news today on a Friday hard to believe but we got it all here for you welcome to news Ambrose might page alongside ad noo yeah you usually on Fridays is sometimes. I’m not the most news right correct we call Friday life. Ins and then there’s another thing which is Monday light sometimes Monday’s a really sleepy. Boy oh boy might came in early this morning as he so often does I always mention that in case the bosses watching. Hey Mike was in the next five minutes ago. He came in early this morning and said well there’s nothing going on I mean one headline after another and really it started — With the kind of the stunning news that the labor secretary talk about an about face Mike you really wonder what it what happened behind the scenes the last forty eight hours. He was two days ago at about this time he held a news conference try to save his job. To explain the whole backstory that goes back more than a decade ago regarding the plea deal with Epstein. So then this morning he picks up the phone. Cord the way the president told and said I need to meet with yo. On over and handed in his resignation on so sudden surely changed over the last two days yes it dead and well president trump spoke earlier today we’ll get to that in just a moment he spoke for thirty minutes I mean he took out. Everything — He had — Costa with them the labor secretary now just put in is one week present resignation but then he goes off. I’m Paul Ryan the former speaker of the house yes after — Well there was some back and forth of the last couple of days between Paul Ryan. And president trying to know Paul Ryan was working on a book yeah either — But it’s out and that’ll be some pretty interesting reading the it’s very interesting to be you’ll hear the whole thing again the beauty of news now. Hello role at all for you. The feed was coming into us earlier today — As you can see it all but it is fascinating to me that it seems that he was the all most passionate not about Paul Ryan. Not even about is labor secretary resigning. But about the old woman that you would think would be one of his biggest political opponents. Nancy Pelosi if you haven’t heard that that’s midway through this — Kind of on schedule news conference you’ll hear what he has to say in defense of Nancy Pelosi it’s really interesting that was almost. About turn when I was hearing that well. Here we go it’s interesting — Before we get to that though I just want to show everybody — What’s on our radar right now you’re taking a live look at New Orleans in Boyle boy they are bracing. Bracing — For tropical storm very there you can see the already the affects you know the thing about it is when the bad storms hit Mike I went down there. It was almost two years after Katrina probably about twenty months after Katrina hit and my son actually we went. Over into the Mississippi to work on houses help rebuild. And the devastation. Two years later coming out of the train — Was. Very where we happen to be in a town called bay St Louis Mississippi but anywhere from there over to New Orleans. The devastation I mean so when of really whole rific storm hit. It is it’s really unbelievable what can happen now wins there already is sixty miles an hour they don’t have to get that much higher Mike for this thing to hit her here. And as an unfortunately it’s a slow mover they’ve been talking about it out in the Gulf. Three or four days later and it’s just building up all this moisture sock coming out of the Gulf an already dropping it. On a river. That is room almost double where it normally with me and it’s normal levels here in this time of year so I mean it’s a it’s a scary situation it really is and died I did a phone interview. With — Rene Nelson sneeze okay she’s out there in New Orleans we’ll get some insight from her in a little bit as well all right so we got all that coming for you but let’s go right to it right now — President trump as he was leaving the White House today like he does so many time. Talks to the media there this one thirty minutes here. Welcome everyone here to news now. All right folks it looks like — Well it’s the words in and try to get that video better here force a looks like he got better let’s listen in now. Job yesterday under a lot of this [inaudible] He is. He wanted to see me and I am not [inaudible] This [inaudible] Great. So many ways. Over the last week. I haven’t seen that workplace injuries [inaudible] Every mining. For quality. In mining. That is over twelve years old. I do not think it is right. There [inaudible] Labor department. The focus. Rather than being credible economy that we have today. All the president this morning I told him that I thought the right thing [inaudible] Can you. Twelve years old rather than about the amazing economy we have right now. It made my resignation to the president effective seven days from today. One week from today. There is no need at all as far as I’m concerned. I watched allergist. It’s a great job and you know you can always second guess. You could say. All the time. I make a great. The body and then they say [inaudible] Democrats. I got one point two billion dollars settlement five from a company. From. The C. [inaudible] And everybody [inaudible] The Democrats. More. So you can always be second [inaudible] You. This came up [inaudible] Everybody. I think you know. Highly recommend this. That is going to be actually. We’ve already informed. That I did have a falling out a long time ago. The reason does it make any difference. Probably fifteen years or more – Say that again. But I will say this. Secretary of labor what he’s done with plans and you see the just about done with the for a one nobody would even. We want. To be on a I think you know me I’ve lived through things. You wouldn’t believe. Well the economy [inaudible] Yes. Certain groups African American Asian is. Unemployment numbers in the history of our country. You know there’s so many things that he didn’t want to distract from that and I understand that [inaudible] One very badly. For a long time is. He was unable to raise money. He lost control of the only successful [inaudible] He was [inaudible] We got [inaudible] Regulations [inaudible] Without him. Landing is pretty amazing I remember day. In Wisconsin. So for him to be going out an opening is. But criminals [inaudible] We and we they all have favors [inaudible] Obligation. Should be changing the this for a long time [inaudible] Let me [inaudible] The job [inaudible] 30% [inaudible] One week [inaudible] 30%. More more than. Twenty one thousand and I say. Twenty one thousand on the borders [inaudible] We really. The immigration laws. Doing a great job [inaudible] The Democrats. In the meantime [inaudible] These laws [inaudible] In relation [inaudible] Visa lottery [inaudible] A lottery [inaudible] A lottery [inaudible] This problem. Get away with for years and years [inaudible] Links [inaudible] And right. And by the way our people are not paying [inaudible] For for Ford bye depressing. A lot of money [inaudible] That’s fine. You know what I see [inaudible] Newsweek. And everybody knows. He’s a week [inaudible] She laughs. So with that being said. I would say [inaudible] She president so they can continue to report . In many many years [inaudible] Already. According to the media was longer than any other [inaudible] This administration. prev my point here todaysaid is we have an amazing economy. We have unemployment lower than we have seen literally in my lifetime [inaudible] Fifty fifty a decrease. In the workplace. Going forward. With this administration [inaudible] The 1100%. Discriminated against Republicans and conservatives. As I see it. This morning I was. These platforms [inaudible] You watch. They want anything to do with that was many many years ago. As you want. They went to is Ireland. He was very well known in [inaudible] Whatever. Whatever it is I was never ther. The people the one somebody that I respect. In fact I think the great games. As a member of many years ago I we have some waiting ten years . Pretty nice of from the there is nothing to be seen. Nothing to be seen. Hundreds of people know about major operation . Criminals as much as we we didn’t [inaudible] We for the last year. These [inaudible] Many years . We actually more. We have information. There may. Social security or other places. We have. We have information is probably more accurate than the information we are you a citize. A lot of people. For a long time ago [inaudible] Judges . What are we wasting? For the next two years. What are we