# [reflective music] Dear six-year-old, training
wheels are for babies. Just let go already. Regards, a seven-year-old. Dear seven-year-old,
no matter what anyone says, stay weird. Signed, an eight-year-old. Dear eight-year-old, find out
your babysitter’s weakness, then use it
against them. Signed, a nine-year-old. Dear nine-year-old,
don’t get involved with the ‘popular’ kids. They’re narcissistic capitalists that know nothing
about politics. Signed, a 12-year-old. Dear 12-year-old,
ask her to dance. Just trust me
on this one. Signed, a 16-year-old. Dear 16-year-old, don’t let
your mom throw away your Legos. Signed, an 18-year-old. Dear 18-year-old,
go easy on the makeup. You’re not as ugly
as you think. Love, a 19-year-old. Dear 19-year-old, just because
it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, does not mean you need
to eat all you can. Your parents have
better interest rates than your credit card. If he says he has a “weekend
home” in the suburbs, he’s married. That rust protection
undercoating, it’s actually
a great deal. Whatever you do, never order
the salad from a truck stop. Back up
your hard drive. Now. I mean, who even
does that? Getting laid off can be
a blessing in disguise. Being a starving artist only
works if you actually make art. Always be kind
to your family. You’ll need each other
when things get tough. Stop panicking. Being a single
mom is an incredible thing. I was 22, I had this little kid,
named him Vladimir. He’s 14 now, he makes
me proud. So proud. Dear 36-year-old,
stop caring so much about what other
people think. They’re not thinking
about you at all. Signed,
a 47-year-old. Dear 47-year-old,
a mid-life crisis does not look
good on you. Signed, a 48-year-old. Dear 48-year-old,
always tell the truth. Except when it comes to
your online dating profile. Dear 51-year-old,
one cat is enough cats. Signed, a 53-year-old. Dear 53-year-old, it’s never
too late to try something new. I’ve decided to take
my husband’s Corvette and go to racing school. Dear 72-year-old,
spend all your money. Otherwise, your kids
are going to do it for you. Sincerely, an 85-year-old. Dear 85-year-old… My late wife made the best apple
pie that you could ever find. When she cut the pieces,
she would cut small ones, and when she came to me,
she would cut a big one. Dear 88-year-old,
cultivate younger friends. Sincerely, 91 years old. Dear 91-year-old, don’t listen
to other people’s advice. Signed, a 93-year old. # # Just do your own thing.
That’s the way I see it. The popular kids,
they’re so shallow. They like hashtags
and pop culture, and it’s like,
I don’t care. That’s never going to be
relevant in the future. If your babysitter
hates feet, Do a handstand and then put
your feet right in their face. No, but I’m willing to. Dear 70-year-old,
stay weird. Signed, a 72-year-old. I think that
went good.

100 thoughts on “How to Age Gracefully | CBC Radio”

  1. Why don't everyone just lay off with the 12 years old? She's JUST 12 years old, I didn't know any better on how to express myself clearly when i was 12. Besides, what she said is valid though flawed. The main idea she was trying to get across was that the popular kids pretend to know more than what they actually do.

  2. dear 11 year old
    im not gonna lie middle school is tough, its hard making the right friends and choices , always remember to stand up to a bully i wish i did, or tell an adult
    lots of love from an 12 year old

  3. Wow so much hate for such an inspiring video, I've watched this quite a few times and I just find it absolutely beautiful!

  4. Dear 19 years old,

    Ditch gaming and internet, travel, go on adventure, socialize with others, and see the world from other perspectives. It's a waste to grow old not having real stories to tell.

    29 years old.

  5. Jonathan, it's been wonderful. Your work has been funny, clever, insightful and moving, often at the same time. Thank you very much for all your efforts, it can't have been easy to consistently put together such deceptively complex work for all these years. It will be missed, but I look forward to what you come up with in your future projects. All the best!

  6. Querida mama joven :
    "No hagas caso a lo que te dice tu mama, abuela, o vecina, simplemente has lo que tu corazón de mamá te diga. Siempre habra alguien que te amara por la manera que crias a tus hijos, y alguien que te odiara por lo mismo"
    Firma, una mamá de 25 años con 1 hija de 7 años y una de 3.

  7. Dear 12 year old, being a capitalist is nothing but a good thing. Capitalism is the reason you get to grow up in the best country in the world. The misguided liberals in this country are now attacking capitalism, which is the social equivalent of a lion eating its young. Capitalism will allow you to reach your full potential while benefiting others. Embrace capitalism as the best option for your future. Do not ever disparage it again. Love, a 52 year-old.

