100 thoughts on “Neal Katyal: Mueller Undermined Donald Trump’s Attorney General | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. America's average IQ is that of a 12 year old, 3% say they've read the Mueller report (97% haven't), most get their news via TV, YouTube etc., and not the Washington Post or the New York Times, most Americans don't have a college education – that is not a criticism of the US, it could be said of most countries. Therefore, in the light of these conditions, it is unrealistic of Mueller to expect the American public, to digest his report in the form of a 400 page document. Mueller, though Congressional public committee hearings, needs to lead the American public by the hand, through the complex language and findings of his report, if he doesn't, his report will be mischaracterized, which has happened already, by Drumpf and Barr, to reflect the reality, they're trying to sell the American public. Mueller, if he cares about the report, needs to do this and only he has the trust/integrity, whatever you want to label it, to do so. I concur with Robert De Niro statement and I would add that Mr. Mueller must bring everyone along and into the 'circle of trust'.

  2. Here is what I heard.
    I hereby resign
    I hereby refuse to answer any questions

    Here is my opinion:

  3. Impeach!!!, let the media pull it out, the Trump re-run is boring lets start "Stupid Trump II:.{Final Chapter: the spiraling turd head…Encephalo Fecaloma.

  4. mueller looked very stressed wonder if he was threatened not to testify to congress. only hope is new york lawsuit

  5. Interested Aussie here…..OK, I actually downloaded the redacted report and read it……took two days, including re-reading some sections. Facts are clear …Trump and his team, from the outset, had over 140 lines of hidden contact with the Russians. This is why, when Trump first learnt about Muellers appointment, he said his Presidency was over….he knew he and his team were deliberately encouraging and accepting help from an enemy of the USA. Volume 2 of the report detailed over 10 different occasions wherin Trump sought to mislead and/or terminate the investigation…..driven by his understanding that if the truth was revealed, the American public would react badly and that he might be impeached. There is no opinion in what I am saying….it is the blatent facts of the matter. Trump is profoundly, criminally dishonest.

  6. Go ahead. Start the impeachment process. I dare you. See what happens. Then start thinking about 2024 after eight full years of Trump.

  7. Individual 1 AKA Donald J Trump is already a criminal put the Handcuffs on and take him away. Michael Cohen went to jail for 3 years doing what Trump wanted, so Trump should get longer! I guess cheating to win is okay now as long as you got power and money are you give money to people that want money. System's rigged all right!

    Sad so sad LOVE. G-20.in
    I like to thank Robert Mueller for beautiful Mueller report! I got mine today it's a lot of reading!

    I can read, I am not like the Republicans that are AFRAID! SAD

    Remember 20/20 with gerrymandering! cheating is winning in their eyes! I guess we have to learn to cheat also! but my mom and dad said it's wrong to cheat! Did they not have a mom and dad?

  8. Stop being so butthurt about the facts. No russian collusion. Mueller said there's nothing on Trump. TRUMP IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT. #MAGA2020

  9. Trump is poison and he wont stop until there is nothing left, just the vile mass of maggots wiggling inside his flatulent corps.

  10. Wow. Deniro is 100 percent. We NEED Mueller's voice on this. Trump supporters are definitely NOT reading the report, and their media sources lie about the report. Only the credible voice of Mueller will properly inform them.

  11. DeNiro is correct, the average American has no idea what Mueller's report means, hence Trump has tried to bully people into believing "nothing to see here" Mueller needs to grow a pair and put his point of view without fear or favour,

  12. I thought it was a great statement. I was and am very impressed with Mueller. The line that really caught my attention was about that he will not speak to Congress about anything in the report that isn't public. That is very interesting. I'm thinking it's a message to Congress to do their job and get the full un-redacted report. Why should he tell them what's redacted if they don't have a copy? The fact that Barr has not released the full report to the Judicial & Intel Committee's in Congress is criminal. They are ALL fully vetted & have Top Security Clearances, unlike the 25 morons that Trump overrode the Security Denials for. Impeachment now! This corruption and abuse of 5-6,000 babies and children cannot go on. They want to continue the mass abductions.

