When you want to follow an artist on YouTube, sometimes you’ll find they have multiple channels. So, which one should you subscribe to? To make subscriptions simpler, we worked with
artists to combine their music, albums, and videos into a single Official Artist Channel. When you’re subscribed to an artist that’s
upgrading to this type of channel, you’ll get an email and a notification letting you know that your artist subscriptions will move to the Official Artist channel. Now you’ll see this icon to help you find
the Official Artist Channel and official videos from the artist. This icon will be making its way across all
of YouTube, including search results and the watch page. If you have any additional questions, check
out the link in the description below.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Official Artist Channels”

  1. What is this?!?!

    YouTube is just like the USA – they regulate music to control their own interests, but they put it in a package like they're doing you a favor.

    This is to help themselves, not us.

  2. Debería ser sin subscriptores en youtube como instagram tomen medidas ,no todos tienen millones de subscripciones sean mas empatico youtube

  3. Estão dando um jeito de piorar o bagulho, que caralho é esse de vários canais em um, tendi porra nenhuma
    Vídeo de 01/2018 e recebo notificação 10/2019??

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