wasting time for the main? There were already [inaudible] Five I think [inaudible] Professionals. This for a long time. We’re really looking for criminals as much as we the criminal population. Which is coming into this country over the last ten years. We know who they are do we the thousands specifically gang members [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Thousands. So we are really specifically looking. For bad . Probably the worst. I don’t even know what is. He doesn’t work very hard nobody knows what does [inaudible] Many. You know why they don’t want. Cities or states [inaudible] President [inaudible] Nobody’s even. This is what. For forty four years. Forty four years. Forty four years [inaudible] Nobody else. There was no collusion. This is really going on nobody else in the world that he knows [inaudible] President [inaudible] Here’s the president. Nobody’s even close. Choice at all of the other things [inaudible] Here’s they want. To the president of the electio. Because I see what. The energy to be president. And I can tell you that. The last two years [inaudible] Relationshipt . Testing nuclear weapons. The report said . Actually it was different [inaudible] We strongly. One of the things. To think — Nobody ever mentions articles [inaudible] To these right. At a level that nobody has ever seen before we don’t even talk about articles do. You can only get so many [inaudible] We we I know one thing . We had never met. The president elected may. That we knew we we had a long standing relationship and I think that’s it. New York and they don’t like your for that house. As being very disrespectful. And we go back and forth . They came from [inaudible] From Minnesota. She shouldn’t even be in office. C. with respect [inaudible] Watches. You know better than I do she is not a racist — Races [inaudible] Today. The head of homeland security. We have a lot of people. And the reason [inaudible] Watch. The story in The New York Times today . Whatever they want [inaudible] What? They are truly the enemy of the people [inaudible] She made . One of the reasons the Democrats. Because the number of people in the United States for many years for years you’ve heard. Eleven to do something much more. The way we the way we what we’re doing will be much [inaudible] The wall. We had a very good decision [inaudible] He was [inaudible] We one very rarely [inaudible] I want [inaudible] I want [inaudible] Four hundred three thousand dollars a year. I don’t think any of the president. I’ve never seen anybody [inaudible] Great job. He was a great great. You better be careful our time – If that is on time at eleven thirty will have some of his comments from Milwaukee that is coming up in less than an hour everybody but it’s always a nic. Sight to see when you get to see Air Force One landing there more one an airplane that truly is coming down and touching down there. In Wisconsin so we’ll — We’re less than an hour away from president trump’s remarkable haven’t Fauria coming up here a little bit later on news now we’ll take a look at your ten day facts gas while we’re at it everyone one hundred eleven degrees. Today for a high it is just been hot this whole week is going to continue into the weekend of their as well you can see what it looks like early next week as well same thing. As of right now but then hump day Wednesday of next week it looks like we have a little relief common could we see some possible rain as well in the mix we hope so there you see cloudy skies. Maybe some sprinkles and maybe a little monsoon action who knows we haven’t had any yet one oh seven aw slated for Wednesday and then it cools down — Throughout next week as well definitely we will take that just hopefully I won’t be muggy. And we’ll have a win alright folks when we come back here on news now we will be getting an update on just what it is like right now in New Orleans as they brace. For tropical storm berry could it turn into a hurricane. My land fall we’ll have the latest coming up here next on news that is — For tropical sty and that is are coming closer to the coast there in your taking this look at just just yesterday some of the impact already and look at the radar composite as well well earlier today I spoke to somebody in New Orleans. Alley Nelson speaking to me over the phone let’s listen to what she had to say. In an alley how long have you lived in their area. All the areas that this is my first major hurricane with dignity so I’m I’m learning a lot the news is everybody else. So this is like your welcoming party [inaudible] Meanwhile in. But but you seem like you’re still in really good — Positive spirit stuff. You know I think one great thing about this city is we all band together you know. The way now when you could be expect now. Three okay and I’m just. For coming out of the commercial [inaudible] Three and welcome back everyone here to news and now will you been seeing of the really choose a devastating images a tropical storm and very continuing to beryl through. The Gulf right now in the surrounding areas and take a look at New Orleans right now they can be expecting to see another twenty inches of rain over the weekend and now we’re joining. By someone that is there or right now alley Nelson is on the phone with us alleys thank you so much for taking the call. Thanks for having me. So Ellie just first off tell us so — Everything that’s happening there [inaudible] Yeah. Thirty miles an hour which is. I think today we yeah a little bit more calmer and evening. Actually it’s a lot of rain coming in winter. Close the last flood gate and did you want to major in your and you know we tried to hit the ground. Actually sold out we tried to get the in. But but you seem like you’re still in really good — Positive spirit stuff. One great thing about this city is we all band together. Norrland like to party. I work in a retail store. The big news this morning working at one hi making sure everybody here you know everybody [inaudible] Evacuating. Leaving the city actually. Everybody was violent making sure. We’re staying at common law it’s one of those one those storms are just so slow that’s where a lot of people worry about because that’s when they could just sit on our hearing for so long [inaudible] Exactly. We’ve been monitoring pretty quickly and but then the the where why right now in your lan. The weekend is. Haley what of the grocery stores been life. And I mean everything. We thank you for the water Wednesday we knew that you know what we had and we want to make sure we were. I had a bunch of water but you know what my colleagues actually get to go to the door and said there was nothing. In all the lunch meat all the brand everything that you’re going to get our get. It’s pretty much sold out. Public that he is. On the west bank on the other side. But if you haven’t gotten groceries I’m afraid it but going. To help you know for me I have three people in the hotel. We make sure we got water food you were getting extra battery. In the event that we will have our welcome. They’re just making sure we have all of that. And Jacqueline inviting whether people over. There — Heating and then I’m going to date. The good thing about being in the south everybody welcoming and I thought about hundred text messages and phone calls from people that don’t. Know what we’re going. But not by the one time or another my life. If they can come lottery and got good support. It’s definitely an adventure. Absolutely ad if you’re just joining us right now here on fox and extra you’re taking a look at so I was just some of all ready the severe all whether. The New Orleans right now — Because of this tropical storm I’m on the phone right now with Allie and Nelson and if you. If that last name sounds familiar it should your the new year that you’re the niece of our Rene. And she been in contact with the I know she gave me some good. Earlier in the week about what would maybe coming in. Have any and when you get. A little had been turned. Definitely good bye and have a my she began her here. Absolutely yeah we lover area and what well we’re just hoping for the very best for yeah alley and hopefully a little dry out. Sooner than later [inaudible] Thank you. Take care and try to have a great weekend. And more news now continues nex. This is a benchmark you just go back to two thousand and sixteen when we didn’t have a name store we didn’t have all of the it Vance warning that we’ve had today. And we had fifty six out of Lau- Weekend so let’s listen in right now to officials