79 thoughts on “How to Rank Video on YouTube and Blow Up Your Channel | Does Youtube SEO Impact Your Google Rank?”

  1. Hello Niel, I wanna ask you, what is your opinion about people use some tools (like bot tools),that automatically add friends in Facebook? Then they make clone accounts?

    Is it one of social media marketing technique?

  2. Hello Neil, thanks for your awesome videos. So i have a question. First let me give you a little bit of background. We're an ecommerce but we also do some web development and marketing for clients, the idea is to build a marketing and web development agency on the side of the ecommerce and have this agency handle everything for our ecommerce. So now the question, we're gonna start creating videos to help people in mexico get into ecommerce and online buisiness in general, and we plan on uploading them to our ecommerce youtube channel. But i also want to talk about entrepreneurship and good productivity habits in general. But i'm not sure if the entrepreneurship and productivity stuff should be on a separate channel because its more about me personally talking about my experience and building a personal brand.

    So whats your take on that? is it ok to upload more personal videos to the business account or should i create my own personal brand account and upload them there?

  3. Sir,
    How long until I can start monetizing my niche website. Lets say the generic keyword has monthly searches of 100k.

  4. Hey Neil
    My question is Do you hire people with no experience but who love to do digital marketing? Or people who are upfront and have good analytical thinking skills and crazy enough to ask stuff like this in a youtube comment section? If thats the case then please tell me where can I apply for the job?

  5. thank you for this video and one more thing take it as a compliment Neil you look smarter with that bald look.

  6. Hey Neil, I like your content but there's a lot of misinformation in this video.

    1. The number of your subscribers have no affect on your ability to rank on YouTube.
    2. Videos that perform bad in the first 24 hours can do very well over time.

    I have had videos on my channel that have done terrible for the first few weeks/months. Then over time, due to optimisation and opportunity, those videos then ranked highly and started bringing in views. I see it happen on my channel all the time.

    I specialise in YouTube SEO and growth if you're interested at all.

  7. Thanks guys for another great episode. This question is related to YouTube SEO but is actually in response to the podcast Neil and a Eric Siu released today “what we Learned from spending £11k on YouTube advertising” I’m currently working through the Google Adwords certification and will be looking to assist local businesses with their google paid ads including YouTube advertising. Your insights (in the podcast) are useful in relation to having clear objectives when formulating an ad campaign. The main ‘take away’ from the podcast is that you have found YouTube advertising most effective with raising your brand profile rather than maximising views or CTR. My question is;
    How would you go about demonstrating ROI with this goal in mind?
    Thanks again for all your amazing work and I will be tuning in again for the next instalment! P.s. I apologise for not finding the correct place on the Marketing School App to address this question.

  8. As always, awesome video. I wonder what you're take is on embedding videos on your website to drive more traffic to YouTube. It goes without saying that content in the article has to be primary and the video is supplemental. But my gut instinct tells me that this is a good strategy to follow. Your thoughts?

  9. Thanks Neil and Adam for sharing your expertise. Neil, you kind of give me hope to continue gathering knowledge and pursue the dream of earning money online.

  10. Hi Neil, you are one of the super talented marketers out there for sure, but you are the only one such marketer who look and sound pot-high! 🙂

  11. Neil I have question… And I'd be grateful if you found the time to read and answer… Would a Facebook group be better for a fitness product selling or page? I intend to help people lose weight whether they buy or not… A page upload or live hits only 5% of the crowd maximum…whereas a group it hits everyone… What do you think Neil?

  12. Many thanks for the translation into French! : D (We are many in France to be really bad in English, even if we try to learn we galley a little to understand sometimes: p)

  13. I know I asked this partly already on another one of your YouTube videos Neil, but are you copying and pasting the entire transcript into the description, or just partial, or is there a spot in the settings when uploading to upload the transcript to?

  14. Would love to work with you guys. I own a website builder platform. I would like to create a Neil Patel endorsed template. How do I schedule a phone call with you?

  15. Hey Neil, wassup my man. I did try ur company for digital marketing and they got me with the price of 9800k a month. U know what we r just kicking start and we r yet to budget my marketing cost.we wanted you to help us step by step and guide as along on our next strategic move on digital or social media.

  16. Hi Neil, I have a startup a blog website as well as Facebook and YouTube for that site. I have both my videos on Facebook and YouTube but right now i promote my videos more on Facebook because i think it is easier to get views there. It is hard to do both because time and money is limited as a startup. Am i doing the right thing to focus to get more followers on Facebook first rather that getting more subscribers on YouTube?

  17. I need help, losing my youtube partnership due to the new rules. Didn't think 1000 subs would be that hard but … i need to work on some content that drives a mass audience. maybe. you're the expert, i would love your help.

