100 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell At Nexus Of Increased Russian Leverage On U.S. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Google and Facebook both made by Russians.
    A people should know when they've been conquered. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🧠🧠🤪

  2. I hope you are feeling better Ms.Rachel.
    Your lost vacation is our gain.
    Thanks as always for your reporting.
    You are totally awesome.

  3. Moscow Mitch is a traitor. These so-called patriots are always getting married to Communist women or women that were raised Communists. I don’t understand why the American people don’t see it. I guess as long as they marry a White woman or man it’s okay. Trump shows every day that he hates America. Moscow Mitch was duped into his marriage because who would want to wake up looking at his face every day. Gheeesh!

  4. We need election security legislation passed immediately! Not later! Now! Period! Period! Period! Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Enough is enough already! Impeach!

  5. rich moscow mitch doesnt even have the excuses of being just dumb or insane like "some" of the republicans of today, he is just willing to give the country away for his own gain and in the service of the corporate and foreign dictators stomping down majority of mankind into no more than their slaves

  6. How can mitch McConnell get away with what he is blatantly doing???? Is he the end all be all when it comes to decisions about our country. No strict gun regulations, no protection for our electoral system, no nothing.


  8. The state of Kentucky will vote Mitch into office AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN as long as they see a rich old culture-less white man in office THEY ARE HAPPY ! 🤦🏽‍♂️Even if it means going against their interests

  9. Drain that swamp huh ? Stop all those shady deals and such huh ?
    Still enjoying all the winning Republicans ? America first ?

  10. Start assassinating the Russian Oligarchs who interfered with our elections. Maybe then, they will learn to stay out of our business.

  11. If "one man Mitch" can sell the country out, there is no democracy, is there? It, in fact, is a whole bunch of the gop members that absolutely lack the ability to reason out when presented with more than one fact, without inserting themselves in it to see what they can gleam out of it – that ludicrous Lindsey Graham, for one, constantly contradicting himself while making things up as he speaks

  12. The USA is now getting a taste of its own medicine. Plenty of countries have been targets of US meddling – look how it has made Latin America so unstable. Soon the USA will be no different to Brazil.

  13. How could any registered republican stay in that traitorous party? How many crimes can you ignore before admitting they are not worth electing EVER again?

  14. What is the need to set up 9 new Ali plants in America, if there was obvious profit to be made they'd be there already, this isn't about jobs in the metal industry.

  15. Why did a group of Republicans go to Moscow in July of 2018, and what did they talk to the Russians about behind closed doors?

  16. Ask Mitch McConnell about when the United States government took approximately 36,000 acres of land comprising three counties .. Union, Webster and Henderson counties in western Kentucky 1941..1942. My grandfather lived in Union County KY and leased oil and methane to the Kentucky Natural Gas Corporation and SUNOCO before the outbreak of WW2.The landowners were forced off there land but we're never
    paid anything for the oil coal and methane underneath. When the U. S. government shut down my grandfathers oil and methane leases ,SUNOCO and the Kentucky Natural Gas Corporation claimed that they lost money from the leases being shut down and the U. S. government payed the oil and methane companies for their losses but then made my grandfather pay them.. the U. S. government back for what the U. S. government had paid the oil and methane companies in compensation for the shut down of the leases.
    The Congress of the United States introduced legislation for the former landowners of Union, Webster and Henderson counties in western Kentucky to sue the government for compensation of the oil coal and methane underneath the former landowners properties and the legislation for compensation of the oil coal and methane underneath the former landowners properties for approximately fourteen years and then after as a federal class action lawsuit for another approximately fourteen years. Yet today no compensation what so ever has been awarded to the former landowners including my own family and my name is on personally signed in ink inheritance documents and consent forms inside the federal class action lawsuit for compensation of the oil coal and methane underneath my grandfathers former land.
    The legislation process was on the floor of Congress for approximately fourteen years and then the class action federal lawsuit was in the Federal Court of Claims
    for another approximately fourteen years totaling approximately twenty eight years. Peabody Energy's two top producing coal mines are located directly underneath my grandfathers former land in Union County KY.
    And the attorney Stephen Pitt , formerly with Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs ,the attorney who argued in the Federal Court of claims for the plaintiffs , the former landowners of Union ,Webster and Henderson counties western Kentucky , is now Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's attorney.

  17. While as a citizen I hate what's happening inside the US government, I can't help pondering, to what degree we are that pot calling the kettle black? Hasn't the USA employed such tactics in the past, and may be doing so at this very moment? Trump, Mitch, many republicans, along with some democrats are willing to not honor their oath of office.