  13. Judges of America, write your name in a statement if you would indite Trump if he was a private citizen.

  14. Di Nero: Unless Mueller testifies, only lawyers and nerds will read & understand the report.

    Nerdy Lawyer: Impossible, Mueller's Report couldn't have been more clear that the responsibility of Congress is to hold the president accountable for crimes that he may or may not have committed according to the evidence as presented which states unequivocally that we cannot say whether the president can or cannot commit indictable crimes while he remains in office, therefore what we need is for Congress to make the case to the American people and redo Mueller's job for him.

  15. I totally agree with Robert DeNiro. It is essential Mueller testify before Congress even if he only just reads from his report in response to questions. The public must hear his voice in public hearings before Congress. This is the only way the PEOPLE will hear Mueller's finding and understand the gravity of what he found.

  16. I don't know about you guys…but I am about sick-and-tired of the BOOMING Trump

    economy. Every store and every restaurant is packed full! Every flight is

    oversold and every hotel is booked full. Everywhere you go, you have to wait in

    line…I hate lines. We need a Democrat back in office to raise taxes and add

    regulations. A Democrat to move the long lines back to the welfare office.

    YEP…that's what we need alright…a Democrat. They will crush this BOOMING


  17. Who gave Mr. Mueller the right to ignore a subpoena from congressional committees to testify, if it comes to that, just because he doesn't want to? That is what he is implying he would do. He has no reason to refuse to testify under his Fifth amendment rights, we can assume. Do I have the Mueller right too? Does Michael Cohen? How about former Gen. Flynn? Or his son? Or a pharmaceutical manufacturer CEO? Or an industrial polluter? Or a suspected drug kingpin? What makes Mr. Mueller think he has special privileges not accorded other citizens, who can't just get on TV and make such a pronouncement? I am beginning to think he is cut from the same cloth as his (former?) chum AG Barr, since, for some reason, Mr. Mueller doesn't think Mr. Barr has the power to arrogate decisions about the character of the Mueller report conclusions to himself, but he does believe in his own right to arrogate the decision over whether or not he's going to testify to himself. Seems like if Mr. Barr does something Mr. Mueller feels affects him negatively, though Barr thought it was the right thing to do, that is arrogance, but if Mr. Mueller takes this arrogant stance towards Congress, that's fine and dandy because it's what Mr. Mueller thinks is the right thing to do. What was this practice called by George Will this week in another context? Oh, yes, "situational ethics". Is there no one, not even a career government official who doesn't have to worry about the next election campaign, who can and will put his/her own interests aside anymore and serve the country, besides our military men and women? Has Mr. Mueller forgotten his attitude towards his service when he was a Marine? Why does he not have that same attitude now? Principles don't age.

  18. Every American should read the Mueller report. You can get it at any book store and it seemed to me that the one published by the New York times had the full report. Yeah I was surprised to find out that some other publishers didn't publish the whole thing. It cost about 20 dollars and that may be lower by now.

  19. I am an outsider, but from Robert Muller voice sounded like he was made to say those things and said he would resign after this he just hung Trump, but I think there was a lot of arguments at DOJ and william Barr, so Mr. Muller just ended it and walked out and told Congress do your job I've done mine.
    Mr. Muller was shut down the moment William Barr took office you could see it and hear it in his voice, he was forced not to testify before Congress. Thats my opinion.


  21. I think Robert DeNiro's appeal express a sentiment shared by many people: 'Please, can a grown up step up and fix this mess? The world is not nice and the POTUS is even worse. How about you, Robert Mueller? – We were all kinda counting on you.'

    However, this is not going to happen. Even if Mueller testifies. He will not point a gnarly, accusing finger at Trump and proclaim 'GUILTY'. Mueller did his job. If he starts to pass judgement he will only achieve to appear partisan and that could undermine the entire report.

  22. People smart people, don't understand the written word as well as all the nuance in the spoken and visual worlds. Do you decline a movie because maybe you read the short story upon which it is based? No, you go to see the nuances and the actors and how that is portrayed. People understand with eyes and ears, and not just the written word.


