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  1. Despite the total lack of respect you showed, I decided to investigate your link.
    SURPRISE!!! A totally non neutral article that bash environmentalists and "proves" them wrong.
    Funny thing is that the NSIDC data shows the opposite of what is said in the article. I don't know about you (but I can probably guess pretty accurately), but, to me, research organizations have far more authority in the subject than some right wing journal.
    But stay in your bubble, it's way more comfortable isn't it?

  2. Respect? You tards have convinced yourselves "green" cars are better for the environment. Yet it takes 1.3 MILLION BTUS of energy to produce that POS called a Toyota Prius. You can power an old Tercel for 7 years on that. If you don't get 7 years of driving out of that hybrid POS (which the warrantee guarantees you won't) you just fucked mother earth. If "saving the planet" is so important to you…. why not turn of your engine at every stop light? Because you're never a cunt to yourself.

  3. An adorable deflection. Nasa has already proven that CO2 emissions cool the planet.

    tinyurl dot com /czu87xc

    I actually heard a woman in a commercial for green cars say: "When Im driving it, I feel smarter" simply because she bought one. Jesus Christ. There's the rationalization hamster at it's show stopping best. I drive a 32 year old exotic classic. And in doing so, have "saved the planet" approximately 75000 barrels of oil. Far more than any environmentalist who ever bought a eco-car.

  4. Here's a tip. When overusing sarcasm as you do, you should really use a sarcasm font, because it doesn't translate into print. If you take your printed word at face value, you make yourself look ridiculous.

    "And yeah, CO2 totally cools planets. That's why Venus with its 96.5% CO2 atmosphere is actually one of the coldest planets in the solar system."

    That renders you incapable of winning an intellectual argument, because nothing you've said is based in reality.

  5. Oh, and thats why the PERMAFROST is melting? *slow claps* Arctic, and antarctic, ice freezes and melts every year, thats the process. Its just that not all the ice that is melting is returning. You can have one more comment, and then I am not going to reply any more. Enjoy your life.

  6. The accuracy of older instruments and even data errors of our newer computer systems could potentially corrupt the super computer algorithm, an thus the premise that global warming existed in the first place. Also, the absolute biggest "green house gas" is in fact water vapor, which seems like a catch 22, because more vapor means more heat, which in turn means more vapor. Although plausible, scientist also need to consider the cycles in the earths climate, (ice age, etc.) — Climate is change.

  7. I ran out of room, but under the premise that global warming is real (and verifiable): I would agree that it would be quite the achievement, but perhaps not the greatest. However, I am impressed by a lot of different scientific advances, and at least in difficulty, I would rank this among the top 10 for some of the reasons previously stated.

  8. It's actually interesting that the greatest factor for scientific development has been conflict and disaster, for example the main factor for the development of the first antibiotics was for the wounded soldiers in world war two. Don't get me started on global warming though, all the solutions for green energy work out as wasteful as burning coal for power…WHY DOES NO ONE FUND NUCLEAR FUSION!

  9. what if climate change can be controlled. what if it is discovered that it is a good idea to pollute in area X and not area Y so as to control locational heating and cooling and create cold and warm fronts that move rain? the move to green is a good idea. but it doesn't necessarily mean that all non-green energy methods can not be useful in helping confront climate change.

  10. There are ideas like using aerosols to reflect sun from certain parts of the atmosphere which could theoretically have positive effects, but that kind of action needs to be make with extreme caution, because if it's done at all wrong it can just make things worse, whereas we know going green is safe.

  11. Our greatest achievement is the PBS Idea Channel.  Followed closely by Climate Change and Teen Angst.  Okay, Teen Angst is not exactly an invention, but rather a prominent and annoying feature of the Zeitgeist.

  12. How can you have a debate when you base all of your information on one huge lie and then tell everyone they can't use that fact to form any kind of educated guess?

  13. I guess global warming caused the Arctic Ice Sheet to grow over 60% in the last year. Imagine that! Warming causing ice to form!

  14. I am all for global warming. It means more plants growing for longer periods of the year in higher levels of CO2 to promote their growth. I was hoping for that 40 meter rise in the sea level so my balcony would overlook the sea, but so far no luck.

  15. As a fan, I am a bit "wish-washy' on whether your storm of weather facts are warming up to my cognizance of the earthly conflagration aka "Global Change"; Contrary to the point interiorly [within my globe of influence] these facts seem to expand and contract depending on outside interaction and confluence.  A spinning bombardment of information misinterpretation results in a hot or cold [hit or miss] if you will, a misunderstanding of agreements in the greater global international shift of tectonic measures of society resurging into a change in global governance by immeasurable proportions in following Socio-ecological and Ecodynamic environmental habitat even culture, aka "as the shift hits the fan".

  16. Yes, the discovery that Gorebull Warming was nothing but a neo-Fascist plot to give the world's governments unprecedented powers was our species's greatest achievement.

