It’s the most important thing. Like I’m not sure. I’ll just wait for you ask questions. But like it’s.. I want, I want them, wherever they’re at. Like I have no inclination to where they’re at right now. Like I’ve exhausted like every friend that I know of. And every friend that I have has called friends that Shanann has that maybe I didn’t know about. And it’s just like, There’s, it’s like it was vanished, like she’s not like when I got home yesterday, it was like it ghost town. Like she wasn’t here, kids weren’t here. I have no idea like where they went. And it doesn’t, it’s just earth-shattering. I don’t feel like this is even real right now. It’s like a nightmare that I just can’t wake up from. It’s like yest- I’d text her a few times, called her. I didn’t get a response, which that was a little off. And then her friend Nicole showed up about a little after noon. I could see on the doorbell camera,
and I was like “Hey what’s going on?” She’s like “I can’t get ahold of Shanann.” And that’s when I was just like, all right something’s not right if she’s not answering the door and she said the car was here. Just like, I gotta go home And we got here, got inside, and nobody was here. Not, nothing. Yeah cause like Bella was gonna start
kindergarten next next Monday. And they were just getting ready to start, start back again. Yeah cause like she was here at the front door, and that’s when I kinda knew, OK like if she’s not answering anybody else either, this is, this isn’t like her cause I mean she works at direct sales business, and that’s her, that’s what she does. And for her not to respond to any of her people that, I mean if she doesn’t respond to me that’s fine. I mean like she’s busy. She’s got stuff going on, but not to respond to her people though that was that was not like her. Like I I was trying to get home as fast
as I can. I was blowing through stoplights. I was pulling through everything just trying to get home as fast as I can cause none of this made sense. Like if she wasn’t here, like where did she go? Like once I got here it was like all right, who can I call? Who do I know that she could be with right now? If she went to a friend’s house, where could she be staying? And we went through everybody, I mean just everything in my in my contact list and her friend’s contact list, and nothing has
come up. Everybody has said like they haven’t heard from her either. I’m just hoping right now that she’s somewhere safe, and maybe she’s just,
she’s there. But right now it’s just like, if she’s vanished, like I want her back so bad. I want those kids back so bad. Yeah I mean… everybody’s going to have their own opinion on anything like this. I just want people to know that I want my family back, like I want them safe. And I want them here. Like this house is not the same. I mean last night was traumatic. Last night was…I can’t really stay in this house again, like with nobody here. And last night I wanted, I wanted that knock on the door. I wanted to see, I wanted to see those kids running, running, just just barrel rush me and just give me a hug and knock me on the ground, but that didn’t happen. Probably my friends Nick and Amanda. Just I mean.. unless something develops in the next next hours or so. Like I’m hoping that somebody sees something or somebody knows something and comes forward. Not knowing life if they’re safe or if they’re in trouble. Like there’s just that, that variable like I’m not sure. I mean I can’t do anything right now from
where I’m at. Like I’m not sure if they’re safe somewhere just huddled up somewhere or if they’re in trouble. And knowing that they could be in trouble, it, it’s just earth-shattering right now, and it doesn’t feel like it’s real. No, no. Like we have camera there. Neighbor has a camera. We, I mean
everything was everything’s checked out. A doorbell, only, only right there. The
neighbor has one over there. Front door was locked. The garage door was unlocked, but that that’s normal for like when she comes in the house. She leaves it unlocked just so she can come in and out, just in case you know, did you get in the garage door, but the back sliding door was locked as well. I don’t want to put anything out there like suspecting like if something, like
somebody pulled in the back and because we have driveway back there from the new town homes, but it’s so hard to tell. Like there’s no cameras in the backyard or anything like that. So it’s, it’s really hard to even suspect anything right now, as far as how she could have left or if someone came, picked her up or somebody took her. I’ve, I’ve never seen something like this in my lifetime unless it was on TV or a movie. And this, this doesn’t seem real at all. It just seems like I’m living in a nightmare, and I can’t get out of it. I just want them home so bad. Yeah, I had the kids over the weekend. She got home really late, about 2 a.m., from the airport when she got back from Arizona. No. Yes. I saw her when she got in, but it was really quick just because it was 2 a.m. in the morning, but I saw the kids in the monitor before I left, and that was it. Right now, I mean Frederick Police Department they’ve been, they’ve been on point. They’ve, the officers, detective, sergeants
K-9 units here, they’re getting scents so hopefully they can pick up something and kind of go in a direction that will actually lead us to where maybe they’re at right now. Oh this is a, think she got it off Amazon, but this is my favorite college sports team. She was, yeah, just in North Carolina. Yep, so she probably, she actually probably got it from there. Usually she gets stuff from Amazon, but this one I like these shirts a lot. Celeste, she’s just a ball of energy. She’s, call her Rampage cause she’s like, she’s just always, she’s got two speeds, go or she’s sleeping. And she’s always a troublemaker. She’s always the one like jumping off things, you know, and just yelling at you and all kinds of things. And Bella, she’s the more calm, cautious, mothering type. And she’s, she’s more like me. She’s more calm. She’s, but Celeste has definitely got her mom’s personality where she’s always just gung-ho ready to go. It’s like that’s why I want everybody back. That’s why everybody, I need everybody back here. I need everybody safe.

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