  18. Honestly Putin has laid out a brilliant plan. Not only do his cohorts wash their dirty money through elected officials in the US, they can a foothold into the economy & everyday lives of Americans. And he plays right into republicans strengths, greed, capitalism, & ignorance. They don't stand a chance. In fact they will welcome it with open arms. It would take love of country & integrity over cultism & greed to refuse such an offer & we know that's not in their makeup. As long as republicans remain in office we're screwed. Keep your eyes on the red bouncing ball folks it will happen again. We may not find out about if for a while but it will.

  19. Russia has dirt on Trump and a good number of Republican politicians. They will do nothing to displease their master.

  20. How is it that Mitch McCon-man has not been arrested yet for violations of the FCPA laws?? And Trump for that matter?!

  21. The @senmajldr acting in the interests of the United States' greatest adversary, Vladimir Putin. How far our country's political system and one party the @GOP have fallen. You guessed it – Just as Vlad wants.

  22. How scared might Paul Manafort be nowadays, languishing in prison, when the Putin oligarch Oleg Daripaska whom the former attorney Manafort stiffed for what, $17M+ ? — can arrange for a fellow prisoner to put the shiv to Mr Manafort.

  23. Kentuckians who have or will vote for Moscow Mitch are a stain on the great state of Kentucky. Historically, Kentuckians have not been easily led down the garden path and have been fiercely opposed to anything or anyone that threatens their liberty and right to choose. Alas, Moscow Mitch has taken advantage of the dumbing down of America that has apparently eroded all they once held dear.

  24. But America keeps letting Moscow Mitch do what he does. America keeps letting Trump increase the level in of hate. Quit blaming Russia. People like Moscow Mitch and Putin’s puppy Trump are doing this to YOU, America, and you DO NOT WANT TO STOP THEM. Then you blame Putin. Look in the mirror, America.

  25. McConnell couldn't allow a "clap back" as you call it. He had already done all the leg work through his chinese government associated wife as intermediary with russia to have them do this cyber attack to get the next president he wanted. I wouldn't be surprised if it was McConnell that got trump to run simply because he knew he could control him. I knew there was something fishy about McConnells "I'll do it if the president says yes" bu then the president is always getting McConnells permission. Like I said before I think she is McConnells handler for the chinese government. How long has McConnell been married to the lady? NOW you have all this with russia and who is russias ally? Would that be China? hmmmm. I find it completely odd that just mcconnell can hold that much power when he isn't the president.

  26. One Welsh expression for taking a dump is called pen crwpan – the turtles head in English. How appropriate.

  27. Every 24 hours at least black man will be arrested for a victimless crime involving drugs and sent away for over a decade. Yet, Moscow Mitch has committed treason by my count 11 times and has yet to be sent to the guillotine?!!? How is he still alive with all his crimes against the USA, against humanity?

  28. Rachel Repeat Rachel Repeat . Didn't she just say that? I don't know why she thinks I didn't hear her the first two times.

  29. Well Rachel what you are describing here is the same the US has done to other countries for decades 🙂 The taste of your own medecine doesnt seem to go well with you ^^

  30. You think Russia would let US own key industry in Russia and influence their elections wait Russian elections a sham American elections soon to be

  31. How odd. Moscow Mitch reputedly has only a thirty three percent approval rating, yet he keeps winning elections. 🎶 There's something here / What it is ain't exactly clear … 🎶

  32. McConnell calls his "Moscow Mitch" nickname "McCarthyism". McCarthy's smears were baseless though. McConnell's actions actively assist Russia.

  33. McConnell is nothing short of a traitor. No one person in Congress should have this kind of power, let alone one who continues to commit treason.

  34. You know what you need to do after the 2020 elections. Investigate, and if found guilty of treason, public Hangings.

  35. Moscow Mitch is a real thing. This is so disturbing. Impeach Moscow Mitch. A genuine traitor. Lock him up with Trump and Manafort.

  36. Please pull out of the deal. We should outlaw this "deal" with the devil Derapaska. This is an all out assault. We are fools.

  37. McConnell, Trump, Manafort, that General, and Graham are all just sell-outs. Include LaPierre NRA on that list. Money loving traitors.

  38. Many thanks to Rachel Maddow for caring enough to shine the light of day into the swamp lair of Republican rotters. Stinky business.

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