100 thoughts on “Ingraham: The Bolton red herring”

  1. Socialism is working in the midst of the coronavirus in China. Whatever system works best for the betterment of people should be the system in place. If the same virus was in a country with a different form of government someplace like India and you will have a global outbreak of immense proportion.

  2. What a difference a day makes! Bolton is on video saying the call was "warm and cordial." Try walking that back Boltie Boy.

  3. Even if trump had insisted on an investigation into Biden corruption … it would be a reasonable thing to do. Surely it is his duty to ensure that corruption is stamped out! I'm a left leaning person however first one has to be on the side of truth and propriety and only then party politics. The U.S. political system has become a joke and a laughing stock of other countries. It's a crime to investigate corruption now.

  4. Five loser books Laura . Did Fox news bulk purchase them like Little Trumpy's & Marc the "impotent one " Levin ? At least O Reilly actually sold his books to the general public. Unlike Dan "Bongolips" Bongino & the rest of the Fox news Fake Authors that mass purchase their own books to gaslight the Fox fans into thinking its a bestseller 🙂 Pathetic.

  5. Usual Fox New tricks, using a cherry – picked set of half truths to weave a lie. The javelins were sold on the condition they not be used in the Russia conflict. Obama gave other non lethal types of aid to Ukraine, night vision goggles, radar equipment, etc.

    The man abused his power. For the first time in history, the president deserves to be removed, because we all know he will continue to abuse his power and already has. Owning the libs for another few months is not worth the damage it will cause to our nation in the long run. Remove him.

  6. Merciful end?? No way! So now let’s stop spending mine and your money we work so hard for to make these disgusting democRATS go away! How the constituents of these scumbags don’t see reality is amazing beyond belief. For the sleeping doofass people of California especially wake up and learn about the crap pelosi,newsome, shifty, and

  7. How many 'BOMBSHELLS" has the liberal media come out with since Trump became president? He's been in office around 1000 days, so I put the "BOMBSHELLS" count at somewhere around 1000. They seem to come out almost Daily, and sometimes MULTIPLE bombshells are announced in a single day.

    Actually I''ll DOUBLE my estimate. Make it TWO THOUSAND 'BOMBSHELLS".

    During the Russia collusion investigation, it was the most used word in the liberal medias vocabulary.

    And it turned out to be NOTHING.


  8. It would be wonderful if this "divide" between POTUS and Bolton is a set up to bait the dems into finally allowing Hunter Biden to testify, but when Bolton speaks, he said hos book was a "What if?" and not based in fact. That Trump never actually did what the dems are accusing, and now Biden has to appear.

    The hammer then droppeth!

  9. "The four squishy senators in the Republican party…" how aptly named. Let's vote them out and get Conservative Republicans with a backbone in there to replace them.

  10. Which four Republicans are teetering? I want their names, and hope they get voted out next time around. Better yet, it is time for term limits. The longer we try to keep even our meager produce, it tends to rot.

  11. Trump giving Bolton the job initially, had a plan. Bolton is like Sessions: Trump ragged Sessions so there left would think he was just sit on his hands. Bolton was there to appear like Trump wouldn't listen to Bolton so that Bolton looks like he's still on the Democrats side. He's not. They'll find that out when he DOES go to trial.

  12. Duh the Democrats are trying to turn this into an Islamic country that’s just an observation of how the Democrats behave and run a trial or whatever that circus in the house had!!!!

  13. Fox should stop misleading their viewers and spreading false information. Trump is being impeached over an extortion scheme not a "policy dispute".

  14. I'm a American truck driver and I have no types of insurance and cannot afford to go to dr or dentist. So who thinks this is right or fair?


  16. If Bolton's info was so very important, why didn't he give the info to the Congree during their farce of a "trial"? I'll tell you…it's either just convoluted theory – nothing that would EVER hold up in a real court. Or, it's just full of lies, half-truths or re-written history.
    My favorite theory is that it's all of the above!

  17. The Dems have no witnesses left except John Bolton. All of their other CREDIBLE witnesses evaporated when the President's team revealed the live footage of their testimony, the exculpatory evidence that the Democrats withheld, particularly of Sondland, Hill and Yovanovitch, but they still doggedly claim Sondland and Mulvaney as the clincher, yet BOTH have now stated that there was no quid pro quo, Sondland admitted under oath that he had ASSUMED there was, but didn't KNOW whether there was and Mulvaney has since issued two written statements to clarify his earlier remarks, in which he states there was no quid pro quo. So how valuable a witness is last-stand Bolton up against the ACTUAL transcript of the EVIDENCE, the phone call itself and up against the testimony of multiple witnesses who all contradict him? I think he would amount to what is called an unreliable witness, a strawman.

