Information management is critical in the majority of organizations. However, a recent study indicates that more than 70% of documents are written by employees whose everyday responsibilities and skills don’t include writing. This results in a large number of documents scattered all over your organization in a myriad of writing styles. Let’s face it: most of them are too long, unorganized, hard to read and contain inconsistencies and mistakes. This lack of consistency leads to errors, misunderstandings, costs, non-compliance, regulatory and corporate liabilities. Information mapping is a revolutionary new way of organizing any type of corporate information, whether it is a procedure, report, proposal, or manual. By breaking up the information in digestible chunks, Information Mapping allows you to efficiently organize the information in a structured, readable, user-focused and accurate way. Proven results include: 70% less time needed to create and review the document, 50% less reading time, 90% less questions about the content. And we haven’t yet mentioned the overall benefits for your organization. Corporate risks are reduced, safety and compliance increased, cost of documentation and related support is cut in half, the time to market your products goes down and customer satisfaction improves. What’s more, publishing your document to the intranet has never been easier. HTML files and XML files are created without intervention of your IT department. And it only gets better. By pushing all your information blocks to the cloud you are able to only access that type of information that you need, when you need it, on your PC or any mobile device. Searching through documents is over. The information is immediately available in text, graphics or video format. Information Mapping “makes information work” for those organizations. Do you want your information to work within your company? Visit for more information.

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