    Oh, you mean you actually believe that Al Gore climate truther nonsense? You poor, deluded people.

  17. I personally believe in Global warming is in fact happening. However I honestly question if humans contribute much if anything to it. I do not claim to know much on the issue but I have seen both sides of the argument and saw documents both supporting and disproving the idea that humans are responsible for making it worse.

  18. Honestly, I dunno if it was the most important discovery of our time…..I'd probably rank it somewhere in the top 20 though. =)

  19. Global Whining, the biggest scam of all time. Designed to restrict our freedom of movement, lifestyle and wealth via taxing. There is no historical empirical data to support it and every time people talk about it NO ONE offers any irrefutable evidence. Regarding CO2 please note that as it increases the plants produce more food. Therefore, lowering CO2 deliberately, if at all possible, would mean less food for the world. Consequently, Global Warming  people are trying to starve you to death.

  20. Well it is Amazing that something with no data can be so big. Seriously, no one can predict the temperature 2 days from now. Actually, you can't even tell me what the temperature "Should" be right now, but you know that it is .02 degrees warmer. (I am rubber and you are glue….)

  21. There really isn't a debate about this, it's happening and no amount of disbelief will change that…but I enjoy all the idiots attempting to make it one.

  22. If it's so "discovered" why is there such disagreement amongst people who actually get paid to study the weather as their job. You know, as opposed to getting paid to repeat ideas on YouTube? http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2013/11/25/meteorologists-bail-on-global-warming-n1752592

  23. WRONG!! This is all wrong!! The greatest scientific achievement would easily be the  finding of the Higgs Boson at the LHC… this global warming "discovery" doesn't even come close to that.

  24. The disparity between the number of regular folks who deny global warming and the number of actual climate scientists who do so is fascinating. Most surveys of climate scientists report a consensus of about 90-95% agreeing that it is happening and that humans are influencing it, but looking through the comments, that looks like the exact opposite of most people's opinions.

  25. The discovery of global warming as our greatest scientific achievement?  HARDLY!! That's rather insulting to those scientists that accomplished such feats as the moon landing or building the LHC.  The discovery of global warming is only as difficult as taking measurements of the climate and seeing if there is a trend in any particular direction.  I'll grant you that is a lot of time and effort involved to take such a census, but to propose it is the greatest scientific achievement of all time is completely dishonest unless you are utterly scientifically illiterate in every field of study except climatology.  Even the invention of the automobile, which is probably a major cause of global warming, is a more important scientific achievement than the discovery of climate change.  Problems had to be solved, new techniques and technologies invented, great ideas conceived in the building of cars.  All you need to do to discover global warming is look at data that is already available.  That is one of the main reasons why global-warming opponents come across as so profoundly ignorant, because the data and the conclusions are so easy anyone should be able to do it.  If it was particle physics or whatever we might excuse the layman for not "getting it".

  26. For me, a great documentary called "Chasing Ice" really did it. It was an excellent film about climate change and it was well made and interesting. But, from a more rational perspective… of course the stuff we chuck into the air and toss into the sea and throw into landfills is affecting our planet. If you did the same thing to your home it would be a toxic wasteland… why would the planet be any different?

  27. Everyone Co2 is not the cause of our extreme weather of late. Visit Suspicious0bservers (with a zero) to find out why, updates are everyday without fail. Thumbs up so the people can be educated.

  28. so…we pump billions of gallons of oil from below the earths surface and transform it into trillions and trillions of btu's of heat burning it. Why is a slight measurable rise of atmospheric temperature considered a discovery?, Or…you've gota be kidding me…a Scientific Achievement?!  Shouldn't it have been considered more of an accurate assumption. I don't get where the surprise part comes in. Just another showcase of our overall stupidity as a species  

  29. "Is the Discovery of Global Warming Our Greatest Scientific Achievement"

    The laws of physics involved were discovered almost 200 years ago; I consider that the greatest achievement— discovering physics—  not the fact that the discovery also showed human-caused climate change would happen.

  30. Not even close. Relativity, electricity, written language, production of paper, discovery of atoms, the wheel, discovery of germs, clothing, shelter, sewage disposal, water purification, agricultural crops, fire, antibiotics, preservation of food. I could go on for hours. Claiming that the discovery of global warming should be on that list is idiotic. 

  31. Is it a great scientific achievement to have discovered, using ice core data, that about 9,100 of the last 10,500 years have actually been warmer than the last few decades?    

  32. Bro, we put a man on the moon, and man made objects have left our solar system. Pretty sure that trumps the discovery of climate change.

  33. Concerning the comment reply section: Gaming does have the infrastructure, like you said, for gamers. And not even all gamers, just the more avid ones. The sort of people who EV train their Pokemon. Or at least breed for natures. What needs to happen is presentation that simplifies or glosses over some of these more in-depth concepts to make them more accessible to… even just casual gamers, setting aside non-gamers.

