what’s going on guys its games like here
back with another video and in this video i’m going to be teaching you guys
how can you guys make your name appear when you search for it we all know that
when we search our channels or when our friends church are channels nothing
comes up our channel name does not come up nowhere in the search today i’m going to
be giving you guys some tips and tricks to make your name appear in the search alright so once you too has come up
we’re going to search for game check to see if it comes up let’s see game take
it should come up because I’ve been doing some tricks and tricks and here is
my channel as we can see my channel comes up and before my channel used to
be nowhere in here so what you want to do is you want to
sign into your channel here I’ll border this part out and you’re going to going
to my channel right and you must have a lease let’s say three videos uploaded now what
you want to do is you want to go head to your arm videos like for example this
one which is free website maker and you want to head over to the info and
settings and then there’s something called tags over here right and here
you’re going to type in your name as you can see i put gametag here and that’s
going to make my channel pier so you want to make sure you do that for at
least three of your videos once you have done the head over to your Creator
studio ok and now head over to your arm channel
and then I sent over to advanced and it’s gonna be like channel keywords you
want to make sure they’re you include by your channels about to my channel is
about gaming comma and then technology you want to make sure you put commas
tutorials how to and then here you want to type in your
channel name which is minus GameTech and then click to collect say to make your
own your arm things so save so we want to put save their so now what YouTube
will do is it will try to rank your channel the third one is is you need a
channel URL for my channel URL you need your email youtube about this works and
you can use ask him if you can get a channel URL you must have at least a
hundred subscribers so this is how to get your name in the title now I started
doing this tips and tricks and it took at least a
week for my name to come up in the youtube search results again make sure
to put channel keywords make sure to put your your name in the channel tags and
make sure you have a lot of videos uploaded if you don’t have any videos
uploaded new channel will be ranked nowhere if this video helped you out
please drop a like let’s see if we can get 50 lights for another video like
this if you guys want to see a part two on how to make a website liminal down in
the comments this has been game Ted and I am out

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