9 thoughts on “Networking At Conferences like Social Media Marketing World”

  1. Love the energy, and all the good tips here Kelly! I watched the whole thing here, liked, updated my sub notifications, I’ll watch it again on my tv using my fire stick so I can just soak it in better.
    Wondering if you’ve ever collaborated with @OwenVideo He might have some good ideas on repurposing this one. I know you have coaches yet I think his California energy and yours might really work. An idea. I was the moderator for his Mastermind, so I’ve heard some of how he thinks. You each are awesomesauce!
    Also, how do you get to be brave enough to go for it in attending one of these? It’s not just the money, it’s that there are a LOT of people at these events and #SMMW20 looks to be one of the Biggest. YouknowwhatImean? #introvertlife #timidinwesternNY

  2. I love seeing where our businesses have grown to since we first met. #AndrewAndPeteForever lol! Love this vid Kelly! Great tips and thanks for the shoutout!

  3. Hi Kelly! i am one of your followers in your ManyChat video tutorials. I like your style in front of camera. You have full of energy while performing a video tutorials. And that's why i decided to level up my brave to tell you this request. Can you create a video tutorial on how to set up the ManyChat to Twilio? I am from Philippines. Unfortunately, SMS feature of ManyChat is still not yet available here (sad). So that's why i am looking for any alternative ways to send SMS to my subscriber. I want to use the power of SMS for phone verification (Sending Verification code) and for alerting assigned admin to my chat bot.

    Hoping that you will grant my request sooner or later. Thank you and more power to you!

  4. That's so cool how you bootstrapped your own business vs apply for funding. Many female entrepreneurs are going that route. Thanks for such great tips Kelly. I hope to meet you in person at Social Media Marketing World.

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