yeah brilliant lovely to meet you may
all the best have a lovely weekend and out you survived the wind and if that
was on top then there would be a different connotation all the best now
bye-bye now hello and welcome back my name’s Callum from DX Commander and I’ve
had a great couple of days Tom with them yesterday that was Thursday helped me
put the doublet up so if you remember the doublet projects been in my mind now
for a well over a year in fact I was quite keen to get it up last year never
got around to it I made out of thick nylon 6 or UHMWPE ultra high molecular
weight polyethylene Barrett cor inch thick 6 mil drilled it all out put some
balance line in it and everything else but I was waiting until I had some
really nice wire so I’ve used DX 50 and 10 or Y so that’s got a Kevlar core in
it and a braided tinned copper outside and I was quite keen to make sure the
shock absorption of the two loops each end one loop has to go through the
little square plastic doublet sensor and the other loops got to go to a dog bone
connector so to start with I used cable ties but I wasn’t happy with that
because cable ties could fail well anything can fail all right but in the
end I went with three small sections of glue lined heat shrink to hold it all in
place little bit of heat shrink over the connector six mil ring connector that
held the stainless bolts double-bolted down on top and tension it all up great
so far so I’ve got two 30 meter legs then I’ve got this mast rent three
millimeter very very high duty halli ‘it’s okay for each end because so
what’s that a hundred feet per leg 30 metres and then you’ve got more line
each way you know it becomes a very long antenna once you’ve got a long antenna
that picks up breeze it picks up all sorts of things and if you want to get
something that mats straw the amount of tension you need to pull
up is quite incredible I’ll come to that in a minute anyway Tom helped me we had
at the very top of the oak tree where I’ve got an aluminium small stubby mouse
bolted into the oak tree then on top of that I’ve got a 4.6 meters just under
that 18 17 feet a saleable windsurfing mast that slipped over the top and right
at the very top of this eye because it’s everything I had around at the time to
dog bone connectors I just need the bottom holes for the dog bones and that
strapped with a massive hose clamp now we were tugging on it pretty hard
yesterday and it didn’t fall off or fail so that was a good non-destructive test
we got up to but the old power cords been up there getting on probably for
four years it was gone a bit moldy it was still perfectly serviceable but
while we took the 40 meter dipole town that dispense with her measured the legs
before I got rid of it to make sure four point eight eight centimeters so I know
that the length of that when I replace it although will I replace it because
this doublet is now working very long and then we had to replace this paracord
and there’s two huge loops you see they go up and down one each side of the pole
I was getting the paracord connected to the the new Perigord to the old paracord
but as you pull it up it would twist and it was too much to go through the hole
now it would fall off or get stuck thinking I’ll know so in the end had to
bite the bullet and just graft cut the the loop graft a long piece of genuine
550 paracord graft one on top of the other with little pin installation well
quite a lot of insulation tape but enough to make it donkey if you know
what I mean and then cut a long story short we got two new brand new loops
apparel quarter and then it was just a case of pulling up the new doublet which
is a pain in the ass because you’ve not only got the cold you pulling up with
you’re dragging up the ladder line and the centerpiece and the two elements and
it’s getting tangled uh-huh Jesus never underestimate and I do always
think someone’s gonna take two errors oh it was about 11:00 until 5:00 this job
and then I couldn’t find a lifting eye that I wanted to screw into the oak tree
at the far end so I quickly found a little bit of angle aluminium angle
drilled some holes in it found some stainless bolts they went perfectly in
the oak tree and it was just a case of putting a shackle and I think we used a
lifting little carabiner actually I don’t think that stainless so it’ll rust
away gradually but at the other end on the Wi-Fi point that’s all stainless
hardware so it was great tension it up and oh it might be Emily home tension up
and it works a tree the only worry I’ve got is it the very
top now with my telephoto lens I could see this morning the doublet Center is
off and is caught behind very slightly with the ring connector it needs to be
dragged out so any that’s what I’ve been up to and so hopefully it’s a good
excuse for me the live stream now on 80 meters top band so I’ll be able to go
down and see the top round net or 19:33 apparently looking up for me and of
course it’ll do all the other bands as well 60 30 40 I can go where I want
testing today here now before I leave is my test today on 80 meters in the
meantime thanks for tuning give us a thumbs up and if you haven’t already
subscribed hit the subscribe button that give me a real bump up here’s my fun and
games with a little pile up for generating I wasn’t live-streaming at
the time about 350 Watts from Lapworth England here we go
mica zero x-ray x-ray tango CQC keel over yeah g3k Eevee nice to meet you nice and
strong at five and nine a name here is cow or Callum and you’re my first
contact on my big new doublet which I’m hoping is gonna hold up with the strong
winds over the weekend from Lapworth g3k Eevee and 0xx together yeah brilliant
lovely to meet you mouth all the best have a lovely weekend and out you
survived the wind and if that was on top then there would be a different
connotation all the best now bye bye now this is Mike 0xx tm0 x-ray x-ray tanker
listening all the best teeth anywhere else we’ll call em zero x xt listening anyone else serve for a call please Mike
zero x xt to echo zero little bit over modulated maybe go ahead again to e 0 d
said a nice to me to name is cow or Callum and I’m in lack worth only a nice
and strong who’s the stationary tango to e zero to hero deep ukuko get off
whiskey zero info call pls dhalsim juliet question mark Dolph again mr.
Mike Yankee my three leave up might Yankee why don’t
know that call to nem 6rm sevens yeah hello g7 I think you said V II’s act
right brilliant well why I’m talking to you I thought
I’d get my paintbrush out and actually dust all my equipment it’s it a bit
dusty last call plz f-zero x xt sulu India’s sorry I got mixed up dues the
Zulu India 0 X 60 listening no lovely install M 0 AQ p ya v 9 + name
is column in lap word engineer may join 0 XX t there’s nobody bumping out of
that noise there i’ve got some just a bit of crud coming in cough whiskey
november start your frequency for me again mike 6 golf whiskey november yeah
about five and eight name is column over something alpha yeah golf it’d be a three golf sorry
echo India three Golf Delta you have five and nine over m0x entity listening an alpha there we go all the way then
you’re the last one I’ve got to get to bed now I like my alternative on a
Friday m6 a a B then in Stoke this is M0XXT – DX commander world headquarters
in Lapworth all the best Len thanks I’m afraid I’m now QRT thank you ..
now if the wind doesn’t blow it down we’ve got a winner!

