Last night, President Trump
was at a campaign rally in South Carolina,
being civil as always. Now, you know, we have a lot
of fake news back there, these fakers. You know, the enemy. The enemy of the people,
I call them. The Democrats want open borders. They want anybody they want, including MS-13,
pouring into the country. CROWD (chanting):
Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, remember, civility. It’s “lock her up, please.” (laughter and applause) You know,
Trump is always in the zone at these rallies, you know? He’s with his people.
He’s relaxed. He’s open–
maybe sometimes too open. She has done a tremendous job
as first lady. And, you know, she had
an operation a few weeks ago. Kidney operation. And she’s going to be great.
She’s fine. But… but they had all kinds
of projections. They said she got a face-lift. No. I would let you know. (laughter) You know what? I believe him. Yeah. I actually pray to God
Melania doesn’t ever need embarrassing surgery,
because I totally believe that Donald Trump
would tell us all the details. He’d be like, “You should have
seen her hemorrhoids, folks. “You should have seen them.
They were so big and red, when the doctor saw them,
he threw up. “I put them in a jar.
Let me show you, folks. Let me show you.” Now, now, President Trump is only one half
of a Trump rally. The other half
is his supporters. So we sent Michael Kosta down
to South Carolina to ask Trump’s crowds about one of their favorite
new policies. KOSTA: The nation’s media
may be focused on kids in cages
being ripped apart from their families
at the border, but down here in Trump country, they only want
to talk about one thing. Space Force. We need it. -Space Force.
-Making space great again. I am so excited
about Space Force. KOSTA:
There was just one question. What is Space Force? Something we’ve been missing
for a long time. We get to go to space. Space Force is a little bit
of everything. It’s like the cast
of Modern Family. There you go. Well, isn’t it fun to say it? Say it. Say “Space Force.” Space Force.
It’s the next generation. It’s exciting, isn’t it? What is it? It is, uh,
what they refer to as… cloud computer. So Space Force is iTunes. It’s where all my music is. Yes, I agree. It’s iTunes. What is Space Force? -You know, space exploration
and… -Yep. just finding out
what’s out there, I guess. But NASA does space exploration. NASA is only gonna tell us
what they want us to know. Whereas I think Trump will send his own stuff, and we will find out the truth. Who would lead Space Force? Neil Armstrong. Okay. I mean, he’s dead. We’d have to bring him back
to life. -Has to have a military
background. -Military, yeah. -Has to have a military
background. -I think so, yeah. But the military
has advised President Trump that we don’t need
a Space Force. -Well, Trump’s his own man.
-Oh. -He knows more. -And he’s gonna
tell us the truth about what’s out there. KOSTA: When you’re
in Trump’s universe, everyone loves Space Force. (chanting):
Space Force! But why do we need Space Force? Well, a terrorist could, through the use of drones,
get into space and become a very dangerous
hazard to our freedom. I’m sure that there will be war
in space. Let’s not forget 9/11, okay? I think that Space Force could
help prevent the next 9/11. Which would be 9/12. -9/12, 9/13.
-Okay. I think ISIS could get to space. -Space ISIS.
-Space ISIS. Right, space ISIS. But do we really need
a Space Force? It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and we’d be wasting
a lot of dollars, but at the same time,
it’s just gonna be cool. Let me just unpack
what you just said. -Right.
-We need to have a Space Force. -Mm-hmm.
-It’s gonna be a waste of money. -Yep.
-But it’s gonna be cool. -Right.
-So we need to have it. You stand by that statement? Stand by that statement 100%. -(bleep) yeah, Space Force.
-Pretty much. Pretty much we need regulations
in space because you can do
whatever you want. Isn’t Trump against regulation? Yeah. But as a… You know,
I just stuttered myself here. -You know what, Space Force,
-Yeah. -it’s just a cool name.
-It’s just a cool name. And that’s good enough. Space Force! (cheering and applause) Space Force, everyone!

100 thoughts on “In Trump’s Universe, Everyone Loves “Space Force” | The Daily Show”

  1. Well, good luck America, with those people… and Russia listening, you will be speaking Russian in 2020.

  2. I like how only one of these fools is honest with us. "I just want it cause it's cool" While everyone else is clearly making shit up.