across the state of Louisiana. Our focus right now is in the greater New Orleans area — Basically the for the parishes or north shore three baton Roug. And then in Canada KTM but we have soldiers — Equipment — A rate our call south Louisiana — With our vehicles boats and other injured type equipment — Freeland far we continue to do – Shoring up levy operations assisting with evacuation. Of security available should it be needed needed but our our main focus at this point is getting ready for the post landfall. And an immediate aftermath or says a storm passes — We will we will be ready to conduct a search and rescue. Again however vehicles boats and and helicopters we have helicopters are located in Hammond that are available to the southeastern side. And we’ve moved helicopters over Lake Charles — And some a bit and Alexandria that would be available to respond into more the central Louisiana or or south central Louisiana portion. Of our search rescue we will be prepared to conduct shelter security type operations — Commodities distribution. Floral security missions and then any other. Requests come in for the parishes that we can provide. Thank you for watching. Thank you governor — Couple a big points that we would share with you — Considering evacuations or starting to increase whether they be voluntary or mandatory evacuations the department will typically begin closing movable bridges — Before the winds get too high and before the water rises just from mechanical standpoint so it’s important for you to plan your routes early and make those plans such that you can get through before they are — Close we actually had someone — Outside of a closed gate last night that cause us to have to go back to a mandatorily closed area unlock it and let them through so that’s a concern for us particularly as we get closer to the time line when the winds and the water reaches shore. The importance of pre planning your actuation make sure that you fuel early while more assist patrol — On the roads twenty four hours a day it’s important to plan because we want to minimize congestion points and speaking of congestion points we tell people all the time — All that simple five one one app you can see there’s not a lot of congestion but there are some closures and it’s a very simple tool to use we use phones all the time is distracted drivers. Get on five one one LA dot org and make sure that you plan your routes early. Thank the governor because a big part of what happens in these events is — About the commerce and what we can get in and out and so with the executive order waving the hours of service and the weight restrictions for emergency vehicles or equipment that’s coming into these areas that’s going to become very very critical. In a poll storm environment to be able to have the digital fuel and equipment for emergency purposes. I’m for those folks who are traveling through Louisiana — We have close the to me rest area west of Lafayette right when you enter from Texas — That’s important because that’s a low lying area typically it works perfectly for welcoming visitors but we want to make sure that we don’t have visitors when it’s on the war. And last but not least we have school buses — Position at the VSA which is right outside the airport Lafayette as well as that for you got a hundred and forty school buses with drivers from laying — We’ve got a hundred seventy five coaches in bound to Louisiana good portion of them already on the ground. Will be here before close of business today — And that includes ATA accessible coaches so — With the pair trances and what those coaches know that we have we are prepared to move folks as quickly as possible and the last piece of information is that we have pre tasked. Our debris hollers anticipating the rolling effective this is the governors talked about — Should we need to be re hollers and be able to do post — Event recovery we’ve already pulled the trigger to begin — To deal with those issues after the storm so with that governor thank you. Thank you. Good morning as people are beginning to truly understand the severity of the storm we have shelters opening rapidly across the state. I want the the most important piece of information is for you to think local talk Luke listen to your parish emergency operation centers and let followed their direction about what — Shelters are open in each parish and if ou have any questions or in confusion call 211- that contract has been turned on and you can — To run one has up to date immediate knowledge of every shelter open in the states so if you have any confusion any questions call to run line and you’ll get that information directly from them. Sorry yes Sir. So yesterday you all were given an update — That we were in the process of working with the flood of forties around the greater New Orleans area to close off all the major flood gates around the hurricane protection system — We just gave the directive to the local for authorities here in the last few minutes to go ahead and completely seal off all. Of the major flood gates to close all major flood gates. So this will be the first time in the history since that system has been constructed that we will have. All the flood gates close and we intend to operate the western closure complex which is the largest pump station in the world. In addition to some of those permit pump stations that were installed — After Katrina along the the London and possibly the seventeenth street canal. Yesterday we had thought we were going to leave the floodgates opened — Along the lake front of the battle Williams and the floodgate issues with the the floodgate along the lakefront airport — But as I just said we’re gonna go in close off all these things rocket take any chances here — As well as in the food should terrible perishes their three remaining flood gates — In Morgan’s of the Gulf hurricane protection system and will rose to golden meadow — Hurricane protection system all of those gates will be closed — By this afternoon. And so as far as operating the hurricane protection systems around the state we’re doing everything we can — It should be doing. Thank you very much chip and just before we take questions — We are intending to have is in so far as pop as is possible. The state postured — Tonight before it gets dark the way we want to face the storm. I’m encouraging everybody out there to assume the same postur. So — If you’re in one of the areas at risk which is a huge portion of south Louisiana — Ten might be where you want to be — And and have what you need to have. On hand in order to protect your cells — In your family — We do have — US senator but we’ll Cassidy who is here with some invite you if you want to make some comments. Thank you governor is in the audience listening and struck by the preparations made so thank you and your staff general market — Secretary thank you for your preparations I am sure as you know but the federal delegation senator Kennedy I gather graves others have sent a letter to the president. He is approved — Already approved federal resources financial resources for communities. And I say that even the runner which is to say that this is a state and federal team. And the president and the administration is committed to helping us I again thank you all and I’ve been calling local officials. Saying that whatever we can do on a federal level to help them. We will make ourselves availabl- And if after the storm folks are affected in their problems with the federal agencies again please contact us — Hopefully you won’t but if you do governor thank you. Very much very much a lot of a d ten day fax gas and that is what we can really — Look forward to for the weekend it’s going to be quite the same there at one hundred eleven degrees today going into the weekend there as well but look there is hope everyone has a next week showing you about. One oh seven when we hit Wednesday there could get some rain there as well will hold on to that thought right here but thank you all so much for joining us here today on a news now one more hour a locked in for you don’t go anywhere I’m rose. Mike page we got your really I covered here for the next hour right now we’re gonna go. Out to the U. S. — House — Congressional members both Republican and because they came together today the house approving the nine eleven first responders bill. For old two to twelve they needed — Two thirds vote there and I still want to know. Who’s twelve people were they didn’t vote for the nine eleven first responders bill but you could