  23. Good luck ………… 2020 is done for you snowflakes. The only way you can win is try to get rid of Trump Illegally or get rid of the electoral college. Certainly cant win on YOUR , I hate America left wing socialist agenda take over plan………… LOL !

  24. Neal Katyal did a bad job writing the special counsel law. It ought to specifically require all matters be sent to congress. Why all the mystery?

  25. Trump has plenty of ways to defend himself he's been doing just that on tv on Twitter and in any other medium he can to defend himself including when he's campaigning for reelection … Trump does not play fair and is misusing the Mueller report so is his minions including Barr McConnell and Giuliani it's time to hear the real deal from those who wrote it

  26. I appreciate Robert DeNiro s comments but I also have to say that Mr. Mueller has served his country above and beyond and he just needs to be left alone! May God bless him and his family! He has done enough! My utmost respect goes to Mr. Mueller. He makes me a proud American!

  27. The Congress’ duty is not to Impeach Trump, which is the only thing these Impeachment Fanatics and the TV people can see.The Congress’ duty is to Win a Conviction.Our Duty is not to just win the House because we are the Majority, we have to win the Senate where we are the minority.Impeach without Conviction=2020 Trump Victory.See the fact, there is an alternative

  28. Lies, lies and deceit, the basis of the Report…it says nothing, read it for yourselves people. Mueller sited no crimes, he couldn't. Mueller is a coward and won't testify before Congress. Why didn't he look at the connection between Fusion GPS, the Clintons, the DNC, the fake dossier, the Deep State, and the Russians? The purpose of the Mueller Report, and impeachment proceedings is to stay the declassification of documents that would incriminate many in the previous administration, until after the 2020 elections, so Trump and their worst nightmare of being brought to justice will disappear. If you claim to be an American, stop listening to the Leftists, the Fake News, and think independently. God, please wake Americans up, and save our country.

  29. Yes, Mueller doesn't want to say more. Because if he does, then he would have to explain WHEN he knew that there was no Russian Collusion. And, knowing that, why did he continue letting the country tear itself apart.
    He would also be asked to explain why he DID NOT investigate the source of the false charges which originated from Hillary Clinton which were presented to the secret courts in order to obtain warrents to spy on Trump.
    And the other things. No, he does not want to testify. He wants to keep his mouth shut. He does not want purger himself or tell the truth, either one.

  30. The Dems won’t do anything. They are in bed together. They are grossly as corrupted as the GOP. THEY BOTH WORK FOR THE SAME DONORS. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  31. We all know that there are many reasons why millions of americans will not read the Mueller report besides laziness. The same rasons why citizens didnt read entire reports when newspapers were the more preferred medium before the internet. People didnt have time, didnt have access to the internet, didnt read English, didnt understand legal terms in the report, etc. Even if mueller spoke only behind closed doors to the Judiciary Committee, it could be taped and released to view on tv, the internet, smartphones. Mueller needs to broaden his scope to help millions more americans understand the report findings. He said he was the one to make the choice not to testify. He is thereby making himself the primary schism on this issue.

  32. LOL DeNiro overestimates his importance in the world as most of Hollywood does these days. PLEASE MOVE TO IMPEACH TRUMP. It will guarantee a Trump win in 2020.

  33. No matter how noble Mueller’s intentions, bearing, interpretation of law or notion of fairness; today we Americans (for better or worse) are a visual and attention-deprived electorate. Those of us that understand the legal ramifications of the report as (of yet STILL not fully) publicly released didn’t need Mueller’s statement to make up our minds, but apparently we are in the minority. The biggest upshot is the deep feeling of resentment that Barr was arrogant enough to feel he could misrepresent the report.

  34. Mr..Mueller has done his part. He's done the hard part . He's indicted all of dumps. Cohort's. He can't indicte a setting president. So now the ball is in Congresses hands they need to complete the investigation by impeaching dump. I do understand Mr.. DeNiro point also it's out of Mr. Mueller"s hands now.

