81 thoughts on “Mansoor to honor his homeland against Cesaro: Crown Jewel media event, Oct. 30, 2019”

  1. Everyone Knows..? Cesaro is not going to Wins Against Him at Any Case..

    Because Mansoor? is The Local Guy of Saudi Arabia ??

  2. "Fond memories from growing up in Riyadh"
    They publicly executed homosexuals in Riyadh while he growing up. Riyadh is the city of evil.

  3. “I’ve so many fun memories about growing up here: my father beating his wife, my father beating his other wife, my father beating another of his seven wives…”

  4. This guy only gets pushed on a Saudi Arabia show and he thinks he is a already a WWE superstar lmao.
    Also Cesaro would win in a realistic match.

  5. I really feel bad for cesaro, he one of the best wrestlers on the world, and he need to job a match to mansor, so sad,i hope that he will get the push he deserve

  6. why is he in thr main roster already lol. This would make sense if they actually did something with him besides having him wrestle at saudi shows because he is from saudi arabia

  7. لا تصدق نفسك انك فزت بالرويال رامبل فلوس سلمان اللي فوزتك smiple Money and alot of Money make you wins at end the day

  8. برفع راسكم وان شالله ما اخذلكم برعايه مترجم قوقل ? زين عندنا مصارع في. Wwe

  9. Mansoor is a pretty good wrestler and great promo, not to mention is Cole Quinn from the 2k mycareer. It's a shame WWE only use him for the Saudi shows

  10. I know Cesaro is gonna lose to Mansoor, and that is sad. Plus, it is his home country, so this guy is gonna take the win, but was that his entrance theme? ? Kinda like it. ?

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