– No, no, do you think
I should do that Jon? Hey Jon, seriously Jon. Jon, do you think I should just sign? – Alright, you’re about to see Don Trump ask this reporter named Jon Karl the exact same question
eight times in 26 seconds. You basically have to be an auctioneer to talk that fast but Trump gets it done. (auctioneer chanting) When I saw this video this
morning I was cracking up, and the way it ends at
the very end is awesome. There’s a lot to learn from that. And what I want you to
learn from this video is the importance of focusing on delivery versus the words you say. I have so many guys that
come to me for coaching, and they always say “I can’t think of the right words to say.” And then I listen to them in interaction. They come up with all
the right things to say, it’s their delivery that’s totally bogus. So we’re gonna learn
something in this video by focusing on that and see
how Don Trump does that well. I’m Barron Cruz. Think of me as your
personal social consultant that’s gonna help you
polish up your social skills and speak with a strong
commanding tone of voice, that’s gonna get people to
respect and be attracted to you. Now, the first thing we’re gonna do is break down this footage right here. So let’s roll the tape. – [Jon Karl] Mr. President, what do you say to those federal workers, security guards, Secret
Service agents, TSA agents, who are now going without pay? – [Barron Cruz] Alright
that’s interviewer Jon Karl who asked that question. I wanna play this before we get into the auctioneer eight
questions in 26 seconds, because it kind of sets the
stage for the whole thing. – I think they have been terrific. These are terrific patriots. A lot of them agree with what I’m doing. And I hope we’re gonna have
the situation worked out. But they want security in
our country, and so do I. That’s all we want. We want security. We want common sense. – [Barron Cruz] Alright,
you riddled off a lot of different things there. But he’s really good at
answering the question that you want to be asked. You know, basically that reporter, Jon, said what would you say about these people who are not getting paid? You know, that work for the government. And as opposed to saying, “Well, it’s a shame, you know, “I know their families
are probably struggling, “it’s unexpected, “how can you plan for this?” He says, “They’re great patriots. “A lot of them really are
behind what I’m doing.” So you spin it in a way of
what do you think about them, as far as people, well I think they’re great people, I think they’re doing a great job, hope we get those resolved. But what is the last
thing that he said there? He kind of slipped it
by, watch this again. – But they want security in our country and so do I, that’s all we want. We want security, we want common sense. – [Barron Cruz] We want common sense. He, I noticed on a post that
he has today on Facebook, he’s really trying to reduce down, and deduce down his ideas to
the very simplest core ideas. So this one that he put on Facebook today, you can see right here. This is a choice between right and wrong. It doesn’t get any easier
to digest than that, and of course whoever’s side he’s on is the right side, you know, if the people who want
to re-open the government and don’t want to fund a wall, they could also deduce
their arguments down, do people want right or wrong? This is common sense, right. The word common sense, it’s common sense that
people are on your side, but not common sense when they’re not. But when you’re speaking to your base and using terms like
that, people like that. They hear that, regardless, and I’m not saying Trump
is the only one that uses, politicians use all the time
no matter what side you’re on, but people think yeah, it is about what’s right and wrong. It is common sense. When they’re on the side
of it it makes sense. But if it was someone to
say that they other side, it wouldn’t make as much sense. That’s a tactic that he uses
effectively in this case. – Okay. What else? Any questions? – [Jon Karl] So why not
sign the other bills though? So some of these workers can get paid– – Do you think I should do that? – [Jon Karl] Yeah, you could. – No, no, do you think
I should do that, Jon? – [Jon Karl] Well I mean,
it’s not for me to say that. – I mean I watch your one-sided reporting. Do you think I should do that? Hey Jon, no seriously Jon, do you think I should just sign? – [Jon Karl] Well the argument– – No, no, tell me, tell me. – [Jon Karl] Sign these bills that have nothing to do with border security. – Jon, do you think I should just sign? – [John Karl] I’m saying if you sign that these workers can start getting paid. – So you would do that if
you were in my position, you would do that? – I’m not in your position, I’m asking if you’ve had– – I’m asking you, would you do that if
you were in my position? Because if you would do that, you should never be in this position. – Alright, let’s stop
the tape right there. What do you see a lot of
people do in this situation, where they’re gonna ask a
question over and over again? Their emotion escalates with each time they ask the question. Why do you not wanna do that? Because any time you
show emotional reaction, it brings your status down and the person that you are
reacting to’s status up. I don’t have time to get into that, I talk about that in a
bunch of other videos. But when you watch Trump, not only is he not having
heightened emotions, but he actually laughs