see right there — That they are talking all about it now it’s going to go to the Senate. Where each should pass big time there let’s listen to a little bit right now? The prices of the Congress that’s exactly the right attitude to have nobody feels it more strongly than you at this time. Thank you for making today possible John. You guys gotta let out on camer. Thank you speaker Paul of the well — Nobody in this room own. Nine eleven nobody owns it. But we all have our own stories. We’re all here because nine eleven affected us. Whether you’re a first responder survivor widow. Elected official. We’ve all been affected by. Nine eleven but seven twelve nineteen we own that. This is our day. Those are wearing blue in back of me the union latest. We own that. And next week a week after when we get this bill passed in the Senate will get on that day [inaudible] To sadly. Ray five for Louis Alvarez are here to share that with us. We take no joy. In conference. None whatsoever in knowing that we’re gonna get legislation passed. For the men and women in back of me where below they will be compensated. That shows you the selfishness in them. Day here on their time. They believed in me. And they worked alongside of me and I thank them for that but we take no comfort in getting legislation passed. It’s not about the legislation is not about a CBO score. CBO’s coaches projection just an estimate. But those with serious illnesse. The allies been estimated income short. They’re going to die even when we get this legislation passed. So it’s not about legislation or CBO scores out about ninety years when and the seventy one years or ten point two billion dollars. And the destination. Our journey started fifteen years ago two hundred and eighty trips today marks two hundred eighty trips seventeen hundred plus meetings. And pestering the speaker and the Senate Majority Leader. And I cannot apologize. To anybody. For the words that came out of my mouth over the last several weeks months two years. Because I did it for those who was sick and dying. And if you don’t get it and and you don’t like me. I’m alright with that. And I love you. Just don’t ever make me run against any of you [inaudible] So today. It’s just one of the finest optional journey. But more importantly. Along their journey from the friendships The French is that all the men and women in back of me. Certain that is reduce the number of you a season custody in the last few weeks we remain concerned that is not taking sufficient state police speak L. My only regret and working with them is that it is taken to too long. Now with a bipartisan agreement. We are about to pass this bill to finally make it permanent and fully fund the victims compensation fund here in the house. But we know the fight is not over. After a Bose today we will officially pass the baton to senator McConnell. And it is time for him to keep his public promise that he made to the heroes to bring this bill to the floor immediately. And get it done before the August recess. When the planes hit on nine eleven or first responders didn’t hesitate to off firefighters police officers medical and construction workers volunteers rush to ground zero the Pentagon and the Shanksville crash site? This was a national attack by terrorists and we had a national response. In the nearly eighteen years since the attack. The death toll continues to climb. We as a nation have a moral obligation. To take care of the people who took care of us and those who take care of themow their families because they are ill and cannot work. First and foremost for their service that day in the days and weeks and months to follow. And secondly because of the toxic Bly our government told them that it was safe to work on the site when it clearly was no. I’ve grown close to many of these heroes and I say with great respect. I hope none of you. Ever have to come back to Congress this program needs to be made permanent and it needs to happen now. If you remember. Nine eleven you remember that as a nation. We vowed to never forget. We will not rest this whole delegation until Congress turns that promise into a law. To help the first responders and survivors. It is the least we can do is a grateful nation it is the right thing to do for the right calls for the right people for the alud is happened today in the United States Congress. Now I would like to introduce and new York’s bravest. Gerard fitz Gerald and Jake Lamond [inaudible] Rick. They are representing. The two twenty thousand firefighters and fire officers of the F. T. New York. And on nine eleven our city los. Three hundred and forty three of these brave men and women. And since then we’ve lost nearly two hundred more. And eleven thousand of these of brave men and women are in the World Trade Center health program with related illnesses to nine eleven they are a symbol of why this program. Is so important. The true twin towers of New Yor. Are the FDNY’s. And the N.. We thank them for what they did on that day and every single day they risked their lives to protect us we thank you. And then it. Hello I’m — Draw distro president of the uniformed firefighters association in New York City and I’m happy to be here. And we’ve been here before we we were happy — Nine years ago when this was passed the first time we were happy four years ago when it was passed the second time in — Will happy again that i’s moving forward but we don’t want to come back. We just don’t want to come back- John feel and and Johns to both put it out there how many times they’ve been down here I’m not a fraction of that. But they’ve done great work continue to do great work and put pressure on it — We do what we have the weekend from where we’re at but you know we’ve had John McNamara was one of the first. We had Marty Fulham was another one that came down and then and then of course ray and Louis and and detectives droga everybody you know it it is so many more. That have died in a at lost and and still we have many sufferin- You know visiting hospitals and funerals so — Wit we’re grateful that it’s where it’s at please get it done let’s not have to come back here again but celebrate as was — And and as as was said but by celebration would be the fact that these members or future members don’t have to come down here and beg. To be taking care of it after what they’ve been stricken with whether be disease for the family with death. So thank you very much for allowing me to speak this is Jay come under the president of the uniformed. Fire officers association. Thank you. Taking on the New York City fire offices. Today’s is very significant day. Because on the day on Asian was attacked the words that rank across our nation with these that we will never forget. And today. Is significant. Because through the leadership. Of our speaker. Hello see. Majority Leader whole area. Carolyn Maloney Jerry Nadler Peter king and the entire New York delegation. We’re singling across this country that you have not forgotten us. This is just not a firefighter or file officer issue. This is about every brave American whose responded down to rescue and recovery. Organizations is many people thank the feel good foundation. Champions in this course. So I just want to take this opportunity. And I would be remiss though. If I did not stand here. I thank. The families of those people who made this journey down. The made the journey when the clock was ticking. I’ve seen a lot of acts of courage and brave me in my time in the fire department. But a never witnessed such courage and bravery. Has detective Louis. Alvarez when he made his last trip down here. To have his voice heard. So that we could wake up. All our elected leaders to say let’s get this done thank you. I’m congressman Jerry Nadler — Eighteen years ago I was here. And rushed home. When I saw on television the attack on the World Trade Center is? Because I was in my district. And I knew a lot of the people there. Nine years ago. Probably most emotional moments of my service in Congress. Was nine years ago when I called up as a drug act. For consideration for the house. What we had seen in the interim? The attack on our country. Three hundred and forty three I think of firefighters who died that day. The police officers who died that day the first responders and the residents and workers in the area who died that day. And the people who are subject to the toxic cloud [inaudible] That day. But in the ensuing days we saw something [inaudible] Also [inaudible] Terrible. We saw the federal government. Ensuring