100 thoughts on “Macron under pressure as French pension protests leaves Paris burning”

  1. This is all because they need the money to pay for all the uneducated inbred freeloading Gimmigrants that come into the country and offer nothing but a drain on the welfare system,95% of migrants are unemployed and unemployable wonder were all the doctors and lawyers are eh

  2. Why not burn something Macron owns instead of your own streets? Macron doesnt care about France but he certainly cares about his own home. Protest in front of his home

  3. Lefties and a good economy is don't go together , never have. Look at ANY left wing gov and you see economic chaos. Do you need examples? Just look around.

  4. Paris burns: lmao: isn't Americas economy tied into the French? Lmao. Anyone have a lighter or match when America bubble burst again? Lmao

  5. Pension fund theft is happening all over the world. It happend in Ireland, Its happening in Brazil. It's a theft of epic proportion. Stealing from the elderly if a thug on the street robbed an old lady. Most people would be happy for him to be bashed. Your government do it and it's called pension reforms.

  6. How much they pay for immigration? Are there native french left? Who are they still replacing ? All I see is black people in what used to be France

  7. Let’s imagine we replace Macron by Trump and vice versa.

    I wonder who will last longer, Macron as POTUS or Trump as French President.

    Guessing won’t be difficult.

  8. No comments being allowed if you dislike a post ? Rat manipulation.
    That is Why this comment on the Live Hearing is appearing here.
    F the DESPERATE DEMORAT Kangaroo court hearings.

  9. This is exactly what socialism does to a country don't be fooled if Hillary Clinton would have become president we would be in the same boat as France without a doubt

  10. unarmed protester vs armed gouvernement = macron laughing .  , those protester are like baby seal waiting to get clubbed by the police and army .
    that what gun control is about and used for .

  11. Macron could ask Trudeau for help?
    Trump 2020 more 40 minute press conferences. What’s your number how much do you owe at NATO??

  12. Macron is giving all the money to Muslims while the French people suffer. He wants population replacement like Merkel


  14. ….and yet French politicians will make sure Their Taxpayer funded pensions will see them in retirement comfort….

  15. When will France learn? History keeps repeating itself with this Country. It’s insane. The only war this Country has ever won is against itself.

  16. Taking down Macron is taking down a piece of Nwo. Macron was groomed since child to make him president. His current “wife” was his handler. You can find pic of macron as school child and his handler aka wife standing right next to him hugging.

  17. Have to love that inclusivity and woke policy agendas haha ? good on France, if the elites won’t govern properly ruin their days.

  18. Macron obviously cannot think and act on more than one problem at a time unlike President Trump who multi task covering a range of problems at one time.

  19. LMAO, didn't the union workers overwhelming vote for Macron? I love it when the left gets to learn the hard lesson that eventually you run out of other peoples money.

  20. The issue is pensions in general. Why do you get paid forever? The quick way to fix this for the future in any country is a Social security system attached to you. No more general fund. No government officials can touch it. Index funds only with low fees. You can touch it at 65 or older and anything left transfers to your spouse and then your kids tax free.

  21. Paris burning, canada torn apart and 70k plus job loss, merkal about to get the boot by Germany, England in tatters with brexit, but yeah, they laugh at trump. You can bring up the impeachment if you like but we all know trump is not going anywhere with 2/3 vote needed in Senate and weak dem canidates such as biden and Warren.

  22. Wow am I getting this right ??he’s threatening to crash his economy if we don’t give him what he wants haha??? Hahahahaha!!!!

  23. if Americans were as tough qnd vocal as the French, they would be enjoying medicare for all and cheap university fees, better public transportation and less people in jail… the French are doing it right

  24. Maybe if there wasn’t a migrant crisis flooding France, the government would still be able to afford its public pensions.

  25. Macron and Trudeau are two of the biggest dumbass morons in the universe who are hell bent on turning their countries into Muslim and immigrant third world hell holes. And so far they are succeeding. Funny how these two imbeciles had to feel better about themselves by bashing and giggling like school yard little girl behind trumps back. Hey you two.!!! Look at how your countries feel about you and say about you and how chaotic your countries are and then look at how strong and great America is. Especially compared to how clear it is you two have no idea what you are doing Trump 2020 you teenage acting asshats.

  26. Yeah, go ahead and laugh at Trump and the U.S., ya little B!tch…it’s no secret why France has so many tree-lined boulevards—so that invading armies can march in the shade. So before you trash the U.S., remember that it’s our protection in two world wars that allow you your petty slights…

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