Please welcome back, Tasi Alabastro Not yet…you ain’t work for it yet. Okay nice… Please welcome Harumo Sato
we are only two are together so you acting everyone that Isabel
what do you guys what he is receiving today? The Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award. You know to be honest, I thought it’s “Leigh”
oh yeah yeah I’m cute today somebody mentions it’s my precious it would be
fine what do you remember what are you winning in a word for it
when you’re all in tanking an inspiration I do crazy night was drawing
to illustration nice especially the power rush yes power tool power to all right so that is the sound of them
needing to have people move into thank you mind just like I’m gonna get some
video of people out here and sure you are so everyone’s sort of like mosey in
there moving all right I gotta get backstage I know I didn’t get to show
you guys a whole a whole lot of stuff but there are a lot of people out there you guys can hear that but Dave Mann has
started through those doors my alabaster oh I was born on American
Salwa that’s an island in the middle of the South Pacific my favorite subject was science I also
like spelling class does that even exist anymore
I want to science fairs did I mention I liked science but this isn’t necessarily
about those science projects no it’s not about that this is how I went from this
to this and why it took 25 years to find my purpose so Oromo Haru is up
I’m gonna duck into this this hallway here real quick and then this is a lot
of blue but I just I just came off of stage spend about I want to say like 7
minutes up there and it never gets easier but I think as a performing
artist you really pick up new skills to really help push you past that and I
hope that what I had to say connected with the people there I hope that in the
monologue that I did connected with the other people there and I hope I hope
this helps open up doors for more people I think ultimately that’s one of my
goals as an artist is to make sure that people like me who look like me who are
interested in the thing that I am are able to access the Arts in a way that’s
equitable you know anyway I’m gonna get back to the celebration and so we got her room I’m done
Isabelle’s done I know we have Victor Ruiz up at the end in the hallway
there’s the stage and on that stage is a piano that was it around stage I’m gonna hang
out here for a little bit cuz I gotta talk to Sal but thank you guys for
joining me on today’s journey a lot of nerves to be had shared amongst all of
us here but what a successful event and more more to see tre laters guys Lina’s tell you that what
what an artist right over here Hey so the day isn’t over yet but I just
wanted to wrap up this vlog real nice and tidy like and just say thank you
guys for watching and tuning in I realized that because of the
circumstance of shooting where I was I wasn’t able to show you guys everything
that went down I hope that the presentation that I gave reached people
in places that I hope that what I had to say today and what I had to share really
resonated with people there I think one of the greatest feelings to know you
know when giving a presentation like that is they want you there and you’ve
already earned your spot to be there I feel absolutely I feel absolutely
fortunate to be in this position where I can continue to create and get paid for
it right essentially that’s kind of what it comes down to be appreciated and most
importantly I think and this may be a topic for a different vlog but help me
create a Thank You bird one of the important
things about today for an artist is the ability to create milestones for
yourself and I know I’ve brought it up in a
couple other vlogs but being able to set milestones for yourself is huge huge and
in typical jobs you can do that you know you get your first day you get your
salary raise you get your valuation you get your promotion you get the desk that
you always wanted there are a lot of things that you can pinpoint I say yes
that was a milestone in my career when you’re working in the arts it’s the
little the line is a little more fudged you know it’s a little harder this thing
wish like well that just happened that’s something that happened I don’t know if
it’s a milestone now it’s really up to you as the artist to really carve out
what it means to you to have a milestone and what that milestone is because you
can then look pride back you can look right back and go oh that’s where I was
Here I am now and being able to do that empowers you as a creator okay question
of the day to you guys feel free to leave it down below send me a message
send me a tweet whatever question for you guys what was the last a milestone
you assigned to yourself well that about wraps it up for me guys I’m out of here
the Bell Tolls and I will see you on the next vlog

4 thoughts on “I was in the newspaper (San Jose Mercury News)!”

  1. So I've been getting asked what I intend to do with the cash grant that is awarded. Mostly I'd like to learn how to invest some of it. Oh, and there's a Japanese chef knife that is calling out to me…
    What would you use a $5,000 cash grant for? ?

  2. Hey Boss, it's ya boi Grimm. Gratz on everything so far! As to your question… I dunno what my last goal I set was. Guess that means it's time for me to set a fresh one, eh?

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