people the air was safe to breathe when we knew it was not safe to breeze. I spent my office spend. Countless hours calling up parents. Of Stuyvesant high school in others is school saying don’t send your kids back never mind with the board of education is saying. Never mind with the maybe say never mind with the P. A. saying don’t send you kids back. Don’t go back to work on Wall Street. And to residents don’t move back into your apartments. They were being assured everyone is being insured it was safe. And the people the first respond is working on the pile. The first three days. There was a possibility. Of saving people buried there. And I don’t blame anybody. But after that for the next month or so. People worked on the pile [inaudible] Firefighters. Police officers iron workers first responsible sort. Of all sorts without proper respiratory protection in what was a clean up operation itis now to recover not as safety operation. And they should not have done that and should not have been permitted to do but they did selflessly because they were falsely assured. By the P. A. in by the mayor. Things were safe. And we knew they were in safe. And as a direct consequence and the area was never properly cleaned up although we were screaming about that until we have the P. A. hearings the following year on that. As a direct consequence. Many many people are sick today or dead who would not have been. But for the malfeasance by some of our government officials and that’s why I always say we owe a double moral burden. A double Morrow that one dead because our country was attacke. And we must support the victims of that attack. A second dead because a lot of the people who are sick. Or dying or died. Because of the malfeasance. Officials of our own government. And so we are here today. To finish. Part of that task. We pass is a joke act back in two thousand and I remember vividly sitting with Peter. And dancing and Caroline in and sees office calling people back from the airports come vote on this. After the senators held their congratulatory press conference- And that was one day. But we knew that if the five year bill was not good enough but that’s what we can get then. And we had a we authorize in two thousand fifteen we got a permanent. Basically permitted two thousand ninety extension of the health fund. The five years for the victims fund today we are completing that job. In the house. We finish the debate a few minutes ago. The vote will be shortly and it will be a successful vote. We presume we hope we trust that we demand. The Senate will follow through. I want to thank everyone involved in this especially the speaker of the house without lose. Extension of support. Please would not have happened. This would not happen in. Two thousand ten or two thousand fifteen or now. And they’re going to call up. A young woman they’re as it is w did make. A hurricane. One category one when it hits landfall later tonight or in tomorrow morning there’s a we hope for everyone. To stay safe and he’d all the warnings there in New Orleans and the Gulf coast everyone might be sure welcome back to news now we continue to bring you these top stories have line. From across the country we always and thank you for joining us here live bringing you the latest. From across the country in of course right here on t news now as well well well. We have a live house hearing that we want to go to right now this is our house oversight hearing on child separations and border housing conditions. Let’s listen in. And asking for protection act the border — And those were often process just in a day in a federal court and the parents returned to find their children missing today. Parents and children are being separated when DHS alleges any kind of criminal history which does not have to be narrowly defined by the parent it could be in a rest from a decade ago. It could be an allegation of criminal history and home country we have worked with multiple parents whose children were taken away because DHS accused the parent of having a criminal history and home country. Our teams working with other legal services provider procure documents from home country confirming that there was no criminal history. So there’s no reason to know what information DHS had but at that point weeks and sometimes months have passed which so you’re telling me that’s the policy today a parent. Shows up with a child seeking asylum in the United States it’s determined that they have an offense and could be a very minor offense that has nothing to do with child abuse or child neglect or anything like that. And yet. They end up losing their child in the process where the child can be separated from them that’s correct and not only does it not have to be a minor offense it doesn’t have to be a conviction. It could be an arrest where charges were dismissed or it could be suspicion of criminal activities that we have worked with a parent. Who appeared to be and was concerned about and may potentially have been a gang member in home country with no verifiable evidence who is separated from his toddler son? Is there anyone on the panel who believes it is the right policy to separate children from their parents in order to deter. Other people from coming to the United States. Okay — I want to talk about a specific policy change that the administration could make right now at no cost to the taxpayers that would reduce. The number of immigrant children living in overcrowded and dangerous facilities I’m talking about. Rescinding the administration’s April two thousand eighteen memorandum of agreement or MO a that requires the department health Human Services to share information. About potential sponsors for immigrant children with the department of homeland security last year demonstration use data obtained under this agreement. To arrest and deport at least a hundred and seventy people who otherwise would have been willing sponsors of children — Ms Rooker G. — What happens to children whose potential sponsors are targeted for deportation? What happens to the kids is that they are left for days weeks months without anyone to take care of them was in their family who’s a loved? One last year. My client baby Constantine just four months old was forcibly separated from his father his father was then deported without his baby it took weeks months for baby Constantine to be returned to his family. Okay my my time is up and I’m going to yield now — To the ranking member — To Mister Jordan. Can I respond to the question well yet Mister Jordan could add we with the were pretty strict about her time here so Mister Jordan can ask you. To Mister ice is actually going to get. Thank you for sharing — Yeah there’s so many things going on today my mind is going in multiple directions I think immediately. How we were corrected somewhat reprimanded bed our usual work corrected for even using the word? Manufactured crisis over and over and over that the Democrat. Have have — Stand but we don’t have to go very far to see that. That correction is not justified on February twenty third in Laredo Texas speaker Pelosi said there is no. National emergency at the borde. There is no emergency of the mortar she was either misinformed or she was mis informing. Shortly thereafter congresswoman Apache Cortez called it a fake. National emergency again the word manufactured was not used as an out right statement. That this is a fake. National emergency she also referred to it is the president was faking a crisis. At the border I don’t believe the correction today is in order there is been a an absolute about face and shifting. Of of position from the Democrats — It’s already been mentioned back in February the president — Called for national emergency at the border. And now we’re hearing that there is a national emergency from both sides because indeed there is — It. In may. But the administration requested for four and a half billion in emergency funding. Eight weeks. Later. We finally get somethingdone on June twenty seventh but there again many in this room did not vote for it and yet they’re talking today and the as though they have some moral high groun. The bottom line is there is a route called there is an emergency and there is also a route calls to the emergency. And at this time we’re still not addressing the problem. And it some point this body is got to face reality and deal with the issues about a couple of real uick questions miss Costello first for you — Is the border patrol responsible for long term detention. No Sir they’re