  18. LOL "After their one-night-stands with the Democrats, their constituents will see it for what it was, a walk of shame" 🙂

  19. Time for this orange piece of lying corrupt racist cadet bone spurs bastard Trumpfuck to drop dead from a heart attack or stroke and throw his carcass into a landfill along with all the fake Fox News knuckledraggers and their lobotomy head supporters and viewers

  20. I hate Demon Rats . I hope this impeachment will end soon and stop dividing this country. We , the hard working regular people just want to work for living to be able to pay our bills, put food on the table and pay our taxes.

  21. Funny, how REPULSIVECANS cheered when Trump got Bolton to work in his Trump cabinet, and how DEMONCRAPS hated his arrival in Trump's cabinet. Both REPULSIVEACANS and DEMONCRAPS are corrupt, they're putting both of their political parties first before country.

  22. Bolton is a Globalist, just like the DNC leadership and so are many Republicans, including the owners of FOX. We must keep our eyes open.

  23. I love how that since trump sold Ukraine bombs that that’s ok because Obama didn’t… isn’t that a good thing we shouldn’t be sell weapons to anyone and to make it sound like this is a good thing…. this chic is the biggest blowhard I’ve ever heard… and her acting like a journalist which she’s not she’s an OPINION column makes it that much funnier….. and trump doesn’t have unchecked power like she claims that’s the problem… what a bunch of bull💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤣🤣🤣

  24. what gets to me is why havent trumps lawyers once said you keep saying he didnt win the election fairly when he did lets get the people who voted for him,,to do it again by setting up A SECURE site where they can do it, it would cost a hell of a lot less than the millions they've spend on the charade,,of course they will come back and say but russian adds made them vote for trump wikileaks leaking hilarys cheating way helped yes it may have but you should know these things and besides there would have been without a doubt people from across the globe putting adds or money in to endorse hilary even if they just say thats who they would like to see as americas next president yet they arent being held accopuntable for "coersing " people to vote for her,,its ridiculous

  25. why is it up to usa full stop to help all these countries ,(its the same with austrlia giving to indoesia and other countries in the asia pacific region and all we get back is hate) its true about the bridges too my dad was saying at least a decade ago usa bridges need fixing, and warned something bad could happen if they dont keep maintenance up on them

  26. hoooray thats what you do put up a number let the american people speak YES thats what you do ive been saying this,,and people must ring in, dont be lax,just make a simple phone call and voice your opinion,,the switchboard will likely over heat through the sheer number coming through if they do this,proving the truth that when the democrats talk about "the american people" which sickens me to the core they reall mean THEM,and about 20% of people they represent.thats is NOT all the people. thats what you do have town meeting laura has even put up her hand to go to them,americans you need to do this trumps fought for you now its your turn to fight for him,

  27. Don't you just love how Alan Dershowitz has given the Democrats something to whip the Trump team with?
    Notice Alan is missing today? Go figure.

  28. trump cannot use HIS office to intimidate a foreign power to dig up dirt on someone for no reason for his benefit no matter what he says have you lost your marbles. This is dictatorship behavior he went to far we need to hear from Bolton…I am for no party an independent and I love trump on certain things but you have to restrain him on this protect America over anything that mean not using freezing money to deal with your opponents this is wrong. Is undemocratic he is not a saint he took this toooo far america first not trump and his interest and his re-election

  29. LAURA, Please find out or have someone undercover like James O'Keefe find out who the NUMBNUT MOB BOSS is who comes up with these almost daily, "BOMBSHELL MEDIA TEASES"! It's so irritating, I think most of us would like to point to someone to BLAME and PUBLICALLY HUMILIATE!!!

  30. The only thing that’s “ shaken “ is the lame stream media and dims brains!!!
    So sick of listening to all there BS!!
    Can’t wait to watch shifty swing

  31. So their argument for impeachment is that Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless they investigated his political rival. Shouldn't they all be impeached then for pursuing the Russia investigation and Trump's impeachment purely on partisan grounds – not to mention the waste of all this time and money?

  32. Lady Sophie kyerematen UK 🇬🇧🐅🏇🤺🤔👸 Queen) 🦊 Fox 🏅great News my Sweet sister great talking good work great jobs Keep it up CNN'S 👌🏅 MSNBC'S 👌🏅 great talking good work great man and woman great news for all the best news in the world 🗺️ thanks God 🙏👋 D Trump is a very foolish Old man who had America President Donald trump is wicked Eive man 👹🤑🤡🤠😎😂 very sad to the American people and the world 🗺️🌐👌🙏 great God bless you all and family and USA and the world 🗺️ Peace ✌️🤝🙏 happy New year's more to come to you all from SK United Kingdom ⛄🐅🏇🤺🤔👸 Queen)🙉🤫😜❤️🌹)🚧🚦🚥🏫🚸 School's 🚸 Children's STOP 🛑🚦🚸

  33. Please Fox news viewers: The GOP are aiding and abetting a rogue president for their own personal gain. The GOP don't care about you or about our country. They will do anything to loot the country, take your money, and consolidate absolute power (same as it's been for decades). Stop drinking the Fox cool aid and wake up to what is happening to our government and country. Vote them out before it's too late.