68 thoughts on “My Amazing New Doublet Antenna for Ham Radio”

  1. Hi Cal, we are having a top band net tonight on 1903 "ish" at 20:00 USB yes USB here in North Suffolk /South Norfolk try & give us a shout, we have one every Friday night.

    DE 2E0PKH 73

  2. I just can't get the ladder line antennas to be friendly with my tuner. Whether it be a tablet an inverted L or whatever ladder line antennas and myself don't get along. I know they're more efficient than coax and I do want to use one but I have not had any success. My antenna tuner is a power star HF Auto. Which doesn't have ladder line connections only coax. I've done everything from a small run of coax 8 ft to a balance designs 4 to 1 and then ladder line from it to my different antennas. I need some kind encouraging words what do I have to do to be able to run an efficient ladder line antenna.

  3. Well done Callum. Looks like it doing the job. I need to work with my limited space and get an antenna up for 80m and 160m

  4. If you are going on that 1933 net you are going to have to get yourself a colostomy bag or catheter fitted Cal. 73 DE G1AW.

  5. Basic Physics –

    No Force on Earth however great, can pull a Line however fine. into a horizoltal line which is absolutely straight.
    Standard manta from childhood secondary School of the 50s. It's called a Catenary. Pretty sure it is an Hyperbola shape. Need to check that.

  6. Hi Cal, I hope you'll check into the "World Famous – Toad Harbor Net" on 1.930LSB. They're on in the East coast of USA from 7pm-10pm or so every night. They've worked Germany before, so should not be too much of a sweat. Great bunch who like to build antennas as you do. Many verticals on the air for DX. Glad you built the doublet. They are great HF antennas! 73, Greg

  7. sweet build looks like its super tough and well built. Wish I could get my antennas up that high. I need a lift to come out and raise me up in the tops of the trees so I can put a tall post in the top like you did in that one tree.

  8. For 80 the longer the better. Yeah, an invert V will get it done, but get some real length up in the air as high as you can and it's amazing.
    If you have some gain and power when the band goes long it will blow your mind.
    I've got a bit over 300 feet up at 65 feet at the feed point. A dog house under the feed of the antenna for my tuning, open wire feeds the ant coax gets it to the dog house. Only set up for 40 and 80 right now.
    When the band goes long, cut your output to 30 watts and see what happens. Locally i can get by with 10 watts until the qrm starts – rx and tx.
    Then i fire up the big bottles and war usually ensues. Sometimes not, but it gets old pretty fast when it turns into a pissing contest.
    All i'm trying to do is stay in the roundtable with the other guys. An hour maybe two and i am all done with it, no joy in that.

  9. The Oak Tree
    by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr

    A mighty wind blew night and day

    It stole the oak tree's leaves away

    Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark

    Until the oak was tired and stark

    But still the oak tree held its ground

    While other trees fell all around

    The weary wind gave up and spoke.