  35. Why are we all complaining now? For years, the black community knows that the rich white man never gets in trouble. @Trump, keep doing your thing. Probably, Trump's actions will change some future laws🤔

  36. He didn’t “undermine” anything, he presented FACTS, adhered to the constitution, and obviously is seek justice…

  37. Expecting Barr to investigate the information of the Mueller report is like sleeping while a tornado swirls around your home. Barr won’t do any investigation

  38. All of you talking heads ( no disrespect intended) are missing the point. The average American, who paid for this report, will not read the report ( although the NYTimes diagrammed very nicely and in one page, the relevant findings in their issue from the day after the release) and tend to grit their news from TVs or online, often from unreliable sources, as we have seen from the Michigan town hall with Mr. Amash. You all need to realize PLEASE that your job should be to plain-speak CONCISELY about what Mr. Mueller concluded. Bottom line: had he not been constrained by ALC rules ( and why haven’t these been challenged?) he might have indicted the president. Period.

  39. Hey Dem Commies–just face the facts–you are a party of rabid, brainwashed anti-Americans who will stop at nothing for power. So fight back Trump voters–this anti-American SCUM must be removed from govt. Too corrupt to live in America–ship them all to N Korea to be made into fertilizer.

  40. Poor Mueller. He forgot that many Americans are semi-literate, and Trump cultists are proud of it. McLuhan was right. The medium is the message.

  41. I love the 100-200 trolls that downvote every single MSNBC video. Too bad they can't show that same commitment to our constitution and the rule of law.

  42. LOL you liberals are so brainwashed. After 2 years of investigating into Trump and nothing and wasted over $30 millions. Now it the Republicans turn to investigate the Dems corruption. Liberal Propaganda News, Liberal FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, Clinton, and Obama are panicking because they know when AG BARR dig deep for the truth like Mueller did Trump. But this time it will not be a witch hunt. Barr will expose the radical Dems for trying to commit a coup, treason, and spied on Trump.

  43. His voice when claiming that he has been pressured by no one sounded a little shakey to me. Exactly as anyone under threat might.
    Not that I am calling the man in any way I an sure that he is honest and sincere.

  44. 2:48 what is the "chevy chase, md" thing in the top left about? was this recorded in their timezone, or is that where the previous ag is?

  45. “If Trump didn’t commit a crime he (Mueller) would have said so” These words were read from very SAME report, from the very SAME man who WROTE it. Yet, Barr has said it exonerates our POTUS … without adding to that, it’s only because DOJ won’t indict a sitting president….DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELVES? #IngrahamIGNORANT

  46. Neil, perhaps you need to "clarify " your stance on special investigations. Why did you compose guidelines that protect criminal actions for anyone, much less a criminal president!??

  47. According to FBI Agent Strzok: "The White House is running the Trump spying operation". Despicable. Wasn't it bad enough that Obummer weaponized the IRS, sold guns to Mexican cartels, gave Iran $150 Billion and license to make nuclear weapons, then retire $80 million richer than he went in? No that wasn't enough – he had to spy on a real man who was running for President. Thank God that fairy piece of sh*t is out of office

  48. FYI…The purpose of special counsel is to prove evidence of wrongdoing guilty or not period. Special counsel Mueller and his so called top prosecutors cannot find a single crime is because no crime at all. This investigation was a bombshell fraud from the get go. Indeed! Yah God Bless All…

  49. No, it's not frustrating. This is not a "frustrating" matter, it's a matter VITAL to our democracy and constitutional principles. Neal wrote the MOFO memo that makes the president untouchable while at the same time coming here and selling this pile of BS. Mueller must testify in Congress because he's not only the SC but also a witness with material knowledge.

  50. Barr misled the American public. It is time for Congress to take over. If Congress does nothing, they are telling America that trump is going to get away with everything.