not. That’s correct they they keep short term and they and they after that win when they are able they that sent him to ice. For a DHS correct the army nature’s says thank you yes. The so the border patrol cannot transfer these detainees. If both eyes and HHS or over went on themselves. Yes as of now that’s our understanding we’re going to be doing further work to try to get to the root causes of some of the issues we identified in the management alert Mister Holleman is at basically the your experience of what the problem is [inaudible] Our what was a statement made by H. adjuster to minister was wrong and with that’s a very important thing I need to address. As far as a policy — HHS or need to be stricter when I was judge director I try to create a family with HHS have your parent a new harder criminal organization have your kid smuggling the trump the car back to tractor trailer. He should come to ice get vetted if you’re illegal United States will put you in proceedings with a child we won’t take into custody. But Houston shored to shore that child. And claim your fears of family I call that parenting first of all and secondly got home accountable in FY nineteen appropriations bill we finally re open government what the Democrats. Democratic side that call just to the added language always cannot take action against anymore in in the if you we see household when I said at the time if you do that. The number you we she’s will swell you see search like never before because now these people can after out operate with. Norm Judy no consequence no deterrent to what happened Sir. Record number your she’s come across this country and we’re really here to talk about protecting children. Than that memory understanding need to be more strict. Thank you for that. You know at their it did just this whole hearing seems to me to be rife with. Hypocrisy and falsehood. It strikes me that criticizing border patrol and ice and so forth for over over crowded — And yet it’s it’s fair game forced to do it right here. And the the fault the problem lies with us right here in Congress for not addressing the problems. And instead referring to political theater and I just urge all of us to come to the point of addressing the issue straight up. Stroman wonders I is not have enough detention beds and my time is up. I thank you Mister chairman places never had enough detention beds in him. How does a big controversy when money was moved around the department last year to get more attention back out he said what a travesty what people in all eight of the last nine years? The same thing happened happen under bomb ministration. Never been funded enough beds thank you German time is expired Mr Cooper you’re recognized for five minutes. I thank the chair and I would like to suggest that the last two days in this committee have been historic ones. Yesterday we have the first hearing I think in this entire committees history on the well being of U. S. children. And today thankfully we’re having a hearing on the well being of children at the border. These are important issues because I think most Americans think that we can have secure borders. And humane borders. How to particularly congratulat? Today’s hearing because both panels have been extraordinary. The member panel was something unlike anything I have ever seen before and my tenure in Congres. And it was great that members were able to hear both sides of the question. Both groups of voices. I particularly want to praise my colleagues who went to the border just last weekend. To see first hand what these problems are. But the second panel is no less remarkable I was particularly struck by the testimony miss Mukherjee. It is heartbreaking. And national families have been calling me. Opening their hearts and offering to open up their homes. To these for families. Particularly to these poor separated children because I think everybody in America wants these kids reunited with their families. They cannot understand a countr. That is so cold and heartless to have policies like this. So I think just for the general public we need to understand the importance of two things. The Flores decision some court decision somewhere by sun as doctors testimony. That I think it’s first in your policy recommendations that we keep the forest protections in place. Can the panelists describe briefly. The importance of that decision in terms of protecting these poor innocent children. Ponderosa first the for some remain. Please re done away with because in FY fourteen on five fifteen under bombing ministration family first are to come across we built our first families touches center which no one wants to talk about. And we held the family for forty forty five days we got to see a judge. 90% larger case we put a minor point seven hold as required by law. And guess what the border numbers decline significantly. It wasn’t tell judge Dolly June ninth circuit so you can only hope for twenty days that we saw search because now they know they can’t be how long the to see a judge. To really escape persecution there’s no reason they can’t stay in the family detention center not a jail. Good time the other witnesses as well. Thank you for that question I would just point out that the floor a settlement agreement which provides a baseline standards for care things like food and water. And beds has existed for over twenty years — It is not a new AM it is not a new piece of lost similarly did anti trafficking law is over ten years old these are the only two ways in which US law treats immigrant childre. Any differently than adults and with all of the eidence t we have about how fundamentally different childhood is from adulthood. The idea of losing these two pieces of protection for children is really quite extraordinary what we should be focused on is enhancing protections for children so that we can actually learn their stories. And ensure that they have a fair day in court that ought to be something we can all agree on the idea that children should have a fair opportunity to tell their stories. And the department of homeland security’s own advisory committee which I sat on back in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen all members were appointed by the department of homeland security — Concluded that children should never be held in detention including family detention solely for the purposes of immigration enforcement after. The jury one way you can guarantee no he’s Sir I’m sorry this is ball trans purchase American people is about the time belongs to Mister Cooper I thought he was going down the aisle yes was a I thought he was going to witnesses. Him I want to echo everything my colleague miss non decide about the critical importance of the floor as agreement without the floor as agreement my colleagues and I would never have been allowed into clients. To interview the children there and expose what is happening in our country in our name and with our taxpayer dollars I also want to correct the record Mr Holman just claimed. That 90% of the mothers and children detained at delete were ordered deported that is not true nearly all of the mothers and children were ordered deported before pro bono lawyers at lake Mead showed up. I helped to build a system of universal representation for mothers and children at delete once we started a bat program. Every mother and child was granted asylum or another form of immigration relief this shows how important access to counsel is for detained immigrant children. Detained immigrant families and those who are outside of detention as well thank you. And I’m going to meet the other two witnesses to give quick responses. To if there’s anything on site number. Thank you Mister Massey my time as experiments time is expired meantime without objection — The distinguished gentleman from Illinois Mr Garcia should be permitted to join the committee on the diet to be recognized for questioning. The witnesses when the time comes — Now Mr gives — Is recognized for five minutes thank Richard for I start my questions my Kamisama let Mister Roman. Respond. To the previous [inaudible] Sorry where. The over here. Over here. Hello Sir and respond. The 90% number. Executive office immigration you is clear you the numbers are clear. 