Come, fellow Singaporeans Let us progress towards happiness together May our noble aspiration bring Singapore success Come, let us unite in a new spirit Let our voices soar as one Onward Singapore Onward Singapore Come, let us unite in a new spirit Let our voices soar as one Onward Singapore Onward Singapore

100 thoughts on “New music video for Majulah Singapura”

  1. This rendition is really bad.

    Why the MV only show a bunch of people in black and white?

    Why focus on the performers instead of focusing on Singapore's identity and the different culture and ethnicity?

    Why the singer need to sing our anthem with such sorrow? We should be in a sedia position singing it loudly and proudly.

    Why the song focuses on the voice of the singer instead of the sound of our anthem?

    I can never be proud singing this rendition.

  2. This music video rendition of our National Anthem should be played right after 'Let's Celebrate 2020' Countdown Show Live on Channel 5 and all Mediacorp TV Stations.

  3. Low grade singing, immediately feeling down after 2 seconds upon first hearing (without even reading others comment)

  4. Why are we changing the tempo to our National Anthem. It sounds simply HORRIBLE!! The countries in the world do not change the tempo to their National Anthem, why then Singapore! Whose idea was this? Sorry, but it’s not a good idea at all.

  5. Whats wrong with a new version.. there are tons of creative versions of anthems everywhere. Take it as an ode, a creative tribute and a new perspective guys.. chill

  6. This rendition of our national anthem is just horrible. Bad singing and bad instrumentation, just like "rojak". Zubir Said would have turned in his grave hearing this. Sorry, this is my honest opinion.

  7. The traditional instrument used doesnt fit the song! The government should stop forcefitting the idea of '4 races' in anything and everything. It justs reinforces that there are 4 races in Singapore and not accepting citizens as 'Singaporeans'

  8. This leaves me very confused. Does it mean the anthem is to be sung this way? I'd prefer to hear the anthem as it is with "higher sound quality" and not spontaneous free-style singing. Or at least that's why the majority of us might have clicked the link on ST to find out. Not this.

  9. this is so refreshing finally something new, the singer is amazing!!!! aiya singaporeans will never be satisfied xD xD xD

  10. Read the video description lah people. This is NOT the official re-recorded version.

    This is ➡️

  11. its nice but I prefer the old national anthem this musical song feels sad but the old musical it feels like more energy to it

  12. Those who said that its for funeral i assume do not understand the meaning of those words. I feel like its much more meaningful when it was sang that way. The singer emphasise on certain words which made the song even better.

    Oh well different people have different opinion 🙂 and its NOT THE OFFICIAL UPDATED VERSION so chill lah

    Ps: read and understand the words and then listen to the song once more. You'll like it!

  13. I wish towards the end of the song, they should hv light up the mood by changing black and white to full colors to make it feels like blosom.

  14. Gave me goose bumps!!! It’s beautiful, the Indian drums, the Chinese instrument, famed Ramli and the choir singing. Perfect MV.

    But why black and white? Should be in color to show the vibrancy of modern Singapore.

  15. Very horrible and totally distasteful. So bloody screechy and dreadful. Totally out of tune. How did this even get approved?

  16. When its citizens can't even accept a rendition of their national anthem. ? its not replacing the original song, why get so worked up? Lol. #singaporeans

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