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    Trump would like to ruin our usa!! it"s a PLAN PUSH BY HE'S BOSE! OR SLAVE Master!! Russia 's Putin! so as soon as he has been ih the presidency!! he began to make! USA FRIEND ITO ENEMIES! ALL EUROPEAN ARE NOW ! OUT OF THE INFLUENCE ON THE USA AS IT USED TO BE!! SO IT'S ONLY A BEGINNING !~!! Europeans ARE BINNING TO ACT ! AS IF USA WERE NOT NO A FRIENDS! AS IT USED TO BE!!! WRIGHT NOW TRUMP IS CULTIVATING FRIENDSHIP! WITH< SOUTH COREA AND MAINLY "NORTH COREA! SAUDI Arabia as the most important client for usa him) so this is a binning! on a panorama trump have begin! in the past year!! so what could all we spec on the future ! ??? with this binning of the year! stooping capriciously the government! with a fictitious frontier emergency!!! at what cost would take USA to go he's capricious WAYS!! is our country paying every of he"s CAPRICIOUS! AT WHAT COST???


  53. All Congress needs is for Barr to turn over the fully unredacted Mueller Report and all the accompanying evidence.

    Oh wait…

  54. Stupid Americans who only listen to conservative liars need to hear it plainly because trump has been lying about this for years.
    That is the reality

  55. People say to impeach would be foolish as long as republicans protect trump. Well, maybe a Senate Impeachment trail is need just to get FACTS into History. Maybe, if the FACTS become so egregious the republicans might be force to face The Facts and impeach.

  56. hey there Katyal – not acceptable…- Mueller worked for the people – if congress wishes to speak to Mueller then so be it – Mueller also is not beyond the law.

  57. The failure of leadership in this country has given us Trump. The failure of leadership in this country continues to give us Trump. Pelosi has hurt any presidential candidate by her misguided hesitation to bring impeachment proceedings contaminates the entire democrat party as weak. This is a constitutional obligation regardless of political consequence .

  58. Mueller case cost $40 million on taxpayers money, let it go, move on. The democraps did nothing for America only focus on impeachment, it over.

  59. See how they lie? He never said he would indict Trump if he could. That is putting words in his mouth and undermining the American Peoples intelligiience. There are other people he could indict like his son and the administration in which he said took orders from Trump to onstruct.. None of them are indicted and they could be.. He said he would indict co conspirators if there were any and said he'd do it immediately… These ar all lawyers and they are experts in spinning things no matter who is guilty.. So remmeber that and watch fro entertainment only because that's all it is.

  60. Well,sure, the ball is in Congress' court. But how can they fulfill their constitutional duty when they don't have all the facts? They do NOT have the unredacted report, they do NOT have the evidence gathered and footnoted in the report. C'mon folks, let's get all these ducks in a row. Get the full report and supporting evidence. THEN go forward with your investigations.

  61. Demo'Rat MFERS need to be Purged from American soil… Enough of their INBREEDING and INCEST LOVING SICKO Life style… !! Democrats are the Filth of our Country and Child molesters.

  62. JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA, and the entire middle east are literally Laughing in Your faces About > GLOBAL WARMING which they announced recently that it was Marxist propaganda designed to destroy America's energy markets. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS ALIGNED WITH OPEC NOT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, 100 year RECORD FREEZING, RECORD RAINFALL and still people are dumb enough to Global warming propaganda..DONT YOU WATCH THE NEWS IN OTHER COUNTRIES ? Because if you did you would know all mainstream news is full of lies and propaganda run by 6 corporations
    Worse than INFOWARS , some Americans look so Stupid right now

  63. neal misses the point. he says trump has no way to defend himself? trump obviously has a large staff of lawyers doing just that. the doj opinion is not law. nothing in law prevents indicting anybody. nobody is above the law. in the end, these truths must guide the doj – TRUMP ASKED RUSSIA FOR HELP. RUSSIA HELPED. JUNIOR MET WITH A RUSSIAN AGENT TO RECEIVE THAT HELP. THAT IS TREASON. PERIOD. THE ELECTION WAS THEREFORE ILLEGAL. TRUMP IS ILLEGAL. ALL OF HIS ACTIONS ARE THEREFORE ILLEGAL. INCLUDING NAMING PENCE AS VICE PRESIDENT. PERIOD. WAKE UP! HE'S GOING TO DO IT AGAIN!!

  64. Robert Mueller of the FBI is quite precise. He has written hundreds of pages.Many instances of Obstruction of Justice.

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