Hello!! Today we will perform
these are wonderful tubes I will do for 0.25 liters
Bottles such a varnish here I am I use for saunas and baths you
see for yourself what is your varnish and accordingly you will pick up
concentration i for your varnish
I type 3 tablespoons I type in a glass because I don’t
convenient to pour into the bottle immediately with
spoons so I make it through glass typed
in a glass of three lacquer spoons and added
some water stirred it all up in order to be comfortable again
repeat pour in bottle now we take color here such
me rainbow Kohler or such
Lakra, but I have a green rainbow use the Rainbow
shake well bottle open and add the desired concentration. This is white paint if you want
gentle get color you can
add 1-2 teaspoons of paint
white but me she is in this
the moment is not necessary. I add
a bit of your color scheme and all that mix well. This is what
I like to use a bottle because it is so convenient
shake very much and check
our color me a little
need that it was richer so I
add more color of yours Little. It turns out to be 0.5
bottle we pour 6 spoons
acrylic lacquer but again I repeat
look varnishes different therefore it is necessary
experiment This color is already me
I do not arrange I can see you on
video or not but color is very
beautiful rich turned out now we paint them. I paint
in the usual way I omit in bottle first
one side and second side and
debugging on drying so i paint everything
their here I painted over
they already so beautiful
green spread out and carried
in the sun so how are we now
summer. Drying
tubules perform until the moment when
they almost dry there a little bit
such barely wet to
in general there is barely probed
almost dry, just not to overdried were now take
again my varnish and straight varnish
we paint over the tubes or how to say we varnish
. Good we mix them so that they are good
all is good soaked only not
varnish, otherwise you just stick together. the whole thing
mix well the same doing the most and with the second
a pack but while I shake like that take a package from one
I cut it off the edges package with two
holes and shook it while they are there
are lying quickly do the second batch We take our turn
the tubules passed some three there
minutes, and they already you see
try to stick to the package but between themselves they are not yet
stuck together. We also separate them all
neat so that there is nothing stuck together. this is mandatory
condition otherwise you have everything in a bunch of stick together you then do not
unhook and it will just
thrown out the material is all viewed
now our new tubes we we hide
again in the package Now they can be put in the package
together it is desirable to them there lie down at night Here we check that we have
turned out at the moment so how are they
still lie down but for video
I’m showing you now already
good but they need more Little
lie down also hide them in package
wrapping up and leave them alone. As a result
are obtained by we are so wonderful
tubules it all i wanted you
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  1. Disfruta de todo!
    Y bienvenidos a nuestro canal !!!
    PS: Si tienes alguna duda, pregunta en los comentarios.

  2. Hola.no entiendo tu idioma y tampoco el inglés 🙁 podrías decirme que es el líquido blanco portador ? Gracias

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