An online publication covering fashion, arts
and culture through short video entertainment featuring industry people and young creatives. We’ll feature insightful topics, educational content and forthcoming trends. We are for
fashion and art enthusiast, and creatives who want to be updated in a more entertaining
and engaging manner. The defining narrative of our online moment concerns the decline
of text. Slogans and memes have more sticking power than arguments. Not necessarily, but
not many people tend to read anymore. Video is now. People don’t tend to have the time
and patience anymore to read long articles. Everyone is so used to scrolling and liking
content online. We’ll engage people by generating daily video content that you can watch on
the go, to not disturb you from your daily routines or take up much of your time while updating you enough. A more relatable and inclusive community, as many media outlets are still all about fake news and a distant brand image. We want you to submit topic ideas
that you think we should be talking about. We will feature industry people to talk on
the topics, to generate conversation and stimulate thinking. Become part of our community by subscribing to CULTED to receive daily updates on content we publish featuring industry people.

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