    I think that there is definitely a future in competitive gaming, and that it may very well even end up on television (or the equivalent since that almost seems to be on its way out, in a way). Due to the inherent complexity in a lot of games, I think we'll end up with two main styles of reporting on the same game competition – one targeted at the more hardcore gamers and fans, and one that's a little lighter on the jargon and technical details for the less hardcore. Of course, some games will have a certain degree of inherent leaning towards one or the other. Shooters like Halo are pretty easy to understand well enough to watch a shooter match. Competitive Starcraft or other strategy games may be more analogous to golf in that if you watch it, you probably are pretty into it and likely play it yourself.

    As for the actual watching problem that can arise from having to look through the player's view – and I'm sure this is already used by esports – many games already have, and will likely come equipped or easily modifiable to have a sort of spectator mode. A "player" who isn't actually involved in the game itself, but is able to move about within and see the game world freely. The Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter show "Fails of the Weak" uses recorded games to allow for spectating and instant replays in ways that are remarkably similar to sports channels.

    …Well that turned out to be much longer than I intended… I should probably work on the length thing, especially as I get closer and closer to current episodes.

  34. Global warming is fake The sahara dessert was a jungle did we change it with fossil fuels millions of years ago.

  35. Yeah, guys…Climate Change isn't debatable. Sorry. Those of you who think it's "fake" are factually incorrect.

  36. Considering the massive impact of the knowledge about global climate change, I'd say it's at least the most relevant scientific achievement. If we find a solution for it, all together the discovery and solution will be the greatest achievement we could have in the modern era. At the same time, though, it's not truly the greatest achievement, as it's akin to figuring out you made a really big mess and need to clean it up.

    On your subject of feeling uninvited by competitive gaming, I think that's a lot of people. Generally you need to be very invested in a game to find out about the culture around it, which poses a problem. If it's more inviting people might be more interested. At the same time, are sports themselves really that inviting, or is it just that more people have grown up in the culture?

  37. 0:34 I just watched the video he's talking about. All it is is a short video with no references to where they're getting their factoids from and telling you how global warming works, and that it's real. I guess that means he thinks I'm SO stupid for questioning global warming that a simple video like that one is all my tiny mind needs to become convinced. That's quite insulting. That guy is an asshole.

  38. We have discovered that doubling CO2 will produce a 1 degree C increase in global temperature, the rest is unproven speculation. Not helped by the fact that nobody predicted the obvious pause in warming

  39. This guy is an idiot. GW is B.S. Science, notice he doesn't show facts?
    Fact. Earth temp has NOT increased over the last 10yrs !

  40. What is the gas most responsible for the greenhouse effect? Water vapor, by a large margin of 95%. Carbon dioxide is the next largest. How much of that do humans produce? 3%. Making our total contribution to greenhouse gasses .28% Look at the carbon dioxide and temperature records for the past 400,000 years from ice deposited, what comes first? Temperature change or co2 concentration? Temperature change, which means we may have causation confused. Remember that drastic chart Al Gore showed in his movie? It has been questioned by multiple scientists because of its strangely straight nature. Nothing in nature is straight. Which means it's likely either manufactured, or due to error. I believe in humans cleaning up their act; however I do not believe in the scare tactics employed by the majority of climate change advocates. I also do not like the way it is all anyone can talk about now, forget about rainforests losing thousands of acres a day, forget about the landfills filling up, forget about endangered species because they do not have millions of dollars of government lobbyist and funding behind them.Instead breathe in and out, congratulations, you just contributed to global warming right there. http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/journals/ci/31/special/may01_viewpoint.html.

  41. When I saw the King of Kong comment popped up I got really excited! Steve Wiebe was my science teacher in 7th grade and I remember doing a review on that movie for the paper.

  42. I have invented a pollution free divice that would eliminate air pollution in cars Today! My invention would use Hydrogen as a main fuel source! Hydrogen would come from water through my Hydrogen Converter! It would Eliminate fossil fuels as a main fuel source! The end result would be to Eliminate air pollution and reduce global warming! Also, my Hydrogen Converter would make countries like Mexico and the Americas Energy Independent from Foreign Oil! ! !

  43. Basically, get a few BOUGHT 'scientists', call them 'climate scientists', which means they NEED a problem to exist or they are out of a job.
    A new scam to tax ordinary people to death and make them poorer, lecture us on what we can't do, yet the elite do as they please.

  44. Maybe the creation of the scientific method is the biggest thing since without it modern science wouldn't be the same

  45. There has been no observed evidence of global warming over the previous 17 years.
    This video is just adding to unscientific hysteria.

