conversation when you have Mr. Cohen telling Mr. Trump that I’ve already gone over this with weisselberger. So that’s September of 2016. And by how I understand calendars, that’s somewhat before January of 2017. So I wonder if they gave him immunity to tell that story that you have just referred to. So I find it very difficult to believe. And I don’t know how a chief financial officer decides to pay out $420,000 or 35 payments a month in 2017 for services rendered that are invisible. And I wonder who that second executive is that they referred to as well because the second executive in the trump organization could be a trump family member. One of the three half-siblings, if you will. Don Jr. So I get the feeling that the immunity is created because they are going after the family. As well as, perhaps, the corporate structure.>>We don’t know those names that certainly could go in that direction potentially. Kristen Welker, I have been making calls today trying to figure out how money was paid out in the trump organize. I talked to two folks who worked for the trump organization. One told knee when they needed to be rebersed for an expense, Donald Trump had to sign that invoice. That person had to go to Donald Trump’s office, explain what it was and get Donald Trump to sign it before they went to Allen weisselberger to get paid out. Both people said that Donald Trump was a huge micromanager when it came to the finances, that he knew about everything leaving the trump organization, that he personally signed

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  1. This 'Drama at the white house' gets better by the Hour!
    Lies, deceit, back room deals, alternate facts, heart attacks, hiring's and firings, bash the press, laundered money, Playboy Bunnies, misused funds, denials, weekly Golf, nepotism,
    Perjury, prison sentences…….
    Add your own……………

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