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  1. The Jaguar lady sounds like Sandra Bullock when she was screaming in Gravity, like spot on same vocal sounds

  2. Thanks I likes and I share this to all my Facebook followers friends a lots over sea too different countries and on my line page too from mey tov chhan 🤩😘😀🤗😁🤗🥰🤩

  3. Oh no someone dying had weed and now he's not in pain and is super chill!! Call the police NO ONE IS IN DANGER!!

  4. Does anyone honestly feel bad for that girl who crossed a barrier to take a selfie with a wild animal? When does common sense prevail?!

  5. It’s your own fault for trying take a selfie with a wild animal. When will people learn? Oh how those donuts 🍩 look good. Which I was in Houston.

  6. I actually agree with Nancy Pelosi. If we impeach Trump, we get Pence. And he’s worse. Also, thanks anti-vaxxers.

  7. Some of these officers are heartless and arrogant….sadly not realizing it could happen to them or one of their family members…..that search was just stupid as usual abusing their authority also not knowing they have to stand before God and be held accountable!

  8. another lie. 'most come through check points'. haha. guess they don't favor a wall
    tetnus. cops come to hospital for pot. find stupid

  9. Boeing should I take very seriously of a grade of a responsibility for the different airlines company and especially that for the future of a airline passengers because they need to take very serious about this because someone tried to blow whistle that he got fired that he found of different cracks on it from the plane of the new Boeing 737 but I'm not very sure about it this is going to be very dangerous that if you want to know the real truth about that but I'm trying to explain to you that the different flavors of India of a working with Boeing inside the manufacturer of it put all the plane Parts together in Seattle in Washington but however or need to take responsibility of for the FAA that takes it very serious about this. Make sure that if any of malfunction or even start your fears because if they try to cover it up with this then boy and had to take very very so much trouble and specially that if anything happens that covered up or suspicious or conspiracy or even a malfunctioning or even the entire structure of the body is florist but only investigation very serious about this no more jokes it is time to know the real of the truth that why did happen of this brand new plane of 737

  10. This is only times that are always change all the time but however only some time do it sometime don't and then you have to go poop forward yet to go back where to go for what you have to go backwards you have to go to sleep ya double-a you have to be sleep early and then after that you sleep / wake up late but this is how you say that plan of always do this at all the time especially for Mother Earth and the Sun

  11. Demand legislation, rulings, regulations that require commercially sold Newspapers or News Magazines that claim to offer the public factual news, to obtain licensing that requires that the news be factual with sources, evidence and actual events. Unlicensed news mediums are considered Tabloid. Propaganda is Tabloid. If sensationalism is unfounded, it is Tabloid.

  12. Love america more then my country. It sure does give lot of people chances to change their life america ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. For all we see and hear is yes the Democrats is has became anti Jews ,and few the say not they keep quiet under pressure .

  14. There’s a greater statistical correlation with lack of pilot training hours and country licensing then there is a problem with the new Boeing jets. But the Press & the public at large know very little about how to think and use statistics. Oh, I forgot… the Press is all about hyping fake news and has forgotten how to perform as true journalists, including what questions to ask.

  15. Aaaaahhh she sure know better don't invade his space ,,and her son recording. He what kind of people they are.stupid

  16. Thank you for having nightly news on YouTube. I wouldn't be able to watch it because I don't have TV so this is awesome!
    Measles are no joke, please go get your kids vaccinated.
    OMG you have got to be kidding me, cops hassling a terminally ill guy? Wow those cops could of handled that differently!
    Daylight saving time should be permanent. We only have 4 months of fall back in the fall so why do we have to change it? It's really stupid, everyone is grumpy, tired, etc. Please make this permanent!!

  17. As far asTrump and democrats and republicans. Are country is so jacked up. Other major countries have to sit back and shake their heads.

  18. Those two officers that search that individuals possessions should be fired they should’ve called somebody was some stripes who has a little more experience or compassion all I have to say is I wish those officers come across a true criminal and he takes them out of this world they deserve the death penalty in my opinion you two officers should be ashamed of yourself


  20. Sounds like an under the table deal for Nancy. You get to be speaker of the house if you agree not to impeach Trump. When are the corrupt 1% going to really start going to jail? Including folks in Congress!

  21. Donuts for everyone! I have to say, Nightly News you ended your broadcast in a nice way. We all hope for success, and sometimes it comes with help from friends in every country.

  22. After Bayer Aspirin corporation with help from the FDA infected millions of people around the world with AIDS why would anyone trust them with their children? Over 56,000 cases of measles in Madagascar and less than 300 deaths. Now look at the autism rate. I'll take my f**** chances with measles

  23. Take them out of the air! Duh. Obviously not safe plane. The faa needs to ground all these planes!!! Investigate, recall and repair!

  24. If we don't impeach trump Ms. Pelosi you could at least offer up Conjob Conway and the angry big girl with pearls Huckleberry Hound to be impeached. If we can agree on muzzles we may have a deal.