  34. VERY DISTURBING: If the U.S. Senate is the greatest deliberative body on planet earth, how could 49 of them be inept?

  35. Ms. Ingraham, only you can do this, so when are you going to talk about what TALIB and OMAR did during the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and PRAYER before each day of the impeachment. You know, like one nation under ?????????

  36. Term limits- a lot of this mess could have been avoided and crimes
    can be immediately terminated with implementing term limits now.

  37. The moment Mr.Trump announced he was contesting the challenge I was like…. He is the only one. Was my 100% feeling to take on the darkest and deepest holes cleaned up HE IS THE MAN! For our country.

  38. Yeah I don't remember ever voting to give any of that money to the Ukraine not that we're not sympathetic for others but we have many many Americans who could use that money not to mention our infrastructure like you said

  39. WHAT 's the DoJ going to do with ALL these ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL LEAKS from National Security Agencies, MSM and CONGRESS ???

  40. There are 'squishies' at FOX too. Have a talk to Martha and Chris for a start. They both need to grow a brain.

  41. Trump and his Senate whores have proved conclusively that CORRUPT PEOPLE ALWAYS CORRUPT POWER, not the other way round. Trump and his whores are corrupt to the bone!

  42. It does not even matter he did not feel pressured. He was used. Like it is like the scammers that say to women or men that they love them, but the end goal is to take their money. And could Zelensky really say something against Trump the bully, when Zelensky knows Trump might be the President a while still. Surely Zelensky may not know the American Constitution. The President of America should know. And be more careful as not to set his position as President in jeopardy. Is that the kind of behaviour Abraham Lincoln would have done??? Like Trump got impeached. How stupid. Just likeBill Clinton. You know that your political opponents are watching your every move, and then you do something so stupid as that. You must be really scared and insecure in your Presidential elections game if you resort to questionable methods of dropping your opponent. But then that is America for you. A total corruption. Nothing to do with democracy at all. Money sings your songs over there. Just money. The God of America.

  43. The Trump rallies are getting bigger all the time….you can practically hear the pitter patter of sweat droplets coming from the loser democrats

  44. So tell us why, if thoughs already testified haven't delivered any evidence, is it necessary to call more to testify about something they don't have any first hand knowledge of. There's a reason for dragging this out. Somehow, someway, they're going to slip in a Democratic candidate and try sliding into home plate/November election so normal every day Democrats will vote for this person due to lack of anyone running who has credibility. It's the heat of the moment vote because they're not Republicans and need to vote for someone. Watch and see.

  45. Can't wait for the next president to declare women's healthcare a "national emergency". Then unilaterally, take billions of dollars from our Congressionally approved Defense budget and build abortion centers in every state

  46. Nothing any witness called or paper trail requested by the House Managers, would rise above the statements made by the President of Ukraine, supposed to be the very recipient of the abuse. Further, the President has the right to acquire court decision concerning executive privilege.

  47. Try to imagine for one single moment where the Democratic party would be today, had they decided to work with President Trump….. They could claim improvement to Nation Security via the wall , they could claim to have been participants in the booming economy, They could have claimed they participated in the largest reduction of unemployment in the history of the country. and on and on…. So what have they to proclaim now? They lost every single attempt to thwart Trump in the obsession via staunch political hatred…. Their record is … we hated Trump and we lost every attempt to take him down using every dirty and illegal trick in the book …. Not much to stand upon eh?
    Will their opposition mention these facts? Will they play over and over again the attacks and then the loss of these false accusations and attacks? Will they read the long record of investigation which stands against the Democrats? Illegal use of the CIA, FBI, DOJ? The false dossier? the Attack by Stormy and company? The Failed Mueller investigation and finally the Failed impeachment? …. If I were a Republican or any other party member, I would mention all those things, over and over again… All they need say is do you want a representative who is only interested in fighting the President 24/7?
    Do you want inquiry and investigation and more impeachment and more investigation and more hate Trump and more and more and more ….. Or do you want someone who is focused upon what We the People want?

  48. Bolton decides to put his book out hmmmm……..best seller already and it hasn't even been put out yet lmmfao!!!! Hey, I can't knock him for trying to get that money!

  49. The Lawyers for Trump did a great job defending him in this sham. If it was me doing this I would of had all of the Dems talking points on a board and then presented the facts that refutedtheir talking points and then crossed off the Dems talking points writing FALSE across them. Everytime they tehashed the same points the crossed off board would of been shown again.

  50. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” T. Sowell

  51. They should change their name to the Demented Party because that’s what they are, either demented or walking 🚶‍♀️away (some are running 🏃 away as fast as they can go). Let’s face it, the party of royalty & slavery is rapidly dying!

  52. No, I think the Dems had free reign over aid, and they are all making cash via the aid. If the aid is reduced, it stops the over flow into the dems pockets.

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