The Traxxas TQi radio system can be
reset with just a few simple steps. If the settings have been changed
accidentally and you want to revert to the default settings, follow these
instructions. The TQi transmitter comes in several
different models but can always be identified by the two buttons on top.
Begin with the transmitter turned off. It is not necessary for the vehicle to be
powered on. While pressing and holding the set and menu buttons, power on the
transmitter and then release the buttons. The LED will blink red. The next step
will vary based on which Traxxas model you have. For any of these models, select
Profile 1 by simply tapping the set button once. For these models, select
Profile 2. Tap menu once. The LED will blink twice. Now tap set once. For Jato
models, select Profile 3. Tap menu twice. The LED will blink three times. Now tap
set once. For any of these models, select Profile 4. Tap menu three times. The
LED will blink four times. Now tap set once. For T-Maxx models, select Profile 5. Tap menu four times. The LED will blink five times. Now tap set once. For the Traxxas Funny Car, select Profile 6. Tap menu five times. The
LED will blink six times. Now tap set once. At any time, you can
restart the process by turning off the transmitter, pressing and holding the two
buttons as you power it back on, and then entering the command for your model. When the TQi transmitter is equipped with a wireless module, the radio system can
also be reset using the Traxxas Link app. See the related videos for more
information on the TQi radio system, wireless module, and Traxxas Link app.

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  1. Hi I got a tqi version but after fw upgrade become dead.. I rewired so now It does work like a TQ 😀 only problem is I dont know how can I setup FailSafe. any idea?thanks

  2. Traxxas please!! When entering the menu of adjustment of the radio it just died, out of nowhere … channel 1 and channel 2 completely inoperative … channels 3,4e5 work … what can be done ???? I've tried everything, reset the radio through the buttons and even added a bluetooth module to try to solve and nothing happens .. what can you do to help me? I've tried all the possible options contained in your manuals … **traxxas 6530 (trx-4)

  3. My rustler vxl is acting up if I try to turn it throttles if I let go I keeps on going and after stops I don't press any thing It does it again so I disconnect the battery???

  4. Hi, I’ve got a TQI radio with the docking base for an Iphone 3G, when I run the required updates, it start but after few secondes radio turn off and now it’s impossible to turn it on. I try to change the battery but nothing happened. What can I do ?

  5. TRX-4 RESET.  
     1. Turn the transmitter off. 2. Hold both MENU and SET. 3. Turn the transmitter on. 4. Release MENU and SET.
    The transmitter LED will
    blink red.
    5. Press MENU 6 times. The
    transmitter LED will blink
    red 7 times repeatedly.
    6. Press SET to clear settings.
    The LED will turn solid green and the transmitter is restored to default.

  6. Followed steps exactly and it did not fix the reversed throttle problem, any help? ( I have a Traxxas X Maxx , Snap On edition )

  7. Hi , I install the OBS on my funny car but the ESC does not work its blinking and a sound , the steering work but no forward or reverse , if I unplug the OBS everything works fine , please help it is really cool with the sound 🙂 Thank you

  8. I have done what the video says for my XMaxx 8s, but now the car is messed up even more than before. I was messing with the Multi-function knob, and messed some programing up. So i did the factory reset on the controller, and now both throttle and steering rarely respond. Help.

  9. Hey traxxas support I just did it for my slash 4×4 and the light when green for a second and then started to blink red. When I go to drive the slash it is fine for about 5-7 min but them the radio stars blinking red and I then have no control over the car I don't know what's going on

  10. i have tried this 3 times for my TRX-4 with no luck. The TRX 4 is Not listed in this video so i used the Summit wethod as it was the closest design with 4 servos and the same 4 channel remote. please help thanks.

  11. ok….how about a solution for when I set up my Steering End Points and it doesn't work. I hate this digital BS. I think I'll buy a different receiver and transmitter.

  12. I'm having trouble with my trx4, the esc is flashing red and has connection to the controller however Its not moving forwards or backwards

  13. i have a taxxas landrover when i turn the esc on the esc goes green but the receiver light stays red anybody know why

  14. sweet looks like it works for the traxxas slash 1/16
    upgrading to a TQi radio and TQi TSM receiver for much greater distance, multi function an 70/30 forward/reverse output

  15. Mi revo 3.3 se enlaza con la radio, y después de un minuto pierde la señal, quedando el receptor en rojo intermitente. Que hago?

  16. elle sont super comme radio commande mais dure a utilisai pourriez vous les traduire en textes si vous le pouvez s il vous plais , car quelques français n ose pas les dirent comme de haut secret betement

  17. Hi, I’ve got a TQI radio on bandit vxl and after about 8 months i opened and when I run the required 2 updates with android pie – never comblete – never verify and now not working ,it’s impossible to turn it on. I try to change the battery from nimh to lipo , reset but nothing happened. What can I do ? green is blinking !!!!!!!!!!!!! how to reset the update or restore or safe mode ?????

  18. @traxxas support thanks, tho I have problem with my brand new trx4 bronco, tried profile 7 and now hill hold works but I dont have cruse control!

  19. Can a transmitter with a multi protocol module work with a Traxxas receiver? If so what protocol is Traxxas using? Thank you for your time and effort.

  20. Does anyone know why my Traxxas Rustlers front wheels jump slightly to the right when i let go of the controls on the remote. How do i correct this problem. The car continues to drift to the right as i accelerate, even after i adjust the steering trim.

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