dead, and you’re living in the
present and that’s it, ’cause you have no future. What do you think about that? – Yeah. We have to utilize our tools. – That guy pissed me off. And there’s a whole team, “oh it’s so smart, live in the present.” “oh, don’t look at your screen, “minimize how much you use this app.” They’re killing everybody,
I hope you know that, okay? You go enjoy the party, go enjoy it, ’cause it’s pretty much your last. Maybe not this year but
next five, or 10 years. So utilize technology properly. Share videos that can change
other people’s opinions in the right way, for
the good of the planet, for the good of yourself. Use it for education. I’m not saying use filters
and play a lot of the games I agree, that’s a waste of time. But if you utilize it the right way, it changes your entire life. Leave a comment underneath this video, let me know what you think, cheers. Keep working. – Cheers. – Hey, Tim Sykes Millionaire
Mentor and Trader, thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you,
I wanna share everything that I’ve learned over the years, you can check out more
videos right over there and also click Subscribe,
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student. (soft upbeat music)

35 thoughts on “How Social Media Can Save The World”

  1. How do you think we all can better use technology and social media? Do you think we can use it to save the planet? Leave a comment below. 👇👇👇

  2. All about perspective man.
    And have to relize not alot of people strive to better them selves or strive to better the world

  3. But yes you can. But like the market not everyone has thier eyes open to small gains making a big difference in the long run. If more people did we could change the environment and the world.


  5. Amir is pissing me off too.. using the technology and the social media is the most powerful tools we have in our world. not only to educate the people how to save the planet.. it’s also saving our time and updating our knowledge, using the data to find out new opportunities. love my cellphone the most. I do remember that I’m one of the first YouTube users back to 2005.. and I’m still an active YouTube follower. Great subject 👩🏻‍💻

  6. Timothy, correct is it a tool.
    Face to face interactions between other humans and species too will always be of immense importance.
    😍 Gotta love your passion 👍😎
    Light 🔥 under Peoples bums always changes issuses

  7. Always so real. I love it. Keep up the good work and remember most people are f**** 🐑 and don't like change. They can keep to their herd while we are out making a difference. I've learned to ignore the people ignorant to technology and change. Have a wonderful day and keep your head up! @TimothySykes

  8. Its like bad language, like you utilized a lot in this video 😂 it can’t be bad and look bad if you use it in the wrong way, but use it properly and, in my opinion, on occasion so it’s a good use of language 😂 but yes totally agree!

  9. Absolutely; you educated a number of people using internet and social media and changed their life and those people are changing other peoples life like Tim Grattini and the Chinese boy I forgot his name.

  10. Lol… Bro… Jist like 'Guns & Nukes' could save the world..?
    Social Media has done nothing but destroyed humanity & will continue to do so.
    It's never the weapon…
    It's the people who use it.

  11. I found you by using social media, and now I know more about the stock market than I would have ever dreamed. I could WILL become a millionaire in part because of social media.

  12. I just watched a video about people running you into the dirt. The one was i believe the twiki guy or something like that. His contract must have ran out, seems you are swimming with the sharks. They act pretty tough on a video. I feel they did you an injustice. Hand their asses to them, time to fight.

  13. Master Sykes, I completely agree with you on the fact that Technology, when used correctly, can benefit the world in so many ways that we still don't even know but with certainty, we will see. Here is an example of how technology can help the world and help people understand a little better what is going on.


    But as history has shown us many time, humans can use anything for very good causes or for very bad causes (Nuclear Energy comes to mind). Since I was a little child I have lived through many hysterias. The sun will end and destroy us, the nuclear bombs are going to kill us, don't eat butter but margarine, don't eat meat but plants, Fat is bad, not carbs are bad, no both are bad, cigarettes are good, cigarettes are bad, coffee is good, coffee is bad, the planet is getting colder (in the 80s), the planet is getting warmer (in the 90s), we are running out oil, no we have thousand of yrs of reserves, the planet will end in 2022, on and on and on…As you can see we either never know what's going on or we just love to live in hysteria. I do believe we must do everything logically and wisely possible to maintain this world in good shape for generations to come and I think YOU are doing one of the best things anybody can do: Building schools and educating people. But education without wisdom is just garbage. Cubans (I still have family there) have free education but since education is controlled by the goverment they only learn what's good for the regiment. A perfect example of educating people wrongly.
    So, I urge you, just like you teach us in Stock Trading to have control of our emotions and don't let them influence our trading decisions, and also to look at history to know more about how the market works, to not let your emotions control your actions and decisions when it comes to what could possibly be one more hysteria: Climate change. After all, no one has to be a scientist to know the climate is always changing. Just look outside the window.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  14. I think that social media is a very powerful tool to help bring out the best in people. It's similar to watching a movie, in the end it's upto the viewer or observer to learn the greater lesson or meaning behind the film.. I find that when others put you on tilt all You can do is forgive. Haters hate! I feel that if we work on ourselves first others will follow, yet when you are popular and have a following and have credibility with others that You can make anything happen.. bonus points if your wealthy/established. Lastly sometimes in life our greatest reminders can simply come from movies and actors and scenes that keep us guided in life..

  15. Moderation, yet majority of people walk around in their own bubble listening to music and glued to the cell. No care for looking up when crossing the streets. We have to get people together to volunteer to help and reminders are very important, as we neglect how time flies. I aplaud You for all your hard work and accomplishments. Remember that what we do really does go an eternity! God bless

  16. Wise words. I've always said it; what people need is more discipline. Prioritize your time.
    People go off social media and end up using that "extra time" to binge on watching series, YouTube etc.

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