  3. There is this saying:
    Who is the bigger idiot? The idiot or the one who follows the idiot?
    And Trump isn't just an idiot, he is probably the dumbest president ever.

  4. Such stupidity concentrated in one place is just unbelievable!! Funny as it seems these people are allowed to vote and that shit is scary !!

  5. Funny how the majority of people wearing NASA shirts are of sub par intelligence. Dunning Kruger effect.

  6. Gadda say, I hate everything he does. But as a liberal science activist, a space force would be great for science.

  7. Trump is a con man, a scheister, a carpet-bagger. He's a fucking fraud and a dipshit. Ask any of those who paid for Trump University. After becoming president (not elected by the populace), he paid $25 million in a class action lawsuit. Anyone who voted for him is a knuckle-dragging, asshole traitor.

  8. Y'all don't think that one day in the (hopefully distant) future there won't be countries conflicting over space usage and rights and whatever the hell else countries fight over? It may not be as "spacey" like as we would imagine such as space ships shooting at each other and flying around but it could be as simple as the use of satellites for destruction, spying, etc. It's a possibility. Don't be so naive as to believe we're safe in our United States bubble. Space Force obviously won't happen tomorrow but its progressive thinking for the future and the threats that can possibly and most likely will be in the distant future.

  9. Sometimes I can’t tell if this video is montaged in this way, or people really do believe what they’re saying on this video. This is all a really unbelievable thing, it’s a funny meme, but a scary situation ??

  10. They so busy bowing down to their king, they don't realize they are no even thinking for themselves

  11. Qe would need a space force if we are to expand to space exploration and colonzing the stars, but we dont need it right now as we have yet to get back to the moon or land teams on mars

  12. Holy shit I fucking hate Trump. I mean, I absolutely despise and loathe and abhor him. His followers are fucking morons. The least informed, under-educated, irrational dumbasses.

  13. 1.01 – 1.20 most epic sarcasm ever
    Reporter:"Who do you think will lead space force?"
    Guy:Neil Armstrong
    Reporter:?He is already dead, we need to bring him back i guess ?

  14. They have no idea what they supporting it’s is just fun to watch these idiots that they yelling Space force.

  15. Space force would be a military branch right, so they still don't know what's going on in area 51 what makes them think they will let them know what's going on in space

  16. We get it trump your trying to make stormtroopers but if you didn’t watch Star Wars lol the rebellion won think about that orange man ?

  17. This is so sad.. we are so gullible… these are well meaning folk but look how brainwashing workd

  18. Trump was talking with an Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins and he got called impatient when he was talking about nasa

  19. At this point we can clearly come to the conclusion that the future expect more godam the year 3,000 if they are still around they will say they never went to the moon,JFK never was assisinated,Trump never behaved like a racist…God is disgusted at ignorance…

  20. I think a "Space Force" could be useful in some dangerous, although unlikely, scenarios; 1. It could be used in the highly unlikely event of aliens wanting to invade the earth, by simply existing. The existence of a "Space Force" might intimidate said aliens into leaving the earth alone, just by making them think that maybe it isn't worth the risk to invade the earth.
    2. A "Space Force" could also, if properly equipped, perform espionage on other countries and shoot down incoming ballistic missiles. Also, "Space Force" is a damned cool name.

  21. Are we allowed to full ignorant people like these folks. Can't see where they would be missed. " Oh I love space force, I'M m so excited". "What is it?". "I don't know." Pretty much sums up Trump and supporters.

  22. Stupid is as stupid does especially in North and South Carolina .Never seen so many stupid red necks in my life ..

  23. What a fukin waste of money! How knows what they really do with money. Nasa waste. These tramp supporters are so ignorant!

  24. Tramp is there great white hope! With his golden whips of hair glowing in the sun! White god that they want in the WH no matter what! Like he said he could shot someone! White or coppertone tan with golden hair pure american! ?

  25. I am not a Republican or a Trump supporter but i did really like that last bigger guy w the cut sleeves. He was honest!

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