8099% of all such American families a claim asylum by the board do not get relief from the immigration court. Because you know. 3% or actually 48% of families claimed fear the border. Never follow case liberation court. Want to get released during the wind. 90% Sir eighty nine point 6% I think latest number was. Of every family from Central America claim asylum at the border. Were not given really have. In any system what is 90% very rate please be fixed get the idea of you know I sat through the first panel in the second panel been great panels — The one thing I’ve noticed I I thin- Everybody’s. Caesar’s and and and and wearing body saying this is pretty much generally accurate and I think the problem is here the administration the trump. Administration past months ago that we have a crisis of the border ask for more resources to change asylum laws reformer immigration laws and do all tha. And not this Congress failed to act and now we have it blown up. We got a crisis of the border because we’ve got. People of the tensions is facilities that are ten times or more above capacity. And and and and it’s a it’s a crisis knowledge now replace blame the border patrol and ice. And is an and I agree with Mr Altman. Does does it Asians still does our ages down there there for their family people to their human beings are Americans and we shouldn’t. Desecrate them because they’re doing their job. With the resources they have. And it’s just unbelievable to me that this Congress took this long to pass. Some legislation here week before last four point six billion dollars even Harry Manchurian eight which some people on this panel voted against by the way. And it’s helping — Sharon. What do you think — With that passage that would slow legislation resources what what what is interesting we think it’s happening. With the sub in front of me as a well funding. Supplemental funding was late and that’s why they have the conditions are had but it’s working is my understanding that not all children are being moved within seventy two hours are required by statute which is a good thing. No one wants a child to be locked up in a border of certainly. They had a border patrol not secretary said that numerous times yeah that that and says my my point. The people at the end of the on to get blamed here’s the nice he’s Congress for failing to ac. I mean the ministration asked months ago we had a crisis but we heard from the other side it’s a manufactured crisis not crisis now it’s a crisis all saying that. Someone went on the border they saw as a crisis and I’m sure there’s some there’s some — Examples of because of the overwhelming — Conditions there’s problems and challenges and and I know action reports of the border agents and Mr home and talked about it were agents are bringing in — Soften from their own families other personal. Items personal what just to help to what they want because are human beings too and I I think sometimes you forget that. And and they’re there to really each struggling right now to get to to get this done and I I want to talk a little bit more what the flow of the floors. Amendment a settlement — You know. It what was shown what’s that done a really intrigued. Death in persecution in a from your home government. The only way we can guarantee because he a judge because we know the of such your rates is out of control. The families are these games are not showing up in court even if they file with the court you’ll we we guarantee due process we detail in the family residential center which inspector general’s inspection many times. We’re not all border traversal is now we’re talking more cente. With weeds child psychologists pediatricians doctors nurses work educational program. But what about your won’t let you all know which which only but we do have enough to do. Either because these numbers are just gone to the rough but we and we had a true. Sense of all. That we can guarantee people see a judge and those who have. And filter is there to the claims of science they don’t fall within the the rules of asylum and send them home. And it might be disturbed I almost but it worked in fourteen fifteen when we sent planes but people that builder interview and tell the judge judge ordered removing I guess that seconds the numbers went downstairs is it must be really challenging the border patrol is. On it laser miners coming and some with. Obvious alarm with affairs but obviously maybe not so and and not free reports of recycling kids bring back. To that so there’s nothing I’m her today when you talk about this the separation a to occurred at the border when the judge first to get — Ordered the reunification of the first hundred and twelve hundred to children. Norm also talk about 6% of those based on DNA test soon or even the parents. So if you extrapolate that between the twenty six twenty seven hundred people how many people how many join a reunited with some that wasn’t a pair. That something’s going to shock a some day for about eleven thir time and that has a not a calm all right now so we’ll still be waiting on that as soon as it happens we’ll bring it to you here. On news now hopefully we can get it within the next twenty minutes here for you to so you can see a little bit. Of it on fox ten extra but in the meantime everybody let’s go out live right now to San Francisco where — City officials are talking over right now holding a briefing in advance of announced raids by immigration and customs enforcement or ice to reform the city’s policies and educate residents. About their rights and available immigration resources there so this is Meryl London breed of San Francisco talking about how they’re going to a Buck the trend. With ice this weekend. Or if you want to report a rate please call the San Francisco rapid response hotline. 415-200-1548. 415-200-1548. I want to saying the federal officials. Who have been extremely supportive of this city during this very difficult time? Including both of our state senators. Are you S. senators. Comma Harris and senator Dianne Feinstein as well as speaker Nancy Pelosi and congresswoman Jackie spear. I also want to thank. Our state officials who have been very actively engaged in helping us deal with what we know have been a number of challenges including. Senator Scott Weiner and assembly member fielding they both could not be with us. We do have someone here with us today — A state representative. Who just last year? He and I partnered to address what we know are challenging questions around immigrant status on our senses. Pushing for the kind of legislation that will allow everyone no matter their immigration status to be counting counted in the coming senses without fear of being targeted. As a ladies and gentlemen at this time I want to introduce assembly member David. To thank you madam mayor let me first start by thanking. All of the community who are behind me from the mayor to a border supervisors to the leadership of our law enforcement. To the incredible advocates. And community presence representing the diversity of the world. Here in San Francisco. I wish we were not here today. But we are. We are city in San Francisco in a state of California that knows that our history was built by immigrants. That are present success is due to our immigrants that our future success depends upon our immigrant communities. As the son of immigrants the very first time ever since spoke up stairs the board of supervisors twenty years ago. Was in defense of our city century. City policy and I’m so proud that we along with so many cities in California. Have stood up to the idea that we value our immigrant communities. Time we are on fortunately here because Donald Trump. Has decided to continue to wages war. Against our immigrant communities a war that is immoral. On just racist and xenophobic for his political game. With the announcement of rates that are meant. Deliberately to sow fear within our communities. And we’re all here to say. We stand with our families we stand with our communities [inaudible] Mr trump. And to the departments. That is coming after our families if you want to come after them. You’re going to have to come through all of us. Read it just to summarize some of the rates that we want to educate our communities on their rights under our constitution. The right to remain silent to have an attorney. The constitution requirements of judicial warrants. But all that being said it’s so important for all of us to continue to put the word out. At the state level in the week of the election of the current occupant of the White House. Our state has passed over a dozen laws to protect our peopl. Starting first and foremost with the declaration that California has a century state. That in addition to local law enforcement of state law enforcement will not be cooperating. With