100 thoughts on “Ingraham: The pandemic party”

  1. Dems created coronavirus and now blames trump… dems do America a favor and go to hell… or better yet Venezuela…. thanks… DONALD j. Trump

  2. A little perspective on the coronavirus.
    The Diamond Princess’s 3,711 passengers and crew have been quarantined since February 5th, under ideal conditions to spread the disease and a total of 4 people, all in their 80’s, have died. Is this really something we should be shutting down the world’s economy for? According to the CDC, total of 2,800 people worldwide have died so far from the coronavirus, for perspective around 500,000 die each year from the flu. Why are we in full blown panic mode over this relatively mild disease? I personally think we’re in more danger from the danger from the results of overreaction than from disease itself. Wash your hands often, stay home if you feel sick, and go about your lives.

  3. Democrats want you to be afraid and gunless. Fear and the inability to defend one's self makes slaves.

    "Be a good little lam and be led to the slaughter." Says -The Democrat-.

  4. I don’t trust a thing Trump says about the coronavirus. He straight lied about the number of cases in the US. Lying is his default.

  5. These Democrats on the debate stage are some seriously ugly looking people. I thought I was watching a Freak show at a Circus rather than a Political debate.

  6. Do you know how many die from the Flu in the United States each year? Over the Last ten years an average of 40,000 thousand, that’s from the CDC, and yet I haven’t heard one word about it. You know how many have died in the United States from Coronavirus? 0, No one. Yes take Precautions but Stop the calls for Panic.

  7. Those open borders would be great right now! I just got one of those emails from James McGovern on how bad the Republican are doing on the virus! Open borders would not help! Maybe Trump should put McGovern in charge of the virus! Other than that, I can't get McGovern to do his job!

  8. Wasn't it Trump who stopped flights from coming in from countries with the virus? Didn't the Democrats criticize him for this? Say he was overreacting? Now he's not doing enough? MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND STOP BRINGING YOUR CHILDREN INTO THIS AS ALL YOU ARE DOING IS SCARING THEM.

  9. On Tuesday Trump told us that the coronavirus situation was “very well under control” and that his “Administration was doing a great job of handling coronavirus”.  There are only 12 state laboratories that can test for the Coronavirus and the tests performed by these labs don’t always work! Why is Trump lying about this?

  10. None of them can not be president I bet my life on it president TRUMP four more year 2020 thanks 🙏 all American they’re very very smart peoples sorry media and some Democrats and stop Lying 🤥

  11. DemoncRatt Made Pandemic to Take Down President Trump is so Evil they hate Freedom Vote For your family is Everything 🙏💙🙌

  12. By September 2020, 50 million Trump supporters will be dead from the coronavirus, no deaths for the anti-trumpers because educated people wash their hands and don’t go to trump rallies and breathe on each other

  13. The only country that gives you the best info on this virus is North Korea ironically. Just google "How North Korea is reporting on coronavirus". The free world journalism is just pathetic on this – only opinions and speculations.

  14. Guess what, Schumer & Pelosi are blaming Trump for possible coronavirus epidemic in the US. They will impeach Trump for failing to secure the nation against the coronavirus. This is their new political strategy for 2020.

  15. What do you expect Laura. They are Fear Mongers. That's how they have a Base.
    They're weaponized the Flu across the World.

    Mark my words, they are going to try to bring down the world economy (because its already collapsing) and Blame it on Trump!! Don't let them fool you..

  16. It is hard not to laugh when I hear a Democrat call ANYONE incompetent. Every single action or statement of the DNC is full to the brim with hypocrisy. Reparations for slavery? A Racest legal system? Poor economy? According to the Dems, things are so bad you would think no one would want to immigrate here. Why do people still want to come to the USA? Because this is the best place to be for the majority. Simple as that. Not everyone believes the DNC when they say our country is horrible.

  17. In the U.S. there is no left or right. All you have is political zombies and one BIG PARTY that always wins the elections because it's artificially split in 2 parties in order to give fucktards the illusion of choice.

  18. Remember a couple weeks ago when you were all complaining that Chinese propaganda was understating the amount of cases and deaths?
    Now it seems like you're trying to underplay the potential seriousness of this situation. Now America has its first case with unknown origin and you're here providing propaganda to make Trump not look like an idiot for cutting 1/6 of the funding to the CDC and firing the Pandemic response chain of command .

  19. Pelosi should be hitting the panic button. If COVID 19 inserts itself in the homeless population in her home district, which she has ignored, it will sweep through S.F. like a wildfire, driven by Santa Ana winds.

  20. I just flew across the country and back east. I spent 2 weeks on the road in california and nevada.
    2 Weeks + later no problem whatsoever. Coronavirus is NO BIG DEAL.