  25. Shut the f up over vaccines. Everyone has personal choice. If your vaccinated your protected. Shut up. No one is pushing you to do anything to your body so mind your own flipped business you ignorant fools. The minute anyone tells anyone they must put something in their body we have lost all freedom in this country and everyone should fear that violent act.

  26. Democrats fearmonger over non vaccinated children, when in reality, if the vaccines worked, then why were those vaccinated testing positive for measles… If the children are vaccinated, then why do their parents fear that they will be exposed to a non-vaccinated child, and the reason is that they know their vaccine isn't going to prevent infection… If they thought the vaccine would work, then why fear exposure, hence what the vaccine was for… Sounds like they just admitted to not believing their vaccines work. The facts are, that the old outdated vaccines used in the US do not work, as there are many new strains coming over the border. We see measles in the news now, yet go back to the short news clip 3 months ago showing a man with measles that was in the hoards of immigrants at the border. This is the border crises, and what the end result is, that American has to admit that Pharmaceutical companies have profiteered for generations on old outdated vaccines, paid for on tax payer money, padding their wallets, only created a false sense of security. If your child was vaccinated, and the vaccine worked, then the child would not have caught it when around someone infected, and would have not had to fear being around a non vaccinated individual. Truth is, that the US vaccines, paid for on tax payer money, are over 45 years old, and new strains are now across our borders. Those vaccines are a band aid solution by Democrats, a false sense of security, and a hurry-up-and-look-busy as if they are really helping during a crises. There is no way to have a vaccine for the many new strains, face reality, our borders are wide open buddy!

  27. It's going to take 1 more crash to really scare people, at 2 some will hit ground for a while and a final one to finally pull them out, they will most likely cover up one as they do, they are money greedy and your life is a cheap gamble to them, they don't care!!!!! Their families aren't on there

  28. I hope the lady recovers from the encounter with the jaguar. Have seen worst in an encounter with a cougar…..

  29. N Korea, don't ever give up your arms.
    You may regret for doing so.
    Learn from world history.
    Look at those countries follow US demand, how are these countries now.
    Made peace n solidarity with countries around your neighbor n regions .

  30. I don’t trust this type of plane I would never put my life in the situation of being on a plane like this specifically this type of model

  31. When Trump implement martial law somebody going to be running around trying to get in their own government or be classified as a refugee.

  32. That blackout is a test run for martial law here in the United States corporation this is truth get ready my prophet said this day will come I am up under the Moorish American government I am protected here in this nation ruled by the Caucasian just like the Japanese and the Koreans and the Mexicans I'm a citizen of the Moorish American government also.

  33. Mumps and measles come from polluted air you go in a high elevation or near the ocean no measles no mumps polluted air is our problem in the United States industrialization commercialization..

  34. Do what you like but my grandchildren are not taking no vascination shots in the United States corporation they make 1500000000 dollars a day off sick people when I add it up I don't matter. Just my money.

  35. United States work off of fear panic and then when it all ball down to it it wasn't even all that right now the propaganda machine is rolling real hard for some reason if we only knew what was really coming down for real.

  36. We need some of these students in chemistry to start checking the air constantly that we breathe I don't trust these people here none of them we need somebody to check the air please I know it's very poisonous already but it might be something else in it today intentionally.

  37. ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported. good news at least there's unhealthy Donuts available

  38. If he was smoking, the smell would still be lingering be it burned or the potent smell of the buds. Or I have the nose of a bloodhound. Btw, you cannot smoke anything in a hospital!

  39. Senator Warren and I see eye-to-eye on the issue with respect to Trump and Boeing. Not a good mix! It was stupid with a capital “S” for Boeing to associate itself in any way with an obviously corrupt and scandalous Trump.

  40. Fire the cops. Fire them now. Fire the police chief. I am not a liberal or leftist. I am a conservative. Regardless. Fire them all.

  41. Why do we have to acknowledge the time change? Will the Army come and shoot us if we don't? Will James Comey bust down our door? Lets just stop changing the clocks and move on. California ignores federal laws, maybe its time for the rest of us to do so too.

  42. Third world countrys what do they care nobody wants to loose money they could have did this long ago since first accident but they'll lose money

  43. Those officers should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handled the terminally ill patient. I myself am terminally ill and they had no right doing this to that man. A lot of officers think they are above the law. WELL YOUR NOT!!! YOU ARE A PUBLIC SERVANT THAT THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR. THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON BUT THEY ARE GETTING WORSE AND WORSE AND GETTING BY WITH IT. IT SICKENS ME. IF THEY WOULD HAVE COME IN ON ME LIKE THAT THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT METAL.

  44. Omg that poor poor woman whoever she is. Not only does her mother die, but then her fiance dies on his WAY to the funeral. I hope she is surrounded by love wherever she is ❤

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