  18. I had no idea that you could add a transcript to a Youtube video. I then searched for how to do so, and the results are awful. One of you guys should make a video about that! Thanks for the tips, I just added my first transcript to one of my accelerated degree journey videos – we'll see what happens.

  19. Hey Niel, awesome content (as always). Quick question! Do you think social media platforms that take more time for production and quality content will play a role in a brand that is regionally confined to a rather small area? An example would be real estate agents, do you think it is worth their time to put out the content and try to rank high on platforms like Youtube and Facebook video when their reach is so limited by the area they service?

  20. Neil I am going to start my own website, what are the lessons you learn with time which you wanted someone to tell you in the beginning?

  21. Neil, I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the co-founders of HomeDepot. And I asked him for some management advice and this dude who's about 65 yrs old at the time looks at me and barks the following statement to me "Overpay and overwork" and I said anything else? and barked back at me "with that you have it nailed." This was in Texas in the 1990s Now I have repeated that statement to sooooo many people over the years but you are the first person that I have ever heard almost say what he said other than myself. I have employed that practice ever since…

  22. Hey Neil, I am a college student just getting into marketing. I have a Saas startup that I want to grow into a big business that loves its customers. Do you have a course that has a good wrap-up of the strategies you teach?

  23. Neil I have a question from a while now.
    I was wondering that, how can I get featured, or at least write, for big publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, entrepreneur etc.

    And I'm little confuse about its importance. Is it for backlink?

  24. Despite paying for youtube ads, my videos are not able to reach a decent number of a particular age group in my Target audience.. what other platforms should i look at advertising on, other than social media and blogs?

  25. I have made a lot of videos, but I get no subscribers and no one watches the regular ones.What should I do just to get this going a bit? I am quite happy making them but it's a bit pointless as it is!

  26. Thanks for all your content, it's SO helpful and you leave real actionable advice. Cheers from Melbourne, Australia!

  27. Hi Neil, Thank you for everything. Your content is great and genuinely helpful, I was wondering if you can help me out here, I have another youtube channel and most of the videos on the channel are around 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I have uploaded some new videos (this week) which did really well in the first 24 hours and are constantly doing good. Should I delete them and re upload them, by keeping everything same , just making the length over 5 minutes? (the video is curated content)

    Thank you,

  28. Is the advantage of transcriptions a result of the error rate of the captions software alone, or is there an advantage programmed into the algorithm just for uploading the transcription? I've taken voice lessons and speak in a way that the auto-transcriptions are quite reliable. I don't have fund at the moment to pay to have it done and that's time which could be utilized for other videos.

  29. how can i contact you.?we want to invite you in our company`s business bloggers meet as famous speaker .it is a request please reply

  30. Hi Neil! Great content and tips, thank you! I have a question. I already have a video that ranks #1 on YouTube. Are there any tips or things I can do to take advantage of that video to drive more traffic to my channel and my other videos?
    Thanks in advance!

  31. Hi Niel, your old friend Forrest here! Thank you always for your generosity and commitment to your mission. With respect to the SEO value of adding transcripts, is it the same value if you manually add the subtitles/CC vs uploading a file?

  32. Great insights! I was wondering how I can push my youtube video on Facebook since Facebook wants me to upload my file directly on their platform. So my video has 350 views on Facebook, but only 30 views on youtube because most people only watch teh facebook video and not the youtube video. also, I keep hearing from other digital marketers that shorter videos are better, should I post shorter video on Facebook and instagram and longer video on youtube? Many thanks for your wisdom in advance!

  33. Just found this channel! Great stuff here! Questions – I've noticed that other smaller channels rank higher on the most popular search of "Metal Detecting" Why is this when I've used "metal detecting" in my description and tags just like the top 5 channels? Also my channel name never has represented the content of my channel. Is is a good idea to change my name? Thank you.

  34. Great video! Thanks for the information! We have a in-house team that creates our content for our massage school, but looking for the best way to get to potential students here in Texas!! I think your information will help!! Thanks again!

  35. how would these rules apply for musicians? i have had this small music channel for many years and have tried my darndest to get my SEO to rank my vids higher, but they somehow always end up being duds. how can i make my SEO better? what kinds of key words do i look for? i tried the low competition ones, but then i am still not found. i feel i am doing something wrong, but i cannot put my finger on it. i really think i need a major lecture and visual hand at this…. i am lost. :c

  36. I started a new business and it is doing quite well to my standards but I have 0 knowledge of marketing. Where should I start according to you? What tools or social media platforms should I be focusing on to start with? I am spending a lot of time creating the content I am selling and cannot do 3 videos a week on the side. I feel a bit lost with all those social media options out there. Some help would be much appreciated Neil! Thanks!

  37. Sir What Is The Youtube Algorithm Loves?
    I'm Making My Content Full Of Quality But Not Getting Views What's The Reason?🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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