Reporter: Novak, congratulations … Seven Australian
Opens, 15 slams. Not too bad (said with an
Italian accent). (Laughter) Reporter: Cannot complain. (Laughter) Sorry … but you are always like OK … Where does that rank in terms of your best
grand slam final performances? It ranks right at the top. Under the circumstances,
playing against Nadal, such an important match, yeah, I mean, it’s amazing. At this level, as I said, under the circumstances,
it was truly a perfect match. Q: Do you feel like you figured him out? What
kind of tactical discipline does it require? I don’t want to say I figured him out because
I don’t want that to bounce back at me in any way in the future. I might have figured him out for the match,
but not for life. I mean, I’m sure we’re still going to have
a lot of matches against each other on different surfaces. I look forward to it. I really hope we will
because this rivalry has been the most significant rivalry, the one that impacted me on a personal
and professional level than most in my life. Q. You won the last three Grand Slams. Regarding
your form right now, you are maybe on the best of your career. Many players are saying
that it’s possible for you to reach the record of Roger, even to beat that. How do you live
with that? How do I live with that (laughter)? Q. Yes. Just fine (smiling). I am aware that making history of the sport
that I truly love is something special. Of course, it motivates me. Playing grand slams, biggest ATP events, is
my utmost priority in this season and in seasons to come. How many seasons
are to come? I don’t know. I’m not trying to think too much advance. I do want to definitely focus myself on continuing
to improve my game and maintaining the overall wellbeing that I have mental, physical, emotional,
so I would be able to compete at such a high level for the years to come, and have a shot
at eventually getting closer to Roger’s record. It’s still far.

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