My name is Amjid Khazir. I am the
director of Media Cultured, which is a social enterprise through which we
deliver education and training to schools and colleges to tackle racism
and extremism and to promote community cohesion. September 11th happened and it
kind of makes you question your own place in the world as a Muslim. On a
personal level we lost a family member – my uncle Mohammed Zabir in what police
believe was a racist attack. The investment that we took on board has allowed Media Cultured to move on to the next level of its growth. We needed a
website. We required our own office space. That has now allowed us to build our
client base. We’ve done presentations for the Premier League and we’re partnering with various organisations across the country now. As Police and Crime Commissioner, I’m
very keen to work for a safe, tolerant and inclusive society in the Cleveland
area. Media Cultured are an excellent example of an organisation that’s
community focused and community based so I have a high regard for Amjid and the
work that Media Cultured has done. So whether it’s a visit to a mosque, a
presentation to students or a training event for senior corporate members of
any particular organisation, that’s how we deliver our message, our work and our product. We wanted to invest in Media Cultured because we thought that they were
dealing with a very, very tricky issue. The investments in Media Cultured was
structured in a way to help them test their ideas and then develop those ideas. A piece of advice that I would give to any social entrepreneur considering taking on investment is really understand your business model. Is your
business ready and in need of investment? Are you able to pay that investment back.
But most importantly, to make that decision, get good advice. One of the things that really stood out for us was the work that Amjid had done as an individual. You know, identifying what action he wanted to take, building his business of mission around his kind of personal view of the world. You want to create a world in which people get on, communities see past their differences
and people see past their different beliefs and different
religions and find common ground

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