ice. Number of bills that I helped author along with my colleagues and I want to say that I speak on behalf of assembly member Tang and center Weiner. Are safe schools for immigrant children act which says that school employees cannot work and cooperate with ice agents. The immigrants kind of protection act which I drafted with the feedback of immigrant intended advocates here in San Francisco which says that if landlords cooperate with ice they can be sued. Our immigrant worker protection act which we author. As I was asked to do so by the janitors of the city. That established the strongest protections in the country to protect workers from workplace rates. And I want to thank our mayor for the work that we’ve done — We have put tens of millions of dollars into last year’s budget and this year’s budget. To ensure that CBO’s a nonprofit organizations are helping to educator immigrant communities and offender immigrant communities. Let me also say as the chair of the API legislative caucus two of our Asian American constituencies. We have to remember that one in five of our undocumented immigrants come from our diverse API communities. Unfortunately Donald Trump has decided to single out. Cambodian refugees southeast Asian refugees we need to do more. Let me end with. Potentially a message of optimism which is I do believe. This will pass some day the current occupant of the White House will be gone. Hopefully sooner than later [inaudible] And we hear and San Francisco in California by representing the world. We are where America’s going. The diversity of San Francisco the diversity California this is becoming the diversity of our country. And I think we all know that there will be a day when some day soon. What is happening today will hopefully be a footnote in history? That day cannot come soon enoug. Thank you very much. Thank you simply men and David to we appreciate your advocacy you and your work and sacramental. And again — I want to acknowledge — Sure Vicki Hennessy is in here — Palmyra moto and Susie Loftis are here from the sheriff’s department — And I’m really grateful to have them here because I I do want to reiterate — The fact that here in San Francisco — Our local law enforcement we do not cooperate and coordinate with ice officials and I’m really grateful — That they support and stand by that policy and do so in their actions — Marcella. As far as a has been actively engaged in at the frontline of this fight — For so many years for our immigrant families and co she’s the director of the immigrants. Right and community engagements ladies and gentlemen please welcome Marsala. Thank you so much and good morning everyone thank you for being here — I oversee the San Francisco rapper response hotline here in San Francisco as well as the San Francisco immigrant legal education network which is a coalition of thirteen organizations. That partner together to provide education services and legal services to the immigrant community — I want to start off by thinking a mere breed for calling today’s press conferenc. At this critical moment it is very important for all of our political leadership to stand together and not to back track on the various winds that we have had over the many years when it comes to immigrant rights. And to stand together with the community’s continued demands against the vulgar attacks at the federal administration is doing against the immigrant community. Here in San Francisco and throughout the U. S. we know that immigration is an issue that not only affects the next community but also the API community. Unity and the African community however the media tends to focus just on what is happening at the border. And focus on the recent wave of immigration where we know that. Immigrants are the ones who have built up and continue to be an integral part of the community. Locally and nationally. Do the rapid response networks throughout California we have seen over we have been monitoring a recent wave. Of increasing arrests we have confirmed arrest in Contra Cost. Unknown. And Santa Clara counties we cannot say for sure that this is because of a radio or ice operations because at this moment. The arrest that we receive we know are not the full count of arrests that are happening in the community. However with the fact that there is an increase. We know. That people need to be aware and prepared of what the rates are. One thing that I want to mention and clarify is that we have been using the terminology raids. And is reminiscent of two thousand eight and two thousand ten where we were seeing. Ice forcibly enter people’s homes and going to businesses and massively arrest everyone. However that is not what we are seeing here today. Today ISIS operations are a lot more covert. They conduct extensive surveillance and wait outside of people’s homes and wait for them to come out or to let people. Open the door and let them inside and then conduct collateral arrests. And that is why people need to be prepared and know that they do not have to open the door. They do not have to let ice officers inside. They do not have to give any information other than their name if they are arrested. And to know. The best way to combat what is happening right now is to be prepared. With power and not panic the campaign and the tactics that ice is using is a campaign of terror where they’re trying to make sure that the community isolines itself. And steps away from being in community because that will make them easy targets we cannot feed into that. People must remain in community continual goal. To your church organizations. Through to community organizations and see how information locally and know what to do. That is the key point of what the rapper response networks do. And that is why together and being prepared is how we’re going the weekend there I everye might pay share along side large areas with a preview of what’s coming up next here on fox ten yeah hello world we’re waiting to see when president trump is gonna be making those remarks. Walking Wisconsin and then meanwhile we’re gonna continue to listen in live on this congressional hearing about the crisis at the border and we’ve got Joe Biden at twelve thirty our time he’s in New Hampshire so lots going on this afternoon and of course we’ll there some top stories in. There as well as for writing Brian the organs do is — Expecting a new born in twenty twenty find out what type of animal. Can be large. And then tropical storm very props in the Gulf of Mexico Louisiana Mississippi they are bracing. As one all right all that and much much more on fox ten Phoenix dot com thank you so much — Below are forgiven as that preview and continue to join us so now we’re getting up here on Truxton extra in just a little bit everyone but you can come on over to fox ten Have the same news now experience on your tablet on your phone on your computer however way you like to consume it there we love to have you there is we’re going to go all the way until ten o’clock tonight. Tonight and I tell you it’s been a busy day here on the news now does we’ve had a a lot going on here. And we’re still waiting for president trump remarks we had a lot about the crisis at the border use the saw that we took- Crash congressional hearing as well as hearing from officials there in Sn Francisco ahead of these — Ice rates that will be happening over the weekend while we have a little bit more time with you let’s hear a little bit more from the crisis at the border congressional hearing happening right now. No one was an illegal. But if anyone. Is in the United States of America unlawfully. Then they are in fact [inaudible] And illegal. And I just want to clarify that because when I go home to Kentucky. That something that offends. The overwhelming majority of people that that watch what goes on in Congress specifically in this committee and let me be clear. This is not a manufactured crisis. This is a problem. That — Is getting worse every day. Yet this Congress. Continues. To do nothing. About the real problem at the border. What I have not heard today in is hearing? Is a real solution. To the problem. Just letting people go free Lee. When they cross the — More of this very heated hearing on fox ten we love to have you there have a great weekend everybody we’ll see on Monday right here on fox ten extra [inaudible] Jay Johnson. In an op ed and he was president Obama’s secretary of homeland security. He said that we cannot embrace a policy and I quote. Not deport

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