  21. The commie lady in the glasses looks like she's in a hostage video. We should all be expecting her "book deal" to come out by early Fall.

  22. The dems are beyond laughable at this point it’s to the point where trump has eliminated every single argument and they have exhausted their entire bag of tricks

    Now they will show America exactly how desperate they have become,the virus argument is all they have to leverage they will reveal the evil in their hearts they are truly the scum of the earth

  23. If you think this is just a storm in a tea cup Ms Ingraham, why don't you go for a holiday almost anywhere in Asia ? I'm sure you could find somewhere to stay and plenty of seats on the flight

  24. How   does   a  totally   racist   country   vote  for   a   black   man   twice?

  25. Ordinary. Here to tell you Burney were fine . Go back to the old Soviet Union where you belong and leave our way of life alone!!

  26. So according to Bernie… "smoke more dope so your life won't suck any harder as I apply the chains of slavery". He has a point. An inebriated person can't defend their rights as well as a sober one.

  27. Travel ban they called racist has kept us far safer than their open borders let them all fly in from everywhere. Sick bastards

  28. The Democrats wants the money for their ads. The Democrats are the one who put fear and lies to Americans. Those idiots believe in the lies deserves i.

  29. No i personally want to put all 7 of those idiots in a body bag!!! They and about 260 more in congress need to also !! Im sick of these pieces of dogskit ! Clean house by way of voting or by deadly force ! Remove permanently all democrats

  30. The only reason they CDC has not called the pandemic is the trillion $ bonds that there waiting to mature in July.

  31. Coronavirus has nothing to do with the dems and the stock market is WORLDWIDE in flux. I guess the dems brought the case to California in a jar .

  32. It's not free stuff. You pay a lot of money for it in taxes. It's just that you shouldn't let your people die because they can't fight the ensurance companies.

  33. Every country has racists and there's always a bad apple in every race. America is as racist as it can get..What's good about America is its democracy.

  34. DemocRATs stoke misery because without misery, who needs DemocRATs?

    Without ginned up misery, there's no reason for DemocRATs TO EXIST.

  35. Wuhan, China, the centre of the new coronavirus outbreak, was where 5G was first rolled out.
    Consider a possible 5G connection. A man knowledgeable about 5G and physical body details, says, that 5G affects the oxygen molecules in the body affecting all parts of the body, and some affects will look like polio. It sounds like ARDS (lungs losing oxygen) in some can be affected where 5G is present. Check it out.

    See tab at DIVINE-WAY.com, Dr. D. C. Jarvis showed in 1960 that if we did not let our animals feed naturally and stop the way we fertilize, etc. our food, we would all become sick because it changes the ph balance in our bodies and makes us vulnerable to any virus. The apple cider vinegar makes a quick correction of our ph, to avoid virus. Quick details and suggested recipes even for animals and people is at my website. The apple cider vinegar also is powerful in blood issues and great for pregnancy.

  36. I'm more worried about the pandemic liberalism we need a cure for that it's more dangerous then the Corona virus

  37. Ummmm, the virus is now in CA, so these losers in congress from CA should not be allowed to leave their state! Let's see if they care enough about American citizens to do that

  38. Democrat Gameplan: If the pandemic spreads, Trump didn't do enough. If it's contained, Trump is a fear mongering racist.

  39. I do feel the administration and the CDC have not taken Covid-19 seriously enough, by the CDC's own numbers they have tested less then 500 people. I feel the administration is relying far too heavily on the W.H.O. which is corrupt as hell with their leaders having close political ties to China. Maybe the President and the administration are working behind the scenes, and if they are great, a little transparency would go a long way.

    That being said, it is easy for Schumer and Warren to sit back and criticize when they themselves have done nothing at all. Their motives are clearly political and in fact, the policies they have been pushing for would have made this issue 100 times worse. Open borders and free healthcare to illegal immigrants would have caused us to be under an outbreak now with our health care system fully taxed. The push for globalization is why we are going to see serious issues in our supply chains in the up coming months. We "NEED" to to become self sufficient again. While I can and will criticize Trump for his responses to this, his opponents speaking up now have no room to talk and we would be far worse off if they had their way.

  40. The CDC : supposedly a non partisan organization; has been under playing this virus so why should President Trump have been making announcements when he and the country were being told there's no problem and that fearmongering doesn't help ! No country in the world produces more black millionaires and billionaires!

  41. God i hate her why doesnt she with all her intelligences swith sides trump and the prez allways gets blame but corporate america want me so i lay low. Ha ha ha ha🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👿🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👿🇨🇦👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽code 7 and growing.

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