68 thoughts on “Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Talk Marriage, Parenting And New Business | TODAY”

  1. everybody says relationship lot of work

    but if u love each other it's effortless relationship

    edit: maybe if it's too much work, it aint working????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. I wish it was at Target. I do not spend my money at a company like Wal-Mart. I vote with my hard earned dollar, and it's a shame they chose wal-mart.

  3. They only see each other one month out of the year?? Dang and I thought seeing my boyfriend one day every three weeks was bad.

  4. What irks me is that here they are trying promoting their amazing new line and all the hosts care about is knowing more about their personal lives. I think what dad and Kristen are doing is amazing their so down to earth to even think about that most celebs would just care about eating a quick buck but they actually want to help and make a difference :’) I can’t wait till I have kids so I can use their products

  5. I love kristen and Dax so much as parents, but more as human beings. They are role models to us all. I’m looking forward to buying their line at Walmart asap.

  6. “How are your kiddos?”
    “Uhh they’re so annoying!”
    LMAO 😂 I Love these two ❤️❤️ definitely buying their products when I have kids

  7. Bell so excitedly talking about her products line and Hoda just cut her off and switch topic and said "that's cool, by the way how are your kids?"😒

  8. As a Veronica Mars fan, every time I see her with Dax I feel like she is cheating on Logan with her husband.

  9. What does Jessica Alba's Honest company sell then? High priced, environmentally friendly baby stuff? It sounds similar!

  10. I love these two! My daughter is pregnant with twins and I’ve already started stocking up on Hello Bello products! I’m so excited! Good luck to you two, I know it’s going to do awesome!

  11. I don’t have kids but I might get some of these products for me cuz I’m allergic to petroleum 😂😂

  12. One of my sons has eczema, the other has allergies. I know what she means about budget vs ingredients…it can be exhausting

  13. They seem to live their marriage through the media. I like them but it just seems made for social media. But I think they are both great. And the good place is amazing.

  14. wow they went to one if the first rate fair-trade big business companies to sell their products always thinking of the working class

  15. You know what's crazy,it's actually not expensive to make healthy products but they want you to think that as excuse to sell it expensive

  16. raising there kids there on sets 12 hours a day they could both retire if they wanted kristin bell is worth 20 million,and her sister is married has 4 kids and lives in a 3 bedroon house with 1 bathroom?buy your sister a 6 bedroom house with three bathrooms in michigan not california and send her money mothley so she dont have to work and raise her kids and retire yourself for 5 years and live off that frozen cartoon money you should have been payed 20 million for the second one?and your worth 20 now

  17. With their nature and nurture, the personalities of their parents – those two kids are going to be wonderful human beings.

  18. Do they not share the kids’ names? I noticed the pictures had no face shots. Which I totally understand I was just wondering.

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