When I was young, I’d watch TV and see reporters delivering the news. I decided that when I grew up, I would become a reporter. For my work, I get to travel around
to many different places. I have the opportunity to taste
all kinds of delicious foods. My company is now
introducing tourism to Taiwan. I am in charge of reporting about
various places in the Taipei area. I really love reporting and doing interviews! I just love interacting
and communicating with people! This is where you can find the most delicious
shaved mango ice in Taiwan. This is rather special because
they have put in rose petals! Right! These are edible roses! Now, let’s try it … Yes, it’s edible! When I’m reporting about foods and I come across something really yummy, then wow! That really makes me happy! Also, if I stumble on a great scenic spot
when reporting about tourist locations, that really makes me very happy, too! So yes, this is the joy
I find in my job. Yummy! I remember before,
I didn’t have a very good attitude. I used to get angry very easily. But ever since I came to know
the gospel of Jesus Christ, my life has really changed. My life has become
happier and happier because the gospel
brings me so much hope. Also, I have the example
of Jesus Christ, which I can really
learn from and emulate. These things have opened my eyes, and I have been able to discover
how truly wonderful this world is. It’s such a huge blessing
to be able to live on this earth. I feel so happy every day, just to think, “Wow! I’m alive! Wow, this world is truly
so wonderful! So awesome!” The gospel of Jesus Christ
has allowed me to see so much hope. This is the greatest blessing
that it offers me. You haven’t been to Taiwan
if you haven’t visited the night markets! You can watch them cook
right in front of you! Every day brings something new. My name is Shi Jing Yi. I am a reporter. I hope more people can get to know this country and more people can come to visit! I think Taiwan has the tastiest food in the world! Thank you! I hope each day I’m alive,
I can be a blessing to others. And I’m a happy Mormon!

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