  8. dear 12 yr old,
    it may seem like a bad idea, but don't be afraid to make friends with the "popular" kids, they're probably not as bad as you think, but don't be afraid to express yourself either.
    signed a 15yr old

  9. dear 12 year old, stay away from bitches not "popular kids" signed somebody who actually knows what narcissistic capitals even are

  10. Erhmagherd I bet the 12 year old doesn't even know what 'narcissistic' means. I doubt that she even knows anything about politics either. The only thing she knows about politics is probably just Donald trump. Signed, another 12 yr old

  11. I love what the last scene said.
    "Screw everyone else's advice, just live on"
    haha 🙂
    Awesome video!

  12. The "back up your hard drive part" was 100% accurate, thanks 28 year old! (btw, you look way too old for a 28 year old) signed, another 28 year old 😀

  13. What a mature opinion for a 12 year old. Capitalism isn't all suits and greed though, Elon Musk is a capitalist and he's doing amazing things to advance mankind. Capitalism can mean innovation 🙂

  14. I so love this and all of the advice is wonderful and so very very true! I shall stay weird and listen to my own drummer FOREVER, signed a 60 year old.

  15. There is no such thing as "aging gracefully" or "healthy aging". Aging is NOT an extension of development but a decay in overall biological functioning (think of a car with five hundred thousand miles on it that hasn't been well maintained). Industrialized societies have done a wonderful job of increasing human lifespan with biomedical intervention, sanitary water, vaccines, and viral/bacterial cures. However, medical science has done nothing to maintain our optimal HEALTH-span (the state of a human body in its 20's). There needs to be a massive paradigm shift away from incremental age related research that focuses on one area (alzheimers, parkinsons, bone/muscle/joint deterioration and so on). For example, what quality of life does a 90 year old have even if they were cured of alzheimers? A more robust zeitgeist needs to take place whereby a holistic approach is used. The human body needs comprehensive bio-rejuvenation and damage removal therapies that restore the body (at a molecular and cellular level) to a state of optimal youthful health. Our government needs to invest in scientific R and D NOW or baby boomers are going to bankrupt our healthcare system and (more aggregately) all of Canadian society. As a tax paying millennial I much rather have the "older" generation maintain there health and be functioning members of society. Rather than see them on a path towards decrepity, severe ill-health, and eventually death.

  16. I wonder if they made the last man say that or it was just a coincidence
    (because it makes the video even better)

  17. This is what happens when you put your children in public indoctrination camps. They become mindless useful idiots and are therefore guided living missiles by those who can and are in power to direct the coming collapse. Because… a politician knows better how to run your life then you're. It's telling what you are, isn't it? Go back to sleep, my dear, all is dandy.

  18. Not to be a dick but I'm 27 and I look as young as the 18 year olds on here. Why do the dudes in the 24 + and above look 20 + years more than what they should on this video? wtf? it was pretty accurate tho until it got in the 20's.

  19. For some odd reason this made me cry, my goodness, I didn't cry at Hachiko but this got me in tears in less than a minute. So beautiful

  20. All the people bagging on the 12 year old…a child…haha. Those who are making fun of her, or even insulting her are definitely not aging well.

  21. Start a new business… I did and Im still travelling the world and teaching people.. I love sharing wht I know with people, 88 yearl ol

  22. How this video ROCKS success:
    – it's relatable; it has normal people in it.

    – It's a unique perspective; you havn't seen a video where younger and older people give advice to eachother through letters through time in a 4 minute video.

    – It tells a story, about the failures of others and life.

    – It makes your feel something. In this case it's interest and intrigue, 'cause you're learning something in an interesting way.

    – It has a twist in the end:
    "Don't listen to others; they don't know what they're doing." Making the entire video ironic.

  23. The three things that I've learned over the years: No 1. It's not about your achievements, (financial, academic or social) it's about the sort of person that you've become. No 2. Relax, we're all winging it and no-one has the secret to a perfect life. No 3. If you want to survive this world learn how to have a soft heart but a tough exterior. It's worked me so far.

  24. Dear 12 year old, make friends with the exchange students. They will be the most interesting people you meet.

  25. To the 30 year old, being a starving artist works if you make art and don't sell it. If you sell it you upgrade to well fed artist. – signed, a 30 year old artist.

  26. my grandfather is 88.. he's delusional, all his other 9 siblings are dead, he calls out their names every single day, he doesn't have friends… most of the ones he ever had are dead anyway, i try to have conversations with him, but his mind is totally out of this world lol… funny enough, despite all this, he knows and remembers my boyfriend's name, meanwhile he sometimes mistakes me for his late wife (i was named after her), sometimes he calls me by his sister's name. <3

  27. Dear 40-year-old, from birth to the age of 40 you have the face that God gave you. After 40 you have the face that you gave yourself. 😎

  28. dear 18 years old,

    if she keeps staring at you the whole time, she smiles and play with her hair every time she sees you, just ask her to go out, AND KISS HER, trust me on this one.

    signed, a 22 years old

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