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10 thoughts on “NBC News Special: “Projection ’61”, December 31, 1960”

  1. A fascinating look back at a look ahead to the coming JFK presidency. I was struck by the panel of correspondents who examined the state of global politics and conditions that Kennedy would face 55 years ago. They provided an informed, articulate discussion, totally unlike that which passes for "discourse" on TV today.

  2. Several of the panel members express the sentiment that as the Eisenhower administration was drawing to a close the U.S. had not been doing enough by way of intervention around the world. Just eight years later several of these correspondent would bemoan, rightly in my view, the U.S. intervention in Indochina.

  3. I was an 8 year old little boy in the west Texas town of Kermit! I went to work for Union 76 in 1970 and not Gulf!

  4. Gulf also sponsored NBC 's special coverage of NASA's space flights throughout the 1960's {FRANK McGEE: "We'll continue our coverage of ———- — after this word….from GULF."}.

  5. It appears that this program is a black-and-white kinescope of a program originally broadcast in color (note the early color cameras in the background during the live commercial starting at 2:15 of this clip. I would think the filmed commercials later in this program were in black-and-white.

    This was the beginning of a twelve-year partnership between Gulf and NBC News, during which Gulf sponsored much of NBC's live coverage of special events (conventions, elections, space launching, etc.). It ended in 1973, during the energy crisis (NBC's live coverage of the first manned Skylab flight was the final NBC special news event sponsored by Gulf)

  6. Bradley Whitfield could have also mentioned in his commercial at 2:18 of this clip "This spring, America will launch a man into space, and Gulf will proudly sponsor NBC News coverage of this momentous event. Our moderator tonight, Frank McGee, will serve as anchor man for NBC's coverage of America's first step into maned space flight, and will report during the launch from Cape Canaveral, where he will give an eyewitness description of the Redstone Rocket's flight into space, carrying our first astronaut, who could also very well become the world's first man in space".

  7. 10:40 Castro’s communist squad hasn’t made the first team, three and a half months later the Bay of Pigs Invasión countered that assessment

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