  46. It is a general consensus that the burning of fossil fuels has led to the increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which subsequently has led to the warming of the earth.  What upsets me the most about the people who say global warming does not exist or humans are not the primary contributors is… This narrative is pushed heavily by the industry that would be most affected by a move away from the burning of fossil fuels.  The group of people that support the energy companies stance that global warming is not caused by the burning of fossil fuels, understand that a large part of their power is derived from this industry.  I.E. many people who politically support oil, gas, and coal energy industries belong to and or support the republican party.  Basically we are allowing the pockets of a few negatively affect the lives of billions.  Once sea levels rise to the point they are engulfing coastal cities, the energy companies won't be paying the bill, we will.  These companies will be long gone, but we will have to pay for their stifling of innovation.  We've had the technology to be off of fossil fuels for decades, but profit and market manipulation seems to win out every time.   

  47. (Manmade) global warming is not real. Don't cry wolf, pollution is the real enemy. Fight it head on, don't trick people into behavior modification. P.S. its -20 Celsius in Calgary right now, honestly I would take that 1.5 degrees right now!

  48. I figured out how to stop global warming. Put mother nature in check. You climate changing idiots need to admit that there the climate is in constant flux. Why don't you research how many ice ages there have been in the last 250 million years.

    Did humans have a hand in all those ice ages?

  49. No.

    Climate change is both technology and science. While it is an awesome application of technology, I don't really see much of the scientific method in it (though there's a lot of that in in the science underlying the technology). 

    A true scientific study would start with about 60 planet earths which would then be divided into two groups. One group would have humans and one wouldn't. 

    Of course that is impossible, but not all questions are easily answered by science. Instead we apply rules discovered by science and rational thought (plus biases, politics, and all the other crap humans bring to any decision) to make untested predictions. It's the best system we have. 

    So while climate change technology is impressive it's not all about science. 

    IMO Quantum Electrodynamics is our greatest scientific achievement. It was an hypothesis developed through logic and observation. It was then tested extensively and found to be true. The resulting understanding of the universe allowed a great leap forward in the human condition. (The internet among other technologies.)

  50. Google image search 'Climate Model Accuracy Vs Real World Observations'. The mainstream doesn't seem to understand that Anthropogenic global warming is a theory, and understood as such by scientists. Idea Channel is awesome by the way. 

  51. Global warming is not our fault because there is proof of the world going through this before the dawn of humans the world has gotten very hot and very cold before we just have to wait it out

  52. For me is great. True or not, global warming has led my city to a greener movement. There is less CO2 emotions the air is cleaner, we all reduce and separate our inorganic waste from organic. there are more and more consciousness about people sharing their vehicles, less traffic, even apps have been made to solve these problem. Newest cars spend like 50MPG. New technologies have to be energy efficient. We are slowly going from carbon/oil to solar/nuclear as a primary source for electricity. And still people are mad. I just don't even, whaaatttt

  53. hm, understanding global warming or climate change, or climate at all, is like looking into our future, our present aswell as our past. i'd agree that that is a big achievement.

  54. Hasn't the planet been warming since the ice age? Who is to blame for that? I agree that we should be more mindful of the fuels and emissions we use and produce, but who's to say that they are really the cause of this trend we've only realized after 200 years of studying the weather. Maybe our efforts will be a lost cause and we'll all burn up anyway and then the planet will freeze again and start all over. Who's to say that these events haven't occurred many times already? I think man's discovery of "everything being cyclic" is even more so his greatest discovery. Maybe we should look for methods of how to survive the cycles rather than how to interrupt them. Just a side thought. Then again, maybe we weren't meant to survive these drastic changes.

  55. So, if the Earth is a computer and Climate Change is happening, does that mean the Earth is being overclocked? 😀

  56. Wow you people actually believe your OWN SHIT…MORE State SPONSERED PROPAGANDA & BULLSHIT. Haven't figured out that they are ALL LIARS, yet? WAKE the HELL UP!

  57. It would be sad to think our greatest scientific achievement would be something untestable.

    And it's only a just cause if it can be shown that controlling the climate is a moral imperative. Its not obvious that that is impossible to prove.

  58. One problem I have is the technology we have today and use to record weather was not around a century ago, so how can we accurately measure the climate not to mention I'm 99% sure we were not measuring temperatures 100 years ago in all the countries on the earth so how can we say the average global temperatures are going up? if you add more countries to the average it changes the math so we can't have a consistent measurement.
    you would basiclly have to start over.

  59. If you believe in global warming you ought to understand two things without question. 1.) The continued increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration is because of the ever increasing emissions from China, India, and the developing nations around the world who are using cheap coal for much of their generation…FACT! 2.) The only base-load electrical generating system which can zero out CO2 release is nuclear and according to UN statistics its also the safest per Kwh of generation. You read that right and figures include those from Chernobyl and Fukushima…….FACT! Don't believe me? Look it up for yourselves, I challenge you.

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