    How can you still be standing Oak?

    The oak tree said, I know that you

    Can break each branch of mine in two

    Carry every leaf away

    Shake my limbs, and make me sway

    But I have roots stretched in the earth

    Growing stronger since my birth

    You'll never touch them, for you see

    They are the deepest part of me

    Until today, I wasn't sure

    Of just how much I could endure

    But now I've found, with thanks to you

    I'm stronger than I ever knew

  10. Sounded like you almost had a pile-up a time or two. A good bit of wire in the air is a delight. Keep talking and the cameras turned on. Watching for more.

  11. what paracord do you use??..i get some i put up around a pulley on my mast in the spring on the off chance i may pull something up ..was said to be UV safe but its buggered already

  12. Imagine how much I swore when I put up my 560 foot loop by myself hung from 5 trees, stringing through wooded areas. I got it, but man.

  13. Nice to see working hard 😉 u have the time of your life…. Don't forget to walk the dogs… And have a amazing weekend..

  14. Looks good, well done. Your livestreams are awesome examples of multi-tasking, look forward to a livestream with the doublet. Since the winds have finished pulling down my previous effort I should take the hint and put up something similarish.

  15. Hello Cal- So we have worked 80 a few years ago, and 20 from your mobile- So how about we try a sked and test the new doublet on 80 or 40 – lmk- N8SDR-

  16. Yeah man, the doublet is an oldie but a goody. I'm still using the one I built recently. It's my favorite HF antenna so far.
    Wait till you see what I'm up to next though….. 🙂

  17. Nice antenna! I just put up my doublet, but I can’t get it to tune on some parts of 40. I have some more work to do.

  18. Great video Cal. Nice work on the doublet, good to see it come to fruition! It's' Mick (2E0MK) by the way with the daughter who's a drummer (Abz you remember?) – passed my full.

    Cheers 👍

  19. brother man. when rastaman me walked into the Ham radio place re my foundation license the "last of the summer wine" people in there nearly fainted. how did they handle me? I'm not gonna say. but I tell you what. I won't be going back there. have a good day mate.

  20. I've been looking forward to this video since you mentioned doublet a while ago. I put one up a couple of years ago. All the same problems, cord won't go through a hole, time to walk back and forth etc etc made me chuckle. I just need an Oak tree to support my sagging centre ! Great videos, 73s G1PPZ

  21. one thing I have discovered over years of working with plastic. when you put a bolt through it then washer then connector lugs then washer then nut. the plastic flows with time temp pressure.causing the lugs to not maintain good connection. so, do this. put the bolt through. then washer then nut then washer then lugs then washer then nut. what is needed is to sandwich the lugs between 2 nuts. then if the plastic loosens up the connections do not.

  22. Someone at 9:16 and said he saw your videos but he's a proper engineer… That sounds pretty disgusting! Why didn't the proper engineer than came up with a DX commander? I Like your face at that moment! How is the 60 meter band doing in the UK?

  23. For some reason, I see a high power automatic tuner coming into your life, the having to manually tune at each band change somehow will not fit well for the you I see? Anyway, like you I have been mediating and contemplating how to best get a doublet up. You ought to formulate a version using your new high quality wire with center connection and end peaces and since length is not so critical a pre-made version could be easily marketed. I one time had one 135 feet each side using my lot (garden) which is 150 deep and my immediate neighbor behind me but now the new neighbor not knowing about radio isn't permissive. No need to answer me (you are busy) just wanted to acknowledge the new antenna build.

  24. I have to be somewhat stealthy, but I do have an end-fed HF antenna which runs through a couple trees along a fence line. It is made from 13 AWG PolyStealth antenna wire. I use split bolts to fasten the loops through the dog-bone insulators, and to connect the down-lead. I use antenna rope at the far end through a 25mm marine-grade pulley with a 12-pound cast iron window weight to keep tension on the antenna. The down-lead and counterpoise wire go into a weather-tight box with an automatic tuner, then 125 feet of DXE-400MAX coax back to the shack. There are some photos of the tuning unit on my QRZ page –de N3TS

  25. Callum, love your 10-20 minute videos. Would have liked to see more on the construction & whatever you were doing with the Paracord (so I could avoid the problems you had). More video on that than on your QSOs. Still thumbs up 👍 but want to SEE the layout, and perils. Best, Ken KD2KEH

  26. Do you have a recommendation for a Vertical stick style multi-band antenna that i can side mount on a tower that i can use just for DXing? Cheers mate from Maine. btw, We are right down the street from "W1/Lubec Maine" relay station.

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