like this is kinda funny. He’s not getting worked up at all. He actually poses the
question one of the times in a way that it sounds like he’s asking a different question, but
then goes straight back to the original question. He’s having fun with it. So always remember, when you’re using this technique, don’t get worked up, don’t get emotional about it, it’s not what you want, it gives off the wrong impression. Alright, before we see the end of this, which he rolls out with a ton of momentum, we gotta go back and watch it. Eight times he says that. And I wanna break down each one because there’s a lot of different things that he does when he’s asking that that add to the effect of it. And as we go back through
and watch this again, I want you to notice as we talked about at the beginning of this
video, Trump’s tonality. Right, he’s not getting angry, he’s not supplicative, he’s talking with rapport breaking tone. What would you do? What should I do? That’s a rapport breaking tone. If you don’t understand
the basic tonalities, you can grab a free checklist
up here in the right corner, just touch or click up here right now. And you can download, it’s gonna go through
the basics of tonality so you can understand what’s going on to be sure that you’re speaking
with the right tonality for the right occasion. – What else? Any questions? – [Jon Karl] Why not sign
the other bills though? So some of these workers can get paid– – You think I should do that? – [Barron Cruz] One. – No, no, do you think
I should do that, Jon? – [Barron Cruz] Two. – I mean I watch your one-sided reporting, do you think I should do that? – [Barron Cruz] Okay, so
there he’s not giving Jon the time to answer the question, he doesn’t want a question. So he asks twice, and then he says you
have one-sided reporting, straight back into the question again. But on the other side, Jon is not answering the question either, he’s trying to talk around it, and Trump keeps cutting him off. – Hey Jon, no seriously Jon, do you think I should just sign? No, no, tell me, tell me. Jon, do you think I should just sign? – [Barron Cruz] He’s held his
feet to the fire five times at this point just
asking the same question. – [Jon Karl] I’m saying if you sign that, these workers can start getting paid. – So you would do that, if you were in my position you’d do that? – [Barron Cruz] So now he tries
a bit of a different angle, if you were in my position. So it starts out Jon,
should I sign, right? Almost a little play on like, you’re the big authority now, should I do it? Like I’m taking advice from you, you know what I mean, like if you’re talking to a third grader and you’re thinking about getting a car. And it’s like some sports
car the third grader loves. And you’re like, “Billy, do you
think I should get the car?” You know you’re not gonna listen to him. But you’re kind of playing on that, the idea of them being in authority. Should I do it? And then he moves on to
if you were in my shoes, so he tries this new technique, just to kinda really hammer it in. – I’m asking you, would you do that if
you were in my position? Because if you would do that, you should never be in this position. Because you’d never get anything done. Goodbye everybody, thank you very much. – [Barron Cruz] Okay, you see that, that’s one important thing
I want you to understand. At the end of that, he has so much momentum by
putting him on the spot, not giving the chance to answer, getting in his little cracks, you know, you’re one-sided, all this would you do that? He knows he doesn’t wanna answer it, so he keeps hammering
him with that question. Now, the momentum is so high that it only makes sense for him to end. ‘Cause if he was to keep going and keep interacting with him and going back and forth, it’s not gonna get any better than this. And what can you learn from that? Always leave on a high note. You can tell in conversation when it’s a combative conversation like this, you can tell when the real high note hits. Don’t hang around, don’t bask in it. Listen how Trump calls this thing off as soon as it’s, as soon as he wants to. – Because if you would do that, you should never be in this position because you’d never get anything done. Goodbye everybody, thank you very much. – Right onto it, no chance for rebuttal
or anything like that. Hey, do you have an Instagram account? If you do, I’m putting out
a lot more content on there, I’m actually putting out
videos almost every day that you’re not gonna find on YouTube, so I suggest you follow me on there if you’re not right now. And I wanna tell you, I went out last weekend on a date. And there were a few chairs
that were open at the bar, which is kind of strange, because it was kind of late at night, it was about 11 o’clock, and it was going crazy. And I went up there with my date to try to sit down and order a drink. And there was a dude there
who was giving me a hard time. If you wanna hear the story about how that went down, and the action that I took to handle it you can click right here to do so. I’ll talk to you there. This girl that I’m with, and I said hey, why don’t we find out
who’s chair these are? Worst case scenario you can probably sit in this one right here, and I’ll just stand, you’ll be able to get a drink and kind of get the night going and see where